Google Love Finally!

Last Update: September 30, 2019

Until recently, the Google update had my website traffic taking a downward plunge.

Finally, Google is giving me some Love!

For a while I thought that Google had completely dismissed me and my website as an authority in the Affiliate Marketing Niche.

The chart above is from the previous week and is for my main website.

Ever since the new update it felt like that the only terms that I was on page #1 of Google for were 'Digital Marketing Veteran" and "Wealthy Super Affiliate" even though I ranked on page #1 for Yahoo & Bing for many others.

I sure am happy that Google has reestablished their love for me and my website ......... hopefully their next update doesn't take the traffic back down again.

Has the Google updates affected your rankings?

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Debs66 Premium
That is brilliant Tony. You have put tons of work into your businesses it would be terrible if Google let you down.
Have an awesome week.
Debs :)
Hollshope Premium
That must be a relief. Congratulations Tony:)
Bimby Premium
Congrats Tony!
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats Tony!

Being an expert in the Health/ Fitness niche and having the credentials to back it up, I welcome Google's updates. They are just weeding out the wannabees in this niche. Too many people giving out bad advice in this field and getting people hurt.

If your Health/ Fitness trainer is not licensed, bonded, and insured, they are a fake. I have a 1 million dollar policy thru an international accreditation program and get sick of these phonies undercutting my pricing just to make a quick buck off the uninformed general public.

Good, got my daily rant out of the way.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Congratulations! Hopefully Google is back to normal!