Become Healthier to Become Wealthier!

Last Update: May 14, 2021

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My definition of being wealthy = having more than enough.

How much is "more than enough"?

More than enough in my humble opinion is the ability to not only support and provide for yourself and your family but also being able to move more towards your goals.

As most of you know by reading my Vision at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page that I have a Huge Vision and the date of achieving it is 31 December 2023.

I've had that goal for quite some time and to be completely honest with you, about 100 days ago I felt that I wasn't making strides toward my Vision.

My health was getting worse.........Type 2 diabetes, chronic arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, enlarged prostate causing bad sleep, high cholesterol, overweight, crazy Winter weather, covid stress all creating every day in being exhausted etc.....

in the picture on the left as stated above, I was 17 years old & on the right is a few days ago at my current 55 years of age.

100 days ago I still had my Vision but felt so exhausted every day that it was a constant struggle not to sleep all day & night every day and night. Because of the pain, stress, enlarged prostate, diabetes etc.... I still never felt rested.

Fast forward to now.......

As pictured above, I'm now 55 and feel better than I have in at least 8 years!

8 years?

Yes, 8 years & next month I'll have been a Member here at WA for 6 years.

Why did I wait until about 100 days ago to finally take action to look & feel better?

The day finally came when I decided that Enough was Enough & that I wasn't going to live that way any longer because I wasn't living life!

I don't live there anymore!

It's time now to start Living my Best Story & My Walk About Passion!

How about You?

Are You living Your Best Life?

Start Now, don't be like me and hit rock bottom multiple times before taking the steps to Become Healthier & Wealthier!

Being Wealthy isn't about having lots of money, it's about being able to help others!

Recent Comments


Tony I see you as one of those stars way up in the heavens of affiliate marketing. So it is very enlightening that you are struggling with so many issues but still getting up every day to be your best self. It is inspiring. I too have a vision and it is one that I am committed to achieving. All the very best to you.

One of our family mottos is that our health is one of our best assets. I concur with your thoughts, Tony.

Sitting in front of a screen is not the most healthyest past times, combine it with lack of exercise and poor diet, a recipe for disaster.

I think finding that balance can be one of the best things we can do for our well being and productivity.

Your post is a great reminder, thank you and best wishes moving forward to a healthier and wealthier life.


Health is one of the most important building blocks of our lives. Without it, nothing can really go ahead. Life becomes very burdensome and not fun at all!
I went through the same experience as you and found that if we don't make a positive decision to make a 180-degree turn the whole situation becomes a million times worse!
I follow a strict KETO diet and do resistance/strength training, planking etc. The results have been amazing.

You are on track, keep it up and in the end, you will be victorious.

Take care.


Sorry to hear of your health issues my friend.

Helping others is something we all strive to do, especially close family and friends.

For me, true wealth is to have health, along with the ability to help those closest to us.

Most of us have hit rock bottom at some points of our lives, I believe what is important here is how we pick ourselves up, learn from the experience, and be stronger moving forwards for all involved.

I hope you have a great weekend Tony!

Well done Tony. You have retaken control of your life. And it sounds like you have a very positive attitude towards both health and wealth.

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