GTmetrix Site Speed Score improved!

Last Update: July 03, 2020

Have you checked your site speed lately?

Click on the link above to check yours now. (It's of course, not an affiliate link)

Why does site speed matter?

For me, the #1 reason is because it makes for a much better user experience for my website visitors. I average 1,600 visitors per week currently

I really love to have my site fully load in less than 2 seconds (1.1 as shown in the screenshot above)

I attribute my site speed being better because I now use the "Hummingbird & Smush" plugins and have upgraded to Pro with them. They come in the same package deal for $9 per month and are in my opinion well worth the cost.

I also use "Insert Headers & Footers" "Pretty Link" "All-In-One" and "Classic Editor" plugins, which plugins do you use?

Have you ever tried the Smush and/or Hummingbird plugins?

Even the basic versions are very good and are of course free, so try them out now!

What was your site speed score when you tested it at

Try out the Smush and/or Hummingbird plugins then come back here to this post and let us know how your site speed improved!

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AlyseS Premium
Hi Tony-my traffic has tanked... so I checked console and it says core web vitals are very low. I have smush but should I upgrade to smush pro? I went through the steps to get more info and deleted some flashing ads. It says mostly the cumulative layout shift is low. Do you still recommend smush and hummingbird?
enriquetrips Premium
Hey, Tony,

Those are great numbers. I wish I had similar numbers lol.

I used to obsess over high speeds so much that it became unbearable. No matter jow hard I tried, I was never able to figure something out.

I hadn't checked my site speeds in a long time. Just did and not much has changed ever since.

I get average to good ratings for my desktop version but mobile is terrible.

I used to use Google PageSpeed Insights most of the time. I also checked out GTMetrix but can't understand why the results vary so much.

I'll check out that plugin you recommend.

Thanks for sharing.
roysinOnline Premium
I have speed score of 95/85 for one site and 90/83 on the other website of mine.

I have tried Smush, but de-activated it and returned to using Kraken, Lazy Load. A also have AIO plugin active and has the Insert Headers & Footers plugin active as well

Smush slowed down my sites quite severely and I do not know why yet, so I am back to what is listed above.

Hummingbird is unknown to me, but I will check it out based on your recommendation.

ChigsGohel Premium
Hey Tony,
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Will take a look at 😊👍🏼
Stanleycmng Premium
You are a speed demon, Tony. Awesome!