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Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community Over 1.5 Million Members Worldwide since 2005 and my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page.


My name is Tony Lee Hamilton ~ Google "Digital Marketing Veteran" and You will see me in the #1 spot of your Search Results.

I have an awesome teenage Son, His Mom and I adopted Him at His birth, She is now in Heaven because of breast cancer.

He and I have plans to travel the world, We will start off in New Zealand then Australia and from their go where our hearts and souls guide us!

We are going to go to all 7 Continents & if possible rent a Jeep Wrangler on each as well as fish on each.

When and if we return to the United States, We plan to purchase some land with a large pond/lake on it and open a Family Christian Campground.

It will also have baseball fields, basketball courts, archery, swimming, fishing, firing range, obstacle course and of course a place of worship as well as anything else that we can think of.

It will be a Non-Profit Organization for Families as well as Youth Groups to come and worship while competing and having fun outdoors.

(Change of plans ...... He has just now graduated from High School & has decided to follow in my and his GrandPa's footsteps. He leaves for Basic Training at the end of July )

I love fishing, baseball, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Jesus, God, Family & Friends.

I served in the United States Army

I have been earning an income online since 2009 and help Friends to Increase Website Traffic, Referrals, Social Media Presence and revenue online from anywhere in the World!

I am honored and humbled that God has gifted me with the ability to help Friends earn an income online from anywhere in the World.

Thank God for the internet and the ability to earn an income online without having to do all of the physical things that I used to be able to do!

Continued success is my daily prayer for us all!

Thank you Friends,

Tony Hamilton – The Digital Marketing Veteran


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Google, Yahoo and/or Bing search "Digital Marketing Veteran" to connect with me on Social Media sites as well as to view my websites.

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I have seiously been crying out to God about this for awhile now!! I went to bed last night with this feeling of hope for what's about to happen in my life and the lives of my loved ones. I could barely sleep. I feel like this website is an answer to my prayers!! I honestly haven't felt like this is as long as I can remember! I am finally getting a glimpse behind the curtain and I"M EXCITED!!! I noticed we are both going hard after Jeus. That's so cool!! I have to say, you have some amazing goals. Lately,I have been setting some too!! I'm getting ready to follow you on other social media sites and I can
't wait to begin this journey! God bless you and your son:)
TonyHamilton Premium
Sweet Lindsey!

You have absolutely found a great place my friend, I have been a member since June 2015 and love it here.

God bless you and your family as well Lindsey :)

AllChristie2 Premium
Toni, Welcome to WA. I am proud to virtually support your son in his Miliary service. What a great Dad you have been. Sorry about your wife and her illness. There are so many health issues that can go wrong. i realize the trials, sadness, and inability you must have felt during that time. I lost my husband just over a year ago.

From your bio, you have a lot of experience in the internet marketing arena. Share what you have learned to newbies like me...please, and thank you.

I am following you
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Christie,

You are welcome and thank you so much my friend.

AllChristie2 Premium
You are welcome. Thanks for the follow.
RRamosR Premium
Tony my deepest condolences for you and yours in your message reding between lines I can tell about you feeling, but you just sed it. With God in our heard, everything is possible be ready because when your time comes you will have a mention in heaven and she will come back to you. Your brother in Christ, Rafael
Nice to know you. Keep in touch.
TonyHamilton Premium
Thank you my brother in Christ Rafael, nice to know you as well my friend.

Delilah7 Premium
Hi Tony, Thank you for connecting with me. Am a bit overwhelmed at this time. I am sure to reach out to you once I have gone through most of the lessons.

I love your profile, my faith in God is everything to me as well. I pray this works out for me.

Sincere Condolences for the loss of your wife.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Delilah,

thank you and you are welcome anytime my friend.

I appreciate your sincere condolences and would like for you to know that this can indeed work out very well for you.

Have faith and work with focus Delilah,

Delilah7 Premium
Thank you :).
RRamosR Premium
Keep it up and don give up don back out on Ruf surface you look
straight, you can do it!!
Delilah7 Premium
Thank-you, Am almost there created my web content and published it today. An exhilarating experience. Not so sure, if I did okay, but I feel great.
RRamosR Premium
I know your filling I am going through the same ectasis. Good luck.
janetng Premium
Hi Tony. Thank u for following me. I'm new here. Still got lot to learn. Hope this will be my another life turning point. Yes, I agree with you that it is really a bless to have the ability to help others earn an income. I have seen many people around me working more than one job for 7 days a week like me. Struggle to earn a living. I believe we can change our life. I want to help others too. God bless you and your son too...:-)
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Janet,

You are welcome and thank you my friend.

Yes we can all indeed do more, God bless you and your family as well.

Thank you Tony! I want nothing more In the world than to learn this stuff so that I can help others who struggle financially. To help others build or remember the dreams that they once had that they lost through the struggles of life. I want to be a positive force and I believe you may be able to help me become just that! Thank you
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Mark,

you are welcome and thank you my friend!

drafdonray7 Premium
Tony Hamilton , my beloved , I am so glad I followed your advice.
This is how I get to be writing to you now. I'm on my way to the first 200 on the rank. I intend to get your advice continually. I'm
also looking forward to being a friend and a brother for sure.
Thanks for reaching out to me. I'm new to all of this and I have
yet to learn my way around the block...sincerely

Thank you for your welcome also support on beginning a journey I have been scared to take for a while, but here goes the plunge and I am sure I will be successful with help from people like you and others willing to give a girl a hand if needed.
K-Money Premium
Oh my gosh Tony, I really enjoyed reading your story and my heart goes out to you with all you have been thru and with your son going into the service. Is that right? He is going into the Army? What an honor for you even tho it sounds like you had some amazing plans. Hopefully they are just on hold for the moment.

I love what you want to do with creating a Christian Family Campground. That sounds amazing and already successful... I want to create a Healing Horse Ranch for Veterans, Wayward kids, people surviving addictions and just people who need healing of the Soul and broken hearts. Oh yeah and a place for the Rich and Famous to hide away and be free to roam like the horses will... lol

Mine will be in Washington state on the west side of the mountains Seattle area. What part of the world will yours be in? I live 30 miles north of Seattle in Marysville. That's funny cuz my little granddaughter who is 4 is named Mary. I wonder when she will realize she lives in a town called Marys-ville... she probably already has. She's pretty smart and loves dinausaurs since she was a baby. She is so funny and amazing. Closest thing my son will have to a boy I guess...

Thank you for all the help you have to offer. I can't wait to get into it. I am so excited about what I am learning because I am a baby boomer and not techy and this is making me feel very accomplished and educated in the computer/website world...
I have wanted to be an Affiliate for many years when I first heard of it. I have always had a money making/entrapranueral spirit...

Ok, well hope to connect with you soon...
Lilibee09 Premium
Hi Tony, very touching life story and you have great visionary plans too! I am sure Elohiem God will answer your prayers.

I think He has given you and your beautiful son already a lot of help and courage in the difficult time when you lost your wife.

I am convinced that He will answer my prayers too so that I can earn a good income online after many difficult years.

Blessings and thanks for your prayers Tony!
Thanks for the follow Tony. I am following you right back. Bless you and your family. I lost my husband to cancer 13 years ago and I know many days are a struggle. Thank you for welcoming me to this amazing community. I am in a new location and looking for a new foundation. I am hoping I have found it here.
All the best,
KenGuest Premium
Thank you Tony, for reaching out. I appreciate having you (a believer) as a follower. Sounds like pretty ambitious travel plans with your son. My wife and I have adult children enjoying successful careers and we couldn't be more proud. I joined as a premium member and you can count on me as follower to gain knowledge from you experience. How cool is that being part of a community that has a strong fellowship of people that help each other find their success.
MatinaGa Premium
Tony, thank you for connecting with me and giving me a nice welcome to this group of great people!
what you know and what you have accomplished feels really good - I will follow you in return and am looking forward to learning from you and thank you for offering to answer questions when they are coming up ! ...
With all of this, I wish You more success and also joy -
many blessings,

Matina (:
Thank you Tony for the follow. I am truly sorry for your loss. I do understand how it feels to lose someone very close to you. I lost my mother to breast cancer back in 1993. I was only 10 yrs old. I miss her everyday she was my best friend since I was an only child. But this is why I am learning how to become an affiliate so that I can try to earn back everything that was taken from me. Start a nice new life as I want to continue my education as well. God bless and if you do decide to put that outdoor recreational worship together I really don't mind helping out if you need it. I wish your son the best as he goes through basic training. God be with you and your family god bless you both
SCRathie01 Premium
Hello Tony,

It is a pleasure to meet you. I cannot wait to start learning from you and thank you for following me. Thank you to you, your dad, and now your son for serving our country. I very much appreciate the sacrifices you guys made and will make for this country.

