Google Analytics, Did you get an email from them?

Last Update: November 07, 2018

Google Analytics, Did you get an email from them?

I did and it was for my October website stats, is this a new thing?

I don't remember getting an email in the past from them, I have shared the screenshot below from my phone.

This looks to be a really nice way to remind us to check our Google Analytics at least once a month & better yet, once a week.

What do You think?

Is the monthly Google Analytics report a good or bad thing?

Did You get yours for October for the first time or have you gotten yours before and maybe I have to and just missed them?

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LCEndahl Premium
Nope, nothing ;(
Barbara11 Premium
I get an email from them every month.
Skydancer1 Premium
I get these every month.

Information is power so it is a good thing
FKelso Premium
I haven't received one
heljam404A Premium
Thanks for the reminder I'll check it out.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Robert,

You are welcome and thank you my friend.