Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Last Update: July 29, 2019

Today at about 11am my son was picked up by his recruiter and they left for the airport, flying from Detroit to South Carolina for Basic Training.

The recruiter isn't going of course, his trip is complete when he delivers his new recruit to the check in desk, flight leaves at 3:45pm today.

Later today my son will begin his journey in serving his Country, his GrandFathers, many other relatives and I are Veterans as well.

I am both a very proud Dad & also very nervous ........... He is going into the reserves so he is scheduled to return home right before Christmas then serve 1 weekend a month plus 2 weeks every Summer. He is going to be learning about wheeled vehicle maintenance as his passion is Jeeps and he has already owned 2 in his 18 years.

I attempted to talk him out of joining the Military by reminding him that he didn't have to serve as he has many options. He informed me that it has always been his feeling that he would indeed serve his Country as I and my Dad did, 35 years ago and 65 years ago.......

2020 will be the year that he will start monetizing his passion for Jeeps more, buying, selling, repairing etc....... He is much more mechanically inclined than I and I will start/grow his website for his business.

While he is busy at Basic Training in South Carolina & then Advanced Individual Training in Fort Lee, Virginia learning to be a wheeled vehicle mechanic I will be much more active here within the WA community. I will also be more active within my websites and assisting more friends in earning an income from home 100% online.

Thank you Friends for your thoughts and prayers,


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ExpatMark Premium
Thanks to you and your family for serving this country. My uncle was in General Patton's 3rd army and the stories he told were amazing.

You should be so proud. I know I would be. 4 years service and he is set for life in the real world.

With you as a Dad and mentor, I have a feeling he will be ok in the cyber world too.

Hats off to you my friend. Pop a cork and celebrate a parenting job well done and I hope I can in the future. Looks like I may be a first time Dad at almost 60. Just like my Dad.

Make a living, make a difference.

BobMargroff Premium
Hey Tony, from one veteran to another...thank you for your service. Your son is but a skip and a jump from me here in South Carolina.

He will be in my prayers for a successful basic training and safe return home when he is finished.

I wish you the best!

Bob M
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you for your service, and thank you for raising a son who is willing to offer his service. Sending good thoughts. It sounds like the right move for him, even though it scares you, and rightly so, it makes any parent nervous. I'm sure he'll do you proud. :-)
MinionJewlz Premium
Tony, I was at Fort Jack in 1986...remember the movie Stripes? I was told don't ever volunteer, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have realized after watching the credits, that I had gotten to clean the "Old Barracks" (with a small group of others) for parts of the movie. I also got to see Lou Rawls and be part in a mural painting contest that one of the girls got awarded to do (and didn't follow any of the well) parents weren't very happy that I enlisted, either. I found some of my old letters to my folks, that have survived a box to live in for the past 33 years, in their basement. It's still like yesterday. Let him fly, make choices like this, and continue to be the Dad that I know of you (since meeting you on WA)...a GOOD one!! And...DONT miss graduation, lol...and write him everyday, plus get the newspaper sent to him from home after the first few weeks, so it isn't too overwhelming (be away)....
"ALL THE WAY!!!" to you and your son.
LauraFuller Premium
Tony, my son served in the Navy as a Seabee. When 911 happened the Navy lost him. He was in Germany in an American embassy for 2 weeks with one other officer and no one else. No communication for 2 weeks before the Navy found him.

I understand your fear but I was still a proud momma.

Your son will serve this country well.

Compsol99 Premium
I know exactly how you're feeling Tony! My son just completed his first week of basic training, up here in Canada. After basic training is completed, he will be off to Gagetown, New Brunswick for 10 months of training to be a construction engineer as an officer.
I'm sure both our boys will do us proud and serve their countries well.

All the best Tony!

NWTDennis Premium
And the family tradition goes on. I'm sure you are a little nervous, but also very proud of him. He'll do a lot of growing up in six months. Done and home for Christmas?