Again, I look forward to chatting with you and learning with you and from you.
Actionstep1 Premium
Thanks for the follow Tony, nice connecting on here.:)

Love that you like other people to have a better life

Well, I for sure will seek your advice when I need it; very kind of you.

Wishing you best of luck together with your son. Must have been hard to loose wife and mother I can imagine!

Best of luck!

KamL1 Premium
Thank you DMV, hope you don't mind the abbreviation. Really love your interest of travel in the near future. You have an impressive picture of your son. My heart felt condolence for your lost. Much appreciate the support. I hope to change this in the future and to take you up on the support. As you have guess, I still need to work to have an income. So my correspondence may be delayed. There is only so much I can do in a day. I hope to progress in this endeavour, but there is a lot to learn. I will have questions and hope you may be able to answer. I hope to talk again soon. Kind regards Kam.
Bella8883 Premium
Thanks for following newbie-me!

I was also in the military as a supportive Naval officer wife for 5 years. Later in life I was with a Marine who had finished a 6yr career. So I am very fond of the pride and honor of servicemen/women. Thanks for serving and may your son stay safe and make you and your family proud!

In appreciation and gratitude for YOU!
ASullivan1 Premium
Hi Tony,
I noticed that you’re following me. Thanks so much for that. I hope and pray for your success here at WA. I’m wondering if we could do each other a favor? Could we possibly exchange a comment on a recent post, on each other’s website? I know time is precious, so I certainly understand if the timing is not the best for you. Anyway, if you’re able, here’s the post I need a comment on: https://howtoloveelementary.com/why-do-i-feel-like-a-child/
Please send me a link to your most recent post and I’ll add a comment for you. A warm thanks to you in advance.
BElliott56 Premium
You and I Tony are very similar. I am a navy Seabee veteran that 100% loves Christ. I am a real Prayer Warrior. I also have a Ministry as a Healer/ Deliverer.I have witnessed some things that would blow your mind as to what Christ has done by using me.

I do want to learn more about the PS #2 you mentioned and will soon be contacting you to learn more unless you want to reach me first.
Jprice44 Premium
I read your bio with interest. My wife, Joyce and I are born again believers, since childhood. She and I are both in wheelchairs, so online business is ideal for us. I think your plans for a Christian camp is
awesome. Wish we could be a part of that, but our health and ages wouldn't permit it(75 & 72). We wish you the best in your world travels and the camp. My first niche is to be a Grand Central Station for folks looking for safe, effective alternate treatments for serious illnesses. I can certainly use your help and advice as I begin developing the web site. I'm not premium yet. We're a little tight on funds right now, but I'll sign up before the window expires. Thanks for any help you can provide.
TVBrown Premium
Congrats to you and yours! Let's "Never Forget"!!! Thank you for the follow. I will be a premium one way or another and will need all the help I can get. Tech savvy is not in my name.lol But learn ability is becoming my nick name.lol Look forward to Building a Future Together. And possibly worshiping on that campground. May God Bless! T
I am inspired and blessed by your testimony. I certainly will need your help moving forward. You and your son are on now on my prayer list for God's protection as you travel, and as you return to fulfill your God-given vision for the Christ honoring campground.
Keep me updated daily or whenever you can,

Thank you,
Matt250172 Premium
Thanks for such an inspiring story,it is a dream of mine not just to have a successful online business but to help those around me,and in time as many as I can,to just be able to build something that will not necessarily make them rich but give them more security and freedom to enjoy life a little bit more. Good luck with your travels,and the family Christian campground sounds like a great idea👍🏻
JanPro Premium
Thanks for following my Tony!
Sounds like you have some amazing adventures in store for both you and your son, and I love the fact that you are so dedicated to give back to your community - that's awesome. I look forward to following your journey ... and good luck with the fishing!
AGBrown48 Premium
I too am a Veteran, from an earlier foreign overseas camping trip. I hope and pray to be a wealthy internet marketer. I have a large family with 7 intelligent adult children and 6 amazing grandchildren with sure to be more on the way. I am excited to do something entirely new with the amazing support of WA.
kaloulee83 Premium
Thank you following me Tony I am very excited to be here! I am looking to go through the training then upgrade! I will love to check out your website and connect on social media!

It’s amazing you offer free mentoring and would love to take you up on the offer when I upgrade.

Many thanks 🙏
AlfredDvorak Premium
Hallo Tony Hamilton!
Seit gestern kenne ich Wealthy Affiliate.
Seit gestern lese ich in Wealthy Affiliate, und ich sehe, dass ich viele Fragen habe. Momentan sind es sehr viele Themen, ich weiß noch nicht, was ich zuerst machen soll.
Ich habe gesehen dass Du über viele interessante Internet-Themen schreibst. Ich werde immer wieder auf Deine TonyHamilton`s Post kommen und in Deinen Berichten lesen.
Ich verbleibe mit freundlichen Grüßen
alfred dvorak
MDehaan1 Premium
Wonderful history—I am sorry for you and your son in the loss of your wife and the mother if your son. God bless you in your trip around the world and your new adventure in starting the Christian campground!! I am excited to be on this new ‘for me’ adventure on WA!! I sure will appreciate all the help and advise from you and others for my online business. Thank you—talk soon, Mary Ellen
Thank you Tony for the following. I truly appreciate connecting with you, someone who has achieved his goals. I am so sorry to hear of your wife's passing. Something I've wanted to do since a child was to adopt some kids. I never achieved that due to life circumstances. You are truly blessed to have your son. I did have three of my own kids; one of which has been fighting for her life for decades. She is currently 39 and dependent upon me for much of her care due to a massive brain tumor diagnosed when she was three years old.

I appreciate the offer of help too, as well as your provided training. Is there any little legit program you can think of where I might make some small amounts of fast cash within the next day or so? I have tried numerous things over the years; but, I keep running into a wall most likely provided by the spiritual enemy.I have so many people I would love to financially help. But right now, my social security check is running out before I run out of month and I would love to raise the money to upgrade in WA.

I too have thought about developing a Christian camp over the years. When you do get around to creating it, you might want to teach survival skills too. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist; but, there are some very legitimate threats to our society lurking around in the present. One is the possibility of a solar storm knocking out our power grid. If we have the equivalent of the solar storm of 1859, we would possibly be living in similar situations of the dark ages compared to our current technologically dependent society.

Anyways; I hope my message wasn't too much of a downer. For whatever reason, I was prompted to share.

God bless you and your son always.

Frank73 Premium
Thank you for the follow Tony. You do have a very interesting lifestyle and thank you for your service to our country (Navy Vet here). Sorry for your loss but I know you are thankful for where she is now. Your son should be very proud of his pop. I would like to follow you and partake of your training when I get through this training. God Bless....
IlanaHarel Premium
Hi Tony Lee Hamilton,
It was please to read all you wrote.
Wishing you more place to visit in the world.
I'm also love to travel all over the world.
Now decided to retire and do Marketing Internet.

I'm sure I'll ask for your help and soon will visit your web.
Thanks again
AngelDeSkys Premium
Thanks for the Follow, Tony! I sounds like you want to do something similar to my business. I want to help to employ & House homeless veterans. My original plan was to purchase a campground and turn it into a Christian camp. Now my plan has evolved to help veterans that homeless & disabled. May God continue to Bless you in your ventures!
Edwincare Premium
Hi Tony,

Your message is wonderful, especially about God and Jesus, and your plans, helping others. Those are nice deeds. Enjoy quality time with your son and friends, I will be following you. My prayer is for God to prosper you more and help lot of people! God Bless!

