471,406 Words written on the Site Content Platform

Last Update: March 26, 2021

471,406 Words written on the Site Content Platform since it's launch!

How long ago did it launch, do You remember?

We didn't have the Site Content Platform back in June 2015 when I joined Premium at Wealthy Affiliate. I can't remember when it arrived for us here as there have been many improvements over the almost 6 years that I've been at WA!

I must admit that many of those 471,406 words weren't written by me.........

Most of the articles in the past year have been written by my writer whom I found and absoljutely love his work. He's a full-time Collage Student but besides that and his name, I don't know much more about him. What I do know is that he does excellent research and writes wonderful articles...... I have him write between 2,800-3,000 word articles and he writes 2 or 3 per week. 86 articles hired written to date and all but 3 I have posted onto my main site...... the 3 that I haven't yet posted, I want to reread and edit much of them. 3 out of 86 isn't bad in my opiniuon, that's about a 93% success rate!

How many words have you and/or your writer written so far in the SiteContent Platform all time, the past week, past month, past year etc.....?

Google and the other search engines absolutely love new, quality & relevant articles and ranks them better with consistentcy.

Talk with you soon friends, contact me anytime,

Tony aka The Digital Marketing Veteran on the Internet

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FKelso Premium Plus
Well done! That's lots of words.

I just went to look at mine, and it's 511,022, and that is just what I've written in our site content spot. I've written some of my posts directly to WordPress...and those are all written by me...Hoping that having that many words is a good thing. Now, if I'd start bringing in some money, it would all be worth it...
Christorv Premium Plus
Some of the people here at WA are on another planet- so many words, incredible 🙀 Long may it continue.

A writer, eh- due to the advice I got here I have also got a writer as well though they are quite expensive (waiting for the first articles), will probably have to look for an affordable but decent writer next time 🤣
AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is a body of work, there Tony, and having a writer in house looks like you will keep cranking out that content.

Just curious, your writer logs into your account then goes to site content, writes then publishes?

I haven't used site content in a while, I have been creating on Grammarly. In site content sitting at 290K.

Good to see you and best wishes.
Kusemuse Premium Plus
That is awesome congrats! That is what I want to do eventually also. Definitely need to find the right kind of person to help, you are lucky you found a good one 👍
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I have written 218,356 words in 12 months.
Damien15 Premium
Well done to you too, dear.
1800CC Premium
Lisa is on fire & she can not be stopped.
Keep it rolling Lisa.
Cheers to your success.
Be safe
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Much appreciated Mike Thank you :-)