Instagram Rocks for Affiliate Marketing!

Last Update: June 16, 2021

Are You utilizing Instagram yet for Your Business?

If not, maybe now is a great time to look into it for more business and growth!

Don't let the outer numbers fool you either.....the likes, comments etc...... don't mean near as much as the insights and of course sales generated!

I've been utilizing Instagram for quite a while and absolutely love the results, it's my favorite of the mainstream social sites.

I do indeed network on other not so mainstream sites that also generate income but as for the main social media sites Instagram is my favorite?

What is/are your favorite social media sharing site(s)?

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Stella741 Premium
Traffic on social media sites is not the problem. I think where I go wrong is not transferring traffic on social media to get on my WA sites.

Also, I've tried PPC with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, the ads are great...but so is the bounce rate!

So I figure a more attractive and compelling landing page and funnel would work better to reduce bounce rates on my site. How I'm going to do that is a question of split testing A/B funnels and landing pages.

Thanks for making me think this problem through though!
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Tony,

I have an Instagram account but I have not really used it for business. I guess I will have to learn more about it and start using it. I use Twitter the most. Thanks for the great advice!

Have an awesome day! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
briandaniel Premium
Twitter is probably my #1. But lately FB has given me far more engagement. With being fairly new, these sites are crucial for getting traffic and authority if you use it right. Like anything, it takes time and effort though. Just getting followers takes time. Instagram is the only one I haven't tried. You have me curious about it though. It's hard to devote time to them all, on top of everything else.
Trent523 Premium
What's all this about Pinterest? How does it work? I get ads from them all the time regarding my interest in cooking, so how can I use it to do the same?
briandaniel Premium
I like pinterest alot. My pins get a lot of views but I'm finding it hard to get followers. I think it helps with indexing and ranking to have your posts on social media sites. With pinterest, you post images called pins. Then you give it a description and website to link it to. So when its clicked on, people can read description and then click to your website if they want. I usually take an image from my post, and make a pin with that. You can do it with any image though.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Pinterest is mine.