TripleMCorp Premium
Thank you so much for the follow! You seem like an amazing person and I hope that you are successful and achieve all of your goals! There’s no mountain that faith can’t move and if you put your mind to everything that you do, nothing is out of your reach. God bless you! Michael :)
LanaC4 Premium
Hi Tony,
Thanks for the follow. Hey! My husband's name is Tony! lol
Love your bio! Where is the Family Christian Campground going to be? It sounds like fun.
I love the freedom that passive income provides. I've got some work to do before I get there, but I echo your sentiment. I thank God, that this opportunity was presented to me at a time when I need it most. I cannot physically work right now, but we need income. Right now this opportunity is helping me to stay busy and feel like I'm doing something.
Actually, let me correct that former statement when I said, "we need income." While that may be true I can't leave it hanging there because it sounds like we are struggling. No. By the Grace of God, our finances have not dropped much. Our niece moved in with us and is contributing a bit of rent while she is trying to save money to move out of state. Then, my husband got an unexpected major raise in pay!
God is good! All our bills are paid and there is food on the table. When my business starts to kick in financially, the timing again will be perfect because we too will be moving out of state at some point.

mcampbellocs Premium
Isn't it marvelous how the Provider provides when the deserving are in need!
amirrima777 Premium
Thank you for accepting me between you. I believe that the mothers never die, and whenever you look in the dark in the darkness of the night, and you've lost the light of the moon and the stars, and enjoyed your taste, you know that your mother with angel wings She sends light with a pleasant breeze and kisses you.
               🌹Because the mother is always alive🌹
Thank you so much
TonyHamilton Premium
Greetings to you as well Amir.

You are welcome and thank you my friend,

telterri Premium
Hello Tony, I want to first start by saying my deepest condolences to you on the lost of your wife, I am Victorious in my Journey with Cancer and I know I am Truly Blessed and Wonderful to still be here! I like your long term Goal of the Christian Camp! Giving back to me is the Best way to keep receiving! I will do my best to follow you. I would like to get into social media more as I barely even par-take in Facebook. I know this is an area I will definitely be needing help in.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hello Terri,

You are welcome anytime my friend and I appreciate your kind words, condolences and blessings.

Talk with you soon Terri,

TNunn1 Premium
Thanks for your message Tony, love your name! :)) Sorry for your loss but inspired by your goals and dreams with your son! Your dream/goal to start a camp ground. Take a look at www.barefootrepublic.org That's an organization I support and you may consider joining with them.

I will take a look at your training video. Thanks, Tony
Francianne1 Premium
Hi Tony. I am about to watch your video and have already clicked on Follow Me. I enjoyed reading your notes (not the sad parts) but the positive outlook for the future. Hopefully your help will mke us actual friend so when you come to Aussie, you will have somewhere and someone to visit. Good luck with all your plans. Frank
tetrimble Premium
Thank you for the follow. I remember you from my first time around here and I'm excited to hear more from you. It's always energizing and encouraging to see names you recognize because it just proves that this works!!!

Can't wait to learn and interact with you in the future.
MBassett Premium
Good morning Tony. Thanks for the follow. I was deeply moved by your story and your faith. Thank you for your service to our country, your family, and our community at WA. Great plans with specific dates. That is some serious laser focus!

Lot's of training for me to get through as a newbie but looking forward to it. Thanks for the training links!

I am so sorry to here about your wife i can't imagine how hard that is for you and your son.
God is big and he is going to be with you and your son and with this adventure you are going on. I love the plans you have and our loving father is faithful and will give you the desires of your heart.
God Bless
OldGeorge Premium
Hi Tony,
finally I found the place where I can find my followers :-)
Sorry for being late - very busy days and night at the moment! :-)

Just wanted to say thank you being my follower and wish you a nice labor-day(night) ...

Best Regards from Austria,
Old George
StevenB4 Premium

Please note that I am introverted and not very social (for example, I do not have any social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter). I know that 'to 'follow' someone is part of the community and learning aspect of WA, but it is also a bit creepy, Consequently, please don't take offence if I do not reciprocate any 'followers'. Thanks!
nelinpetes Premium
Hey Tony, nice to finally meet you. my husband follows you on Instagram @tlpetes85 and @leninpeters. He mentioned i will meet you here on WA. He hasn't been active online for quite some time now. I had to give him a nudge so he initiates me into this, so i get him motivated again.
LindaW3 Premium
Wow! Hello TonyHamilton amazing!! I’m speechless 😊... But, let me say this GOD is sooo good! And thanks for following me! And I Thank you all 🙏💕...for being my friend and offering to help me out. Because GOD knows I’m going to need all the help that I can get. And you are offering ...TonyHamilton ... like all the rest. ...Such great help! Everyone is good in their on way and we can all learn from one another be it Small things or be it Large. Either way we will be honoring and helping one another. I would like to thank you again ...TonyHamilton 😇

LindaW3 🌈
BoseA Premium
Did you feel the smile on my face widening as I read your bio? I love your dream - I already see it as a reality!

I see that I am in good company - we may yet bump into each other on an inter-continental cruise! :)

Acing this training and all it offers is key. You give me assurance that doing so and realising my dreams is absolutely possible!

Kudos to you for your generosity. Thank-you!
Aida98 Premium
Hi Tony, thank you for following me, I returned it. I see you're already a veteran in this field and you must've worked hard to achieve your success. I'm planning to read all your posts and watch your training videos and I hope to be able to learn from you.
NurseAngela Premium
Hi Tony!

Thanks for following me - I am excited to meet you & to delve into the wealth of knowledge & experience you've generously shared here! I'm glad to have you in my circle.

On a side note, my dad was an army vet & I was born on base. I'm excited to explore your posts & learn about your journey & any tokens of knowledge you've shared.

I'm just about 1 week in here at WA & have accomplished more than I expected. I enjoy how the community works & how everyone seems to try to offer their knowledge & support. Here's to our success at WA! :)
StevenRisher Premium
Thanks for following! I'm following you right back! I love the idea of you opening a Family Christian Campground! I'd be ecstatic to make enough money to help put forth towards God's Kingdom! In fact my first website revolves around helping Christians pick their Bibles! I'd love for you to check it out once I get it completely up and running. I'll be checking out your websites too!
crbronte Premium
Hello Fellow Wealthy Affiliates!
Thanks so much for following me… I’m new to the internet marketing concept… and it sounds like a winner.
I am particularly interested in the “community concept” which allows us to interact with and teach each other.
Good vibes there.
I am recently retired from a 30 year career in the real estate industry and am seeking a new money making position in the 21st century.
I think this is probably what I’m looking for…
I spent my first 20 years growing up in Los Angeles… My next 20 years rearing my family in San Francisco…and my last 20 years
appraising property in Portland, Oregon. Yeah… I seem to keep moving north.
Any info that you can provide to a Newbie will be greatly appreciated.
Please stay in touch and be certain that I will value your opinion.
Luv Ya..Chris
John-Peter1 Premium
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the follow Tony, I am very happy to be following you back!
I wish you continued success in your online business going forward.
I will go and check out your website, looking forward to networking with you and would be honored to be mentored by someone of your caliber.

Have a blessed day.
JoseA74 Premium
Hello Tony,you can call me Joe.Thank you very much for your offer of mentor.I've never had that offered to me before.I hope you know what your getting into being my mentor...j/k :)

To be honest,this is the first chance I've gotten to actually sit down and
relax and check out my premium.Other then Kyle,your the first msg.I've checked out.
Is that something common here?
Offering Mentorship?
Don't take offence to that question.Trust me.I love to learn.Doesn't matter what it is.I have a lot of idea's.And I will try to stick to one thing, like every body says.But my work ethic and my talent and a few other things are very high....

The thing is.


I need to fix me.The way I think.How I use my energy and time.Man Tony,I haven't even looked at my training.But I already know that i have a lot of learning to do...

I'm just in a difficult time in my life right now.But I gave it all to God here recently cause i was exhausted tryin to do it my way.

It's crazy sometimes when you see where god has put us at times.huh?

Well Tony,believe it or not but I have a lot of people skills I need to work on.Ive been trying though.making videos.trying to learn how to be sociable...

Issues Tony.lots of issues...


Just a few.

But I will be open to any advice you have to give.And i have a ton of questions,im just scared to .

