387 Referrals to WA so far

Last Update: July 03, 2016

Yes, I have had 387 Referrals to WA so far in my 380 days here with this wonderful Community.

316 of the Referrals are from 2016 and only 71 from 2015 so as you can see by the numbers I am getting better.

Did they all go Premium?

No, Of course they didn't and neither will all of your Referrals go Premium.

The average for all of WA is about 12.5% who go Premium and that counts those of us who have a higher percentage and those of us who have a lower percentage.

I have also been earning an income on the internet since 2009 so I did come to WA with some experience on the internet and with Marketing & Sales.

If you do promote WA and are earning Referrals remember that some do upgrade and some don't.

Your goal as well as mine is to refer Friends to WA and get better at not only referring Friends but also better at welcoming them here to WA.

Let's all strive to become Super Wealthy Affiliates if we promote WA


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RHairston Premium
Great, Tony.
Mirka1 Premium
Fantastic :)
Wolfmacks Premium
Wow very impressive!
Loes Premium
I see you a lot on leadsleap (always give your ads 5 stars:) can you PM me about your doings there and how the pro-ads exactly work?
E-Udoh Premium
Congrats! This great! What's your secret? Thank you for sharing!