Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Last Update: July 29, 2019

Today at about 11am my son was picked up by his recruiter and they left for the airport, flying from Detroit to South Carolina for Basic Training.

The recruiter isn't going of course, his trip is complete when he delivers his new recruit to the check in desk, flight leaves at 3:45pm today.

Later today my son will begin his journey in serving his Country, his GrandFathers, many other relatives and I are Veterans as well.

I am both a very proud Dad & also very nervous ........... He is going into the reserves so he is scheduled to return home right before Christmas then serve 1 weekend a month plus 2 weeks every Summer. He is going to be learning about wheeled vehicle maintenance as his passion is Jeeps and he has already owned 2 in his 18 years.

I attempted to talk him out of joining the Military by reminding him that he didn't have to serve as he has many options. He informed me that it has always been his feeling that he would indeed serve his Country as I and my Dad did, 35 years ago and 65 years ago.......

2020 will be the year that he will start monetizing his passion for Jeeps more, buying, selling, repairing etc....... He is much more mechanically inclined than I and I will start/grow his website for his business.

While he is busy at Basic Training in South Carolina & then Advanced Individual Training in Fort Lee, Virginia learning to be a wheeled vehicle mechanic I will be much more active here within the WA community. I will also be more active within my websites and assisting more friends in earning an income from home 100% online.

Thank you Friends for your thoughts and prayers,


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Tmgreen Premium Plus
Very cool. Best wishes to your son as he undertakes the rigors of basic, and moves on to his field of expertise.

Joes946 Premium
Tony, you can be a proud father. Your son will do great just like you and your father did. My service was in the Airforce many years ago.
Thanks for your service. I'm sure your son will eat some mud, like we all did!
RJG1000 Premium
You and your son have every reason to be proud. My best to both of you, for your service to our country--past, present, and future!
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Tony!
All the best to your son for making the choice to serve our country.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
You are welcome KyleAnn & thank you so much my friend!

unclejaz Premium
I live in Columbia and I've spent quite a bit of time on Fort Jackson. Great month to start basic's "famously hot" in SC this time of year. Famously hot is a City of Columbia tourism euphemism. I wish your son the best.

TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome James!

Thank you my friend.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I remember Ft. Jackson--especially "Tank Hill" when I was in basic there in November 1985!