But your offer sure made me feel comfortable with you.Pretty cool.

Well Tony.I'm a pretty busy man right now.I think im gonna explain it all in a blog so i don't have o explain it over and over.

What do you think?.

Talk to you later Tony


manndville Premium
Hi Tony, my condolence. I can relate to you. My wife and I adopted a son when he was a baby. Unfortunately she died of cancer as well. My son died as well couple years after. Thanks for your welcome and I look forward to communicating with you and the community from time to time.

GracePMart Premium
Hi Tony, this is a big surprise. WA is really a family. Your profile page says it all about Affiliate Marketing. I'm your follower to do the things from PS I-IV. This will work for me being laid-off work for 3 months, a struggling working senior. This a a start for my training and you as my mentor. Thank you so much.
I'm stuck. I set-up a new account and now I don't know how to continue.
leswaller Premium
Thanks for following me, Tony!

I hope I can bring value in some form or other to everyone I meet. Even if its just to have them smile or laugh.

I hope you enjoy watching me as I go from where I am today to wherever the hell I am tomorrow. ;-)

I've been here less than a week and cannot wait to get back online and get to work and interact with the community.

Once again, thanks!

Les (remember you get MORE with Les)
Tony nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow! I checked out some of your vids and also caught a pic of you in your dress greens. Nice meeting someone else on here who wore the Blue Cord and French Fourragère. Mine were from 1st ID. How about yours? Anyway thanks for all the content you upload and I'll definitely be looking at more of it. I hope in the future if I have any questions you'll have time to give pointers. I'd love to chat with you! Much love brother
DayOneIsNow Premium

Love that Bio. Adopting is such an example of love for everything! A jeep wrangler is great to travel the world! Sounds like a spectacular plan!

Awesome to follow you!

I am looking forward to learning all I can and I will definitely check out all your sites, looking for nooks and crannies to guide me.

Right now i am at the 36% of level 1 Entrepreneur cert.

How many words would you say max in a website name?

How many High ranking keywords for a webpage name?

My Niche: Reviews of Online money making programs
So how does this work they get you to pay 20 a month and they build you a website then you have to pay them hosting fees, what if I can do all those things for myself? What I don't understand is everyone here can sell the same things how does one make money from this? Sorry Tony had a problem getting back to your messages first time here
SuzChar Premium
Go to Australia and New Zealand sooner than later. My late father and I also had that dream, but I was too busy with full time job, etc and we never got there. I am sad to hear about your late wife, but, like my late husband, she is in a better place ( I have to believe this). Thank you for your encouragement by sharing your accomplishments. You will get that non-profit going.
TLedington Premium
Tony, sir, I am honored to have you following me.

Thank you for your service and my deepest condolences to you for the loss of your wife. I'll be sure to follow you and I can't wait to keep up with your travels. :)

Best wishes to you and your family.
JosephWA Premium
Sounds like a wild ride you are planning. Best wishes. I also served in the Army too and I am glad to hear you are doing well for yourself outside of it. I'll definitely bookmark this page and come back for extra training when I finish WA training. Have a good one!
JTA1212 Premium
Tony you are a blessing! Really touched by your biography. I wish you all best with your future plans. "You can do all things in Christ".

I am so pleased that you are a Christian. Its an absolute joy to connect with a brother-in-Christ.

Thanks Tony for reaching out to me. I really appreciate that. My main priories are to complete my website and the initial training modules. I will then start to access the training you have recommended.

I am keen to learn and to make a great success of this new venture. This platform is tremendous. Tony you are an inspiration, along with a lot of people I have met on this site. With all the wealth of knowledge and experience, I know I can achieve all my goals.....for the glory of God.

Bless you bro!
JSeale Premium
I am very glad to meet you Tony. I am humbled that you want to follow me! You have a lot that I could learn from you. I like your picture. You remind me of my oldest brother who passed away last April and you have a handsome son. I wish you both luck in your travels and in you great endeavors! And I look forward to working with you.
MElumir Premium
God bless you with so much blessings because you help others find means to survive. I like people who has this kind of character. But im not fortunate because you are not my upline.

I can't get any help to the person who was lucky enough because I click on his page and landed me joining premium member. maybe he is busy.

can you help me how to earn money here? I don't have income yet, 3 months here as member. maybe I dont make any good selling here hahaha. please help me.
AmityP Premium
Thank you for your follow Tony! I'm overjoyed to find yet another believer. Your life as you've shared it and your future plans are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your service also.

I'm thankful for your experience and will look forward to utilizing your sites as well as having you mentor me.

Many continued blessings and success on your journey!

God bless,
Daniel187 Premium
Hello Tony. I read your profile and really like your plans to travel with your son and enjoy some fishing. I have also been a fisherman for many years and hope to have more time for that passion in the future. I would like to say thank you for your service in the United States Army and wish you a wonderful journey with your son. God Bless.
Danny Jones
cabana23 Premium
Thank you for the follow Tony! I followed you back and I will definitely connect with you on social media sites. This is a first for me in stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I've never done before and to be honest it's very overwhelming. I would love to be mentored by you.
Sorry for the loss of your Wife, may her Soul rest in Peace.Tony Lee Hamilton I must say I am humbled by what I have read about you. May the Lord Our Father in Heaven Bless you mightly for the good work you have committed yourself into doing. I have a serious passion into fishing too. I like fishing accessories from Eagles Claw. I will be very grateful if I may Upgrade to Premium so I may have access to your Websites
winnieyoong Premium
Hi Tony! Thanks for following me! You humbled me with your vast experience in digital marketing :) I will be following you in other channels as well. I just started taking action and creating my first blog. I hope to be able to earn online income just like you by the end of this year :)
kimgwinter Premium
Hi Tony, I have a question I hope you can help me with.
I'd like to insert my WA referral link in my Instagram captions but have tried and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong, or are we not able to post a web link on an Instagram post?
Pedrone Premium
Hi Tony Hamilton's
I m glade you are following me
I will follow you here and eventually to your web site as
I need a veteran in helping me to avoid mistake on the big Digital World of the internet , I see also that you guys are planning tyo start your travel in 2023 that s great as I m in Australia so I m offering for you guys to make sure to come and visiting me I will make sure you have a place to stay and you never know may if things go good with my earning on line ...me and my young child ( Antonio / Tony we could join in some of your travel !
I m sorry to here about your wife ! God works in mysterious way out of our understanding ...
ok for now I leave you guys with a wish for you to have a great and amazing Sunday !
THFord Premium
Hi Tony,

Thank you for your interest in me by following me. I have followed you as well. You are a seasoned member and have much information presented to help others, I hope to be able to review it soon, as I can work it in with the hordes of information and help available here on WA!

Best of Fortune and Happiness!!

BSherman1 Premium
Hey there Tony,
Thanks for writing. I'm also a Christian hoping to be able to generate income to provide for my wife and myself in our retirement years. It's great to see how God has blessed you in your many endeavors. I really love your ambitious goals. And yes, I could use your encouragement brother in generating income as soon as realistically possible. I do need a mentor as I try to find the shortest path to sustained income. My big goal is to be able to give generously to our church and many other Christian organizations. I appreciate you're responding to me, brother.
Lot's of places to start with your training--- only41 trainings to go. Wow! Blessings on your wonderful plans for a Christian campground.
Most Sincerely,
Brian :)
Lawrence20 Premium
Hi Tony
Thanks for reaching out to me I really appreciate it. I’m brand new to this Internet Marketing and I know that I will be able to provide for my family by working with all my newfound friends online through WA. It is all a bit overwhelming at the moment but I think I’ve attracted the right platform to work from with WA, as there are a lot of scams out there!! It was becoming very discouraging. My wife keeps telling me to “get a real job”. I feel that with the right guidance and direction I am going to make a success out of this. Thanks again for reaching out to me. Good luck to you and your son on your exciting venture.
HighLife101 Premium
Hi I just saw that you had listed your Facebook Page on Phils1944 blog post. I am looking for additional followers as well. I have followed your Facebook Page and liked some of your posts and I am hoping you could return the favor. My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/ThinkVail. Much appreciated if you do!
Hi Tony,

Reading your profile, it feels like I already know you. Thank you for following me and your story and visions for the future are admirable.

