Best Black Friday Sale!

Last Update: November 21, 2021

I've been an upgraded member here at Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 so I've been through quite a few Black Friday sales.

The beginning of this year when Premium + was introduced, I decide that the value was way more than the cost 0f $99 per month. I upgraded to Premium Plus right away from being a Premium Yearly member at the Black Friday costs of $299 per month.

This coming Friday is the very 1st Black Friday event since the new Premium + membership package and Kyle/Carson have not disappointed!

The $689 off for annual membership to being a Premium + member is something that all of us should take a look at as the value is Awesome!

I know that I myself will be upgrading at the stroke of midnight to take advantage of the Amazing cost of only $499 for a year. That's even better than $49 per month for Premium membership.

How about You, will You be upgrading?

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EdwinBernard Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hi Tony,

I have a hypothetical question. If a member has been using the benefits of Premium for three years and is still struggling to earn even $100 a month, how can upgrading to Premium Plus help?

There are two kinds of valid answers I can see.

1 - Thousands of members have been able to do extremely well with Premium alone. If you can’t make Premium help you reach an income of $100 a month, then Premium Plus will not work. The reason is not the course, but a flaw in the mindset of the individual that nothing can fix.

2 - Premium Plus has additional courses and tools that can help the unsuccessful member change their mindset to boost their progress. It acts as a solution to their roadblock and will accelerate their success. They would be able to earn not only $100 a month, but $1000 a month and beyond much faster than relying on the lesser benefits of Premium.

I feel those who are sitting on the fence are battling with this kind of quandary.

From your perspective, what would be the right answer?


LMH1968 Premium Plus
I agree with what you have written Edwin.
It is totally your mindset and you need to correct that before anything else.
I'm not earning 100 dollars a month either. BUT. I quit my first site after 8 months and built a new one in a totally different niche from scratch that is 11 months old.
The premium + classes have given me lots of extra training to follow but I already had the hunger to write every day and I still have that and am still doing it.
I hope my perspective helps you in your decision my friend:-)
It is in no way a criticism, just my personal thoughts. :-)
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Spot on Lisa. There is another perspective I’ve got on Premium Plus. We are all unique and have different approaches to learning. It was a brilliant move by Kyle and Carson to enlist as instructors several Super Affiliates who achieved success through the WA program. They all have different approaches In building their businesses. However, the principles are the same.

Premium Plus members have the opportunity to evaluate the methods of these Super Affiliates and pick one or two they resonate best with. Then primarily focus on their classes.

Frankly, there isn’t enough time to attend every class as well as build our own businesses. In this way we can be selective through personalizing our learning path to achieve success in our own unique way.

I think I’ll write a blog here about this idea. What do you think?

My $299 Premium ends in March 2022. Kyle told me that if I upgraded for the Black Friday deal, the Premium Plus fee I’d pay would be prorated using the balance from my existing subscription. I could end up paying less than $499. We shall see. Regardless, this offer is too attractive to pass. Plus, I’m eager to have access to all the new tools coming up in 2022.

Wow, I do tend to ramble on. Sorry Lisa. I’m so proud of you sticking to your writing goals. You are building such a strong foundation and brand that is going to pay off not too long from now.


LMH1968 Premium Plus
What kyle said is right it is prorated. And about the training, you are spot on I only watch those that I identify with.
I have been playing with the new alphabet soup x tool and I can tell you it is amazing!!!
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
The right answer for me is that if your mindset is not good you will never ( not here or anywhere else ) earn that money.

I have enough experience but my mind was not set and now in 6 months in this community my mind is more set than ever to make a success off this journey
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I have already upgraded.
It is a great deal not to be missed!
muslimah Premium
It's indeed a great deal.
Jessiefido Premium Plus
It certainly is the best BF sale ever here Tony!

I was grandfathered in on the premium deal last year at $395!

But I have a serious decision to make in the coming days...

There is still much for me to learn on the premium level alone, so do I take the 100 bucks discount and continue as I am...or...

Upgrade to the Plus, and pay only 100 notes more than I have been paying for the last year in order to receive all the added benefits and extra classes (a lot of these classes seem very interesting to me)!

By the end of the week everyone will know my decision!

Take care my friend!:-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Excellent, Tony! I'll remain with my 2018 BF Deal! I don't even use all of that, yet, my friend!

Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Yes, that is my take on it for this year Jeff. It's very tempting but I have a plan in place and I will upgrade on BF in 2022. This will work best for me.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks for the affirmation, Lily! I might look harder at it at that time too!