Are there conditions under which a Reservists can be called up for a longer deployment? I'll bet you're anxious to start helping him grow his online business.
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for your share.
DarrenNicola Premium
Good post, thanks for sharing.
Darren :)
lynnsam61 Premium

I'm sure that you are proud of your son but of course you have some worries. Having done it yourself you know what can happen. I pray that he comes home safely. I'm so grateful for those who choose to serve our country and keep us safe. They really are heroes.

firstlearn Premium
Thank you for sharing Tony.

Nancy29 Premium
God bless the Hamilton men, and all who serve.
Praying with you,
JKulk1 Premium
That's amazing Tony, 3 generations serving their country. Jim
ColleenLVSJC Premium
What an honor to follow in his dad and grandfather's footsteps. Many thanks to you guys for sacrificing and serving our country.
My prayers are with him and with your family. I'm looking forward to updates on his adventures. :)

God bless each of you,
unclejaz Premium
One other interesting fact about Fort Jackson I thought I'd mention--Fort Jackson is a HUGE place. The actual area is larger than the entire city of Columbia. It is located on the east side of Columbia...It is like a city in itself.

JohaneG Premium
Thank you Tony
Calh60 Premium
Hi Tony, our son went through basic training at Ft Sill in Oklahoma in 2018. He is currently deployed in Europe starting in Poland and now in Germany.

He is set to return to Ft. Riley in Kansas in most likely early October. We live in Mechanicsville, Va. about an hour from Ft. Lee. Our son was dropped off by his recruiter at Ft Lee when his commission started.

If we can ever do anything for your son when he makes it to Ft. Lee just let me know.

Thank you and your family for your service.

Twack Premium
This is a great share Tony. Being proud is probably an understatement. He certainly looks like he's about to have a good time. Did we take life in our stride the way our children do, or is it just our perspective has changed, now that we're parents, I wonder.
ROnaldE1 Premium
Tell him, welcome to the club. I completed my basic training at Ft Jackson also, and came home after basic just like he will. I was already a 91C and I was a reservist.
My prayers are with you.
Stand tall soldier!
MarkStuart Premium
Good family, Tony. I'm a vet of the Air Force variety, and I thank you, your son and your entire family for the patriotism you've shown. In your place, I'd be nervous about a son going into military service, but that's a parent issue. I'm sure in his place you would, and did, do the same thing. I wouldn't change a thing in my decision.

Glad you've joined WA. I'm still new, but loving it.
Affilime Premium
You raised a great son. Thank you for your service.
AffMktgRt Premium

May God bless you and your son.

I know that by now you have at least 3 generations of military service in your family and that is a rare thing nowadays.

My youngest son who went to basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma is set to graduate on August 16th, while we may get to spend some time with him during Family Day on August 15th. He is then scheduled to go either to a base in San Angelo,, Texas, Fort Huachuca, Arizona or another military installation in the Florida panhandle for AIT as a military intelligence specialist.

The odd thing is that he was initially scheduled to go Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basic training and then to Fort Lee in Virginia for AIT just like your son. At the last minute the slot closed and he had to wait for the next one to open up and he wound up at Fort Sill instead.

We will keep him in our prayers, and please remember to have everyone write to him, it gets tough during mail call when there are no letters from loved ones.

May God bless him for his sacrifices, keep him healthy and protect him through his military service and beyond.

Tmgreen Premium
Very cool. Best wishes to your son as he undertakes the rigors of basic, and moves on to his field of expertise.

Joes946 Premium
Tony, you can be a proud father. Your son will do great just like you and your father did. My service was in the Airforce many years ago.
Thanks for your service. I'm sure your son will eat some mud, like we all did!
RJG1000 Premium
You and your son have every reason to be proud. My best to both of you, for your service to our country--past, present, and future!
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Tony!
All the best to your son for making the choice to serve our country.
TonyHamilton Premium
You are welcome KyleAnn & thank you so much my friend!

unclejaz Premium
I live in Columbia and I've spent quite a bit of time on Fort Jackson. Great month to start basic's "famously hot" in SC this time of year. Famously hot is a City of Columbia tourism euphemism. I wish your son the best.

TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome James!

Thank you my friend.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I remember Ft. Jackson--especially "Tank Hill" when I was in basic there in November 1985!