I look forward to this journey and as I learn I will endeavour to give back as much as possible.

All the very best on your journey and may you be blessed.

dianelucas33 Premium
Thank you for reaching out to me. I'm feeling a little confused with the platform but I'll get it. At least I know the terms of internet marketing.
You have a very noble mission with serving Jesus. This Christian Campsite is vitally important for Families and I will keep your Mission in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.
Diane Lucas
rallan Premium
Love your plan but please remember that when you visit Australia that from the East coast to the West is close to the width of the American continent and the majority of inhabitants live along the coast. Summer is in the 40's Centregrade and its a long way between drinks but its the best way to see the country

I’m was move by your bio and I’m sorry about you wife I don’t know how you coupe daily with her not being here. I am happy that you are deciding to travel the world with your son hope you drop in Jamaica on your list of places to go. Keep being the loving pet you are and taking care of your son.
Leslierenee Premium
Hey Tony! Love your ideals you mentioned in your profile! Looking forward to learning from you as I'm growing my business. Cheers to you and your son, would love ve to meet you when you make it around to Oregon area. Tons of fishing, hiking, and camping here. 😊
ChristineTim Premium
Hi Tony, thank you so much for connecting with me, it is much appreciated. I am following you back and look forward to learning from you. I have been looking at your trainings and they look really useful - I know nothing about social media.
What wonderful goals you have, it will be the most amazing adventure. Your son in lucky to have such an inspirational and supportive father.
I wish you all the very best for 2019.
ClaytonCrisp Premium
Hey Tony, what a wonderful profile! I’m new and I look forward to working with you as I learn and grow my business. I welcome any knowledge and support you can give me as I start my journey! God bless you amd your boy, Tony! Take care and have a wonderful day!!!
RubenV1 Premium
Hi Tony, In catching up with my network today, I saw you were following me and I had not acknowledged it yet.(I was too new and didn't know how!) So if I haven't said it already, I want to take the time to say it now, thank you so much for the following, I will follow you back as well!

I hope your network is increasing. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Wishing you much success at WA,
Hi Tony,

Thanks for following me. I am an veteran (by age) and with knowledge and skills of a software developer but a complete newbie to affiliate marketing. I shall like to become a premium member eventually, but shall like to wait till I make my first earnings through this platform.

By the way I have my own personal website and a YouTube software tutoring channel which I am putting all efforts to grow at the moment.

Can you please honestly indicate if I am able to earn even a little money without premium membership in the way of support and guidance etc.
SylviaSuhr Premium
Hi Tony, Just reading your blog and I got a bit excited when you shared about a christian camping site. My home is at a christian camping site in a place called Wee Jasper in Australia.
It's called Mountain Trails Adventure Camps. It's basically a youth camp with horses, canoes, trail bikes and there is caving nearby.
Good to connect with you.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Sylvia,

Mountain Trails Adventure Camps sound like my type of place indeed.

Thank you for sharing and good to connect with you as well my friend.

john1433 Premium
Hi Tony, Thanks for following me. You sound like a really nice fellow Your son is a lucky boy. I am sorry to hear you lost your wife. My condolences.
I appreciate your offer to help and I will reach out. First I will check out your training. Like all newbies to this site, I truly wonder if I can make some decent money in this business.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi John,

you are welcome and thank you my friend.

a1jonuk1 Premium
Thank you Tony for the follow.

You have a great Bio there, it has inspired my start here at WA and the first thing will be to improve and extend my Bio.

Thank you too for the training, I will be coming back here to follow it.

Regards from North Wales. UK.
TonyHamilton Premium
You are welcome Andy and thank you my friend.

poeticart33 Premium
Hi Tony,
My name is Angela Wilson, I would like to get started. I created a website called My babyaccessaries.com How do I find it. I created it when I was a starter, now I'm premium. Please help I like to get started right away. I'm new to this and I don't know how to bring traffic.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Angela,

build it here my friend.


Let me know that the above helps you Angela,

Andrey57 Premium
Dear Tony
Would you be so kind as to explain how to post images from my desktop to Instagram, please? I have mobile Instagram versions from Google Chrome and Firefox Browsers on my desktop but unfortunately both mobile Instagram versions don`t have upload buttons.
Thank you very much indeed.
Kind regards,
TonyHamilton Premium

I don't use my laptop to post images onto Instagram and have no idea if it's even possible.

I have many times heard about hacks that are able to accomplish that but have never even considered it because i don't want to jeopardize my Instagram account.

I apologize that I don't have your answer Andrey,

Andrey57 Premium
Dear Tony
Thank you very much for your reply. It is very kind of you. To my understanding it is legal to use desktop for sending posts on Instagram. You will find a couple youtube videos below in the attachment.
Kind regards,
TonyHamilton Premium
I've heard bad things about Gramblr Andrey, let me know how it goes my friend.
Andrey57 Premium
Thank you.
j-berglund Premium
Hello, Tony. Thank you for your recent follow. I love that you and your wife adopted. My wife and I have a heart to adopt at some point in our life.

I'd love to hear more about the Christian family campground dream of yours!

From reading your profile, it seems likely that we are Brothers†. This delights me! Please feel free to reach out and get in touch if you ever need my help (or just want to chat/catch up). :0)
JeffreyS3 Premium
You're a Saint.Mr. Hamilton. I indeed could use some help along the way. Surely I would do my best to follow you and and accept your expertise. As you may know, I'm new and trying to keep up. I have kinda got stuck trying to post my info after receiving my website and domain, plus my theme. I will stay in touch.
gmcwilliam Premium
Hi Tony, thank you for following me. I am an Australian living in Malaysia and also have a keen interest in fishing. If you need anything re fishing in Oz, don't hesitate to ask. Although not specifically related to building an online business, I can provide a lot of information on what your success can provide you (ie fishing in Oz).
I am still writing my Description but I also have a passion for helping other people succeed. I have just finished working in one of the poorest countries in the world (Somaliland) and have a mission to drill water wells to alleviate their suffering.

Stay in touch,

Hello Tony, thank you for your quick follow. You have a very touching bio description and I am wholeheartedly touched by it. I can only hope to be as accomplished and successful at this as you have been. Congrats on all your accomplishments and Bless you for your service to our country and your outstanding character raising a young boy even after, what had to be one of the most challenging and regretful events of loosing your wife. Continue to push on and get that youngin through school so that you two can take that trip that you guys have been planing, continue to keep your faith, pray daily...and now you can add me into that prayer...lol, because only God knows how much I need it at this point. Thank you again for reaching out and if you have any tips feel free to message me anytime and I will gladly take them in and learn how to utilize them. God Bless you and your family. Have an awesome day.
Fp1278 Premium
Dear Tony it's amazing to know you are a Christian. I myself and my wife are also Christians. I also worked in the Police Force in the Philippines for 27 years.

I have not earned a single cent in internet marketing the reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate with the hope that one day I received my well obsessed earnings in Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you,
BobWard Premium
Hey, Tony......
Thanks for the follow! Will get my profile up soon.... A lot to digest and I have quite a bit on my plate. :-) Have tried to get a foothold in the internet marketing space but always wind up with "information overload" and the frustration is overwhelming. Love your profile!
Hi Tony

Thank you for the follow. I felt your positive vibration from your bio. honestly, I have just about a tiny idea of what I'm doing, I'm learning the steps, and putting in the work as I go. I'm also learning to respond on the go. I'm just grateful to be connected to you. And wish to have a success story like yours. I have plenty of questions, but let me get back to my training for now.

Kind regards,

Jackie16 Premium
Hello Tony it is nice to meet you, my name is Jackie Cevering and to be very honest with you, I have no clue as to what I am doing...
I'm very slow always have been but I'm really going to give this a go and not give up... I haven't watched all the training or boot camp video's but there is one question I'd like to know.
Can I really start making money within the next day or so?
MaryCrawfor1 Premium
Hi Tony,
I was both interested and impressed in your profile story. I hope to work hard, learn much and obtain the success that you have in my internet business. I am excited about your travel plans and wish you and your son a most amazing journey. I will be looking at you as an example of those things I should be doing to succeed.
You have been truly blessed from your hard work.
Thanks, Mary
EvedYejudah Premium
Good afternoon Mr. Hamilton. A huge salute from Puerto Rico. May the Almighty keep blessings you and your hole familiy and God let you achieve all your goals as at the same time your soul prosper in serving him. Thank you for making yourself available for all of us. I'm a newbie but with a lot of interest in learning and do this business. So I will appreciate all the help that you can give me to help me succeed. My goal is to help others too. Because the one who serve is the one who lead, that's what Messiah said. You know something interesting is that my name EvedYejudah means The servant who exalt the Almighty in hebrew. Nice knowing you. See you on the way.
Luis Antonio
Ian840 Premium
Hello Tony and thank you for following - I also wish to follow you in return.

Although I have been a member here for 4 years, I have not progressed very far to date.

However I have only very recently retired from full time and very demanding business activity, so I now have a lot more time to devote to site building and business development.

At age 78, I guess I would be one of the more senior members here, however I am heartened to note that one of my network is in her early 89s, and also very enthusiastic.

I find the learning curve is quite steep, however the wonderful training and opportunities here at Wealthy Affiliate really does simplify the learning process, and I am so grateful and happy to be a member.

Kindest regards from Ian in Western Australia.
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you for following me Tony.
I'm still at stage 1.....super overwhelmed lol. But I'll get on with it. Looking to learn as much as possible on this journey to a happy retirement with lots of travel to. as well as making some money along the way,
best of luck in you ventures ( "if you build it, they will come")
Dougie :)
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Dougie!

Welcome to WA my Friend, Congratulations on the great decision to upgrade to being a Premium Member!

Build it Big and start Crushing it 10X Dougie!

Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you. I'm on it. :)
charlenefost Premium
thank you for your info Tony. I am still in the embryo stages of starting this thing and I am overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to change my domain name and theme now that \I am a premium member. I spent too many hours on this today with no luck .
I a, lookimg to change the ORIGINAL domain name that I started the training with as I don't want to repeat all the work done in the start up training so far. I bought 2 domain names and instaed of my ORIGINAL domain being change , I now have THREE
TonyHamilton Premium

You can't change a domain URL my Friend!

You can contact SiteSupport by clicking on the "Websites" tab to the left then on "SiteSupport" at the bottom to see if they can transfer your work.

I have 25 websites plus 13 Free ones my Friend :)
legtlc Premium
Thanks, Tony is there always this many contacts. I really feel overwhelmed. I don't generally meat this many new people. My day is spent sitting in my room watching youtube and reading. I really would like to be more involved with people but it will be hard with this many people contacting me at the same time and trying to do my lessons at the same time. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to a long relationship.with Wealthy Affiliate's, Oh and my name is Larry Gilchrest
TonyHamilton Premium

You can click on your picture over to the right my Friend & then on "Account Settings" then scroll down to "email settings" make the changes there my Friend.

I have over 50,000 Friends following me and I follow about 7X that many so I have almost all of the email options turned off.
That will dramatically cut down on all of the emails my Friend.

Let me know that the above helps You Larry.

Talk with You soon my Friend,

eladimoth Premium
Tony, Wow! Thanx for your affiliate welcome message and all the info you so willingly shared along w/an obvious thankfulness to your Lord, etc. I'll pray for your camp!

Well, atmoment, I'm stuck on coming up w/a niche...so I'll feel much better about "moving forward" after that happens.

I may try to look you up as I continue on my journey through WA and ask you for directional support and wisdom. I am NOT a PC
genius so I learn at a blazing turtle speed.

Take care, dale w (eladimoth)
bmwalls Premium
Tony, can I ask a question? I lost my original theme on my website through accidentally hitting a "theme" button on customizer and lost what I had built. There was no re-set or restore so I decided to start from scratch with a new theme and add all my info to the new theme. Under customize my new theme header won't load a image. Any advice? thanks
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Buddy,

I would advise You to contact SiteSupport here at WA my Friend.

Do You know where to find the SiteSupport link Buddy?

If your new theme doesn't give You the options that You want then I advise You to try a different them my Friend, there are quite a few available.

let me know that the above helps You Buddy,

Just realized that I haven't thanked you for the follow and leading me to WA yet. So, thank you my friend and long time mentor :). Although the Starter Membership is a great way to get started and set up a nice website, I can see that it is pretty limited compared to what the premium membership has to offer. At this time, upgrading is not an option for me financially but I am hoping to take advantage of the Black Friday sale <wink>.
TonyHamilton Premium
You are welcome Suzette,

Thank You for the amazing compliment my Friend!

Yes, upgrading when the Black Friday deal arrives is a wonderful way to save Suzette.

Upgrading to Premium during the Black Friday deal is absolutely the way to go my Friend.

Keep in mind that your first month will be at the even lower rate of $19 so to truly maximize your savings, You would want to upgrade to Premium on about October 29th Suzette.

That way when your 1st month at the low rate of $19 is just about up, You'll be able to Upgrade for $299 for the entire year. (This is of course, in the event that they do have the same deal that they have had during and even before me being here 3 years)

Talk with You soon Suzette,

MinaKim Premium
Thank for the follow @TonyHamilton.
What a nice plan you got, you and your got have few months to go to travel, that's exciting! And indeed very kind to build a non-profit organization.

May you accomplish it and wish you all the success!

By the way I'll be following your training, I like the IG crushing stuff lol

bigfam17 Premium
Thank you again Tony for the follow. I will follow you as well. I read your bio and I truly hope you and your son can make your dreams come true. I'm a father of 3 myself and giving my children the best future possible is definitely one of the driving factors for my wife and I.
Hi Tony, thanks for reaching out to me as i am absolutely new here and i can say for a fact that i am a newbie in using the internet and most especially i lack the knowledge about passive incomes so i hope that if and when i need your help you would be available to help me.
hope you achieve all your goals in the nearest future possible
springdave Premium
Hi Tony, thanks for reaching out to me! I look forward to interacting with you more in the future. Right now I'm just trying to go through the training here at WA as fast as I can to get some campaigns going. I wish you all the best in the achievement of your goals and dreams!

Mary79 Premium
Hi Tony, I am also new to WA and just starting for free at this time. in the near future would like to become a premium member.just starting to build my website Hope to be as successful as you in the near future so we can have peace of mind in our retirement. we want to buy a cottage in upper Michigan on a lake for retirement.Thanks for your encouragement Mary Williams.
bowlingjp Premium
Hi Tony,
I saw that you are now following me. I'm brand new at this and I could use all the help you might toss my way.

I have been to four of the seven continents myself. I don't have the same goal of visiting all seven but I do have a story for you.

While in Chile as a missionary, I started partnership missions with churches in the U.S. The goal was to join a church to a church to start a new church in an area of need; somewhere that gave the people opportunity to hear the gospel and make a decision for Christ.

I was contacted by a church in Florida. They had a goal of starting a church in all seven of the continents. Well, Antartica has only a few hundred scientists year round. I knew that it was going to be difficult for this church to complete that goal. However, they tried. I hosted their representative down to Punta Arenas, introduced him to several leaders there and showed him some of the areas of need close to Antartica. But he still wanted to go to the continent. He bought a ticket on the only flight to the Chilean Base of Operations. He was able to meet with officers from the Chilean Army, several scientists, and he visited the school. At the school he gave out to each child a Samaritan's Purse Christmas Box. He was able to minister to the children of the scientists and soldiers.

However, the bad news for him and probably for you was ... no Jeep Wranglers. There might be a couple of snowmobiles if you go with a tourist agency. And, you can fish too.

Seriously, you have some great goals for you and your family. I wish you all of God's blessings in your adventures and in your non-profit organizations.

I would love to keep up with you. Thanks for the encouragement.

Jerry Bowling
MrsMee Premium
Hi Tony!
I really like the campground... A needed thing in a weary world.
I can totally relate to the relationship you and your son have... The relationship takes on a whole new life as they get older... Very Cool
Thing! God definitely has You in the Palm of His Hands!
Thanks for the Follow and Prayer... Right Back-Atcha!
MKatai Premium
Hey Tony, I just read over your story and you have a very interesting story. I think that's awesome you plan on travelling with your son to Australia and New Zealand. I can definitely vouch for Australia as being a great place to visit/vacation and I've always wanted to go to New Zealand - mainly because of the Lord of the Rings movies, ha ha. I'm new to WA and I'm curious... What is your niche market?
ahendaflo Premium
Wow,I love your plans ,sounds fantastic ,will definitely look up your websites so I can learn,I am very new to the internet in general and therefore moving at a snails pace ,but hopeful to pick up quickly any help I get will go along way ,thank you so much .
debdfw2018 Premium
Tony what an awesome profile. I am very excited for you and your son's trip. I love traveling and I think that is one of the best educations we can give our children if it possible. My 10 year old Grandson just told me tonight that he wants me to take him on a trip for his birthday and while it won't happen this year (it this month) that is one of my goals to be able to give him that and to be able to send him to church camp in the summers. When I know enough to be able to ask questions you can expect to hear from me. Thank you so much for being willing to share the gift God has given you. I wish for many blessing for you and your son.

CoraMitchell Premium
Hey Tony! I wanted to thank you for sharing the #crushingit10X tip, my followers have definitely increased! I’m not sure of the numbers, but I had zero and now there are 5-10 new follows every day and I just implemented a few of the tips (2) days ago!

Have a blessed day
Hello, Mr @TonyHamilton as the famous brand, I am very impress with your record but more than anything your amazing spirit of service, it is so good to know people like you who help each others, thank you for your friendship and your great job on this world, I hope to learn so much from you because your tracks goes in the right way!

Best Regards and health for you!
Weka-Lodge Premium
Far-Out! - You sure are a busy Feller! - Thanks for the Follow, & likewise I'll be following you as best I can... Haven't even got my Website up yet!! -- So I'd better stop getting 'stuck' in all this
Social Media....though I must say.. that it's THE most useful, interesting and actually productive S.Media I've ever seen! ...
FB became a total bore, where almost none had anything very intelligent to say! -- Yet on this WA... the whole lot just 'bowls you over'! - wow! .... I love all you plans & accomplishments, so now that I'm currently on Prime, I just hope I can learn from you and everyone, 'flat-out'! --
Glad to hear you are planning a Trip to New Zealand! -- It's a relatively small Country.... but don't be fooled, as there is so, so much to do &see;, within this great little Country! - Our neighboring, Australia is huge by comparison, but many colourful attributes...just watch-out for the creepy-crawlies that bite &sting;! - Thankfully, we don't have all those in NZ!! :) ....
Cheers! - Jen.

PS - Have yet to find a good, yet simple & hopefully-free Photoshop system -- to shift all of my Photo Files onto - now that Picasa (Google) has been made 'redundant', and doesn't function any more. - Might try Adobe, IF it's not expensive! :{
..... Jen.
NamrataP Premium
Hey Tony!
It was lovely reading your profile, thank you for the follow. Was sorry to read about your wife. I was glad to read about your plans for the Family Christian campground, thats a great way to serve the Lord. Wish you and your son the best.
God bless:)
ThimGraFort Premium
Hey Tony,
I'm so happy and blessed to connect with you. I wish you greater success on this platform which appears to be one of the most legit money making websites among millions of scam ones out there.
May the blessings from Above make your profiting to become greater to us all here at WA!
I pray that the Lord our God keeps on lifting you higher as you also continue to yearn for the blessing of many others.
Tat's the secret of greatness in life.


Boaz Ethan
RGullakson Premium
Getting off to a slightly rocky start. Have asked about the profile picture problem on the Live Chat spot twice now, but no takers. The MacbookPro says . popup blocked. I'm so new
to Mac that don't know how to fix that. Had hoped for some real hands on help as needed here. Also have the picture on my Desktop, just don't know the steps to get it to the profile here.
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Ruthanne,

It looks like you now have your picture uploaded my Friend.

I sent you the message in live chat so hopefully that has helped.

Talk with you soon,

RGullakson Premium
Now that I know this is PMessaging, I can request to talk on the phone or back and forth on messenger or here or whatever. Know lots of people are LOOKING for a company, product or
whatever, but I HAVE IT. You mentioned in IBO that you check out new companies at various times. I need you to get the info on this one. It's a game-changer and that is not hype. Never got going on IBO because was always stuck on the tech stuff. Went through all the training modules but never followed through with ads and such. With this product (completely exclusive worldwide rights) and comp plan I have to follow through. Hoping to get it up on my IBO page soon too, but need hands-on help. Just switching from 25 years on Toshiba to Mac and having an awful time of it. No fun. But I'll make it. Sure you thought the goals for income on my page are a bit ambitious. Well, I've seen the folks in our company who from Christmas 2017 through May 12 (when had to freeze enrollments because couldn't keep up with production needs) making astounding commissions in 5 months.
Now I finally after wandering around for all these years with so-so
products and plans, will DO IT. Let me know how we can communicate more. Thanks, Ruthanne
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Ruthanne,

You can contact me on IBO my Friend and then we'll go from there.

Here at WA, we aren't allowed to send messages to others about other opportunities and/or post about other opportunities anywhere.

We can however share them on our website(s) and social media page(s)

go to my WA Profile page then scroll down on the right side near the bottom and you'll find the "Follow Me On" area and that is where I share my TonyLeeHamilton.com website and other sites.

Talk with you soon Ruthanne, congratulations on becoming a Premium Member here and taking the step to financial freedom.

Your Friend,

RGullakson Premium
Great. Will do. Knew there was a right way to do that,and now,II know.
TonyHamilton Premium
Wonderful Ruthanne!

Thank you my Friend
TonyHamilton Premium

I apologize and just now noticed that this isn't the private message area my Friend.

To Private message me and/or anyone that you are following, click on the "Private Message" tab just to the left of their Main Picture on their WA Profile Page.

These messages show to everyone and are on my WA Profile Page Ruthanne.

Not a major issue, in the future simply click on the "Private Message" tab for messages that you would like kept private.

Talk with you soon my Friend,

AnaB7 Premium
wow! I just read that you are going to go to New Zealand how funny. My husband and I plan on going in 2019 not sure of the dates yet. we will be visiting the South Island and possibly the North Island. I sent you an IM prior reading your bio and you mentioned New Zealand. I am sure you will have a wonderful time there. I have not visited there but hear I have seen wonderful pics.

Merril Premium
Thanks, Tony for following me. I'm just a beinner. Still needs lot of trainning. I'm very happy to read your aspirations. And you are an expert in Digital Marketing and looks a good servant of God. I like that. I have lots of things to learn from you. I will be in touch with you.
donraposo Premium
That is remarkable all the things you have planned, I love it. I am 81 years old now and a Air Force Veteran and have been sales and marketing all my life. I will watch and learn from you with all your experience in WA, I am very excited to have something to do with all my free time these days. Don Raposo 404 271-8391 call anytime EST
AngeMingas Premium
Thank you for the following and may JESUS the Real GOD keeps on blessing you for the sense of love and good heart HE concedes you in helping folks through your skills. Sharing quite the same passion in travel with you and being a travel professional I would like you sometime to visit my website once created at WA and would need also your personal advice and experience.
Thanks for the follow! Let me know if you need any help at first adding content. I'm new to WA, but definitely not new to WordPress and bloggin' away! Let's make this money! $$$

What is the URL of your site? ie. mysite(.)com

Lets pick each others brains, what do you need in this exact moment? What is your specialty? Mine is wordpress, blogging, organic seo, and
generating traffic is what I do!

LETS GET THIS FREAKIN MONEY!!!!!!(screaming at the top of his freakin' lungs)
Bekiner79 Premium
Hi glad you took the time to stop by and send me a notification i think i will be following you as i can relate to a few things you have done in the past as far as employment i use to drive 18 wheelers myself and custom combine runs that is about all i did for quite a long time drove taxi ,farm labor,custom combining ect but when my dad feel sick with dementia i felt the need to take care of him now that i see his condition dwindling i need to make a solid career out of something i can do at home to take care of my son after a recent divorce where i gained custody of my child
Wdcope Premium
Thanks tony. Loved you profile and awesome goal. I have been to several camps such as the one you want with men several times. I am hopeful this will give my wife and I extra funds to visit my twin brother in New Zealand next year. Other than Skype and Facebook have not seen him in 18 years. Perhaps I can get him from being a minister and online Christian radio station director to find time to do WA.
Greetings my namesake

Thanks so much for the follow and I have likewise added you .
I will no doubt be picking your brains over the coming weeks as I wade through the many choices available here.

It is my dream as well to rent an RV and just travel for as long as the good Lord keeps pumping breath in to this aging body.

Wishing you all success .
YayasHome Premium
Hi Tony,

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I look forward to getting to know you an' learning so many of the things I don't understand about the internet an' making money online.

Good luck in all your goals. I know you an' your son will enjoy the activities you've described. I do hope that, once you set out on your journey together, you will continue to share your many experiences with those of us on Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks, again.

~ Yaya
provisions Premium
Hi Tony. Your travel plans with your son in 2019 sound fantastic! that is so cool that you have made those plans to do something like this with him that will have such a lasting impact on both of your lives! I'm a little jealous... New Zealand is one of the destinations on my bucket list too! You'll have to tell me how you guys like it! :-)
VeganSheldon Premium
Wow Tony I love the big Vision you described above and your big-hearted gift that you provide you describe wow I'm happy to cross your path!!!!! Thank you for following me as well and I'm thrilled and will make connection with you here on the sites you mentioned and I'm happy to start making money from day one that would help immensely and cheers to giving back to you in ways that I can as well.
AllanDeBlase Premium
Hi Tony,

Thank you for the support!

I am currently on the free service and hope to go premium ASAP. (I have 6 days left to communicate on these boards w/o going to premium.)

I have a specific initial goal that MUST be accomplished before I do so:

Build a website from your free service that generates enough residual income the pay for the cost of the premium service.

Any advice or help you can give me to accomplish this will be GREATLY appreciated. You can also follow me on my LinkedIn account by googling my name -ALLAN-
MarieSale Premium
Hi Tony,:)

THank you for following. Of course i will follow you especially
after reading your touching story...ohhh boy. thanks a whole lot that the World is full of wonderful people...
Stay blessed!
Honestly i am new to this online affiliate marketing. have no idea at all. Hoping to get full support from you.
Forever grateful!!
Good morning Tony from here in the heart and soul of New York City. I have something funny & cool to tell you. My niche is a very special instant exotic gourmet tea. It is special because it is a product thst is from the amazon rain forest the selling points is 1 it is so very rich & nutritious and so very satisfying it turns your hair red. Actually a nice strawberry blond color 2 helps u lose weight 3 provides natural energy and heightened mental alertness 4 provides better athletic prrformsncr by 5% 6 has less caffine then regular coffee and green tes 5 sells on ebay and amazon for 10 bucks a jar. 6 id very rich and tasty 7 its like making your own cafe latte only with tea 7 drink hot or cold 8 its is so tasty and yummy my friend the golden mummy even drinks it...........no.........just kidding about thr mummy part. Soooooo...........like what do you think about that? Your thoughts and comments is greatly appreciated.
Hello Tony!
It is very nice to meet you!
Thanks for the follow, happily returning the favor.
I wish you a success on your plans you have, they sound awesome, your son is very lucky to have such a cool dad. Hope you come and visit Croatia, it's really a beautiful place to visit and it has to offer many fun activities and things to do.
God bless you and have a good day! :)

xenaninja Premium
Hi Tony! Thank you for the follow. You have a fascinating profile! I am truly happy for you that you are living your dreams, made possible by your online ventures. As a single parent, this gives me a lot of hope. I am excited to follow in those footsteps really soon ;)
Hi Tony, thanks for the follow, only 2 minutes after signing up and already there's people on here willing to help you! I'll be going through the free training but upgrading as soon as I have completed it. I can't wait to get started and connecting with more people on here :-)

newlive Premium
Hi Tony, first I do apologise I missed your notice when it cam through about 2 months ago, just going through my old emails and saw your..thank you for the follow. Thank you for the story and I am following you back, would like to learn more, so I will be checking up on your sites and reading your posts. Again my apologies ...
joyfuljohn Premium
Hi Tony
Very glad to learn that you have joined the followers of Jesus.
And I know that your travel to New Zealand and Australia and other countries is going to be wonderful too, since I used to go there some years ago.
Can you also send me details of your good programs - I'm 80 years old,but I need a bit of money in my old age.
All the best to you and your family
AnnaHolburn Premium
Hi Tony! Thank's for the follow! I read your profile bio with great interest. It's awesome and has inspired me to flesh mine out a bit more. I also love your drawing! I also do a lot of drawing and painting and I was just wondering if I could incorporate some of my artwork in this way. Thanks for the inspiration! Kindest regards, Anna
DZimbric1 Premium
Hey Tony, just like to say thank you for your service, and it seems like thats service has continued in a new way that God directed you in. I share alot of the same, I'm a 50 year old carpenter with six kids and looking for a way to pay for the weddings of my four girls and so many things that happen in this life, and carpentry is not pulling it! I thank you for your mentorship and expeirence. DZ
harryoh Premium
You are the right person I need to associate with. We have similar likes, dreams and aspirations.
It would be awesome someday reach my dreams of financial independence and travel extensively around the world just like what you are doing. Looking forward to be working with you.
I would be glad to have you as one of my mentors in WA.
What 3 First steps would you recommend a newbie like me to be on the fast track to make my first dollar and learn along the way?

AStoudmire Premium
Thank you for your service to God and this Country! I hope you and your son have a wonderful Memorial Day and that you both enjoy your travels. My husband and I have thought about opening a Christian RV park with a worship center where he can hold service and I can run a Christian book store Mon - sat. My greatest loves are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, my husband and family. I am a missionary, I am happy doing anything I can for the kingdom of God. Helping people in lack is huge on my list and I have an ache in my heart when I hear about someone who does not have clean drinking water or food to feed their family. Tony I would love to take you up on your offer of being a mentor. I am hoping to open the door and get a running start! Thanks again!
RitaV14 Premium
Hi Tony
I read your bio and it is so inspiring. Thank you so much for following me. You are God send in a time like this. I wish you all the best with your son Vance while traveling. I love your plans on a Christian campground to help young people. I appreciate all the help I can get, and I will be following you. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.
Gregor1 Premium
Hey Tony! I’m SO glad that you followed me and made contact! I read your bio and I’m so happy to hear what you’ve said! I would be honored to visit your camping ground once it’s up and running and, Lord willing, by then I’ll be up and running and earning so as to volunteer my time to your efforts there for a time. I too have a son, Callum, who is 18. We left SA in 2016 and moved to Scotland. It’s been so difficult! He has left and gone back to SA. I miss him every day! We have a very close relationship. Anyway I’d really like to take you up on your offer and so I’ll definilty look you up and make contact! I look forward to chatting more.
Hello Tony, you seem to be God sent, just right up my ally, we have lots of fish in Anguilla waters and i will be looking for a fishing buddy in the near future. I have the same dream of purchasing a piece of land in the States a few years from now. I will check out your site and if you could help me build my website I will be more than grateful. I am living in Anguilla now with my wife and three children. All the best to until we speak
Starbound Premium
Hi Tony,

I am new to online marketing, technology & WA's website navigating. As a marketing veteran, I know you can answer a couple of questions for me regarding navigating on this platform.

The bell in the upper right hand corner announces notifications. I know these are from WA members. Are they duplicated in my personal email? How can I have one set of emails from members? How I delete answered replies from members in the notification file?
TonyHamilton Premium

Go to your "Account Settings" by clicking on your picture to the top left my Friend. Then scroll down to and click on "Email Notification Settings" then uncheck the boxes.

Let me know that the above helps answer your question Lovetta,

Starbound Premium
Thank you, :))
Hi Tony, thanks for the follow. Nothing quite like a father / son bond and it sounds like you have a great one! My two older sisters are adopted, so I have some idea what it's like.
Wish you all the best on your travel plans and your Family Christian Campground, sounds awesome!
spau5758 Premium
Hi Tony,
Wow! You have such an incredible profile. Thank you for your service. I am a Navy wife. My husband is retired from the Navy after 23 years of service. We traveled overseas many times over the years. He went to Austrailia once and just loved it. He still talks about it. I wish you all the best in all your ventures. You and your son seem to have a great plan. Enjoy life and the time you spend with others. God gave us everything we need in this life and it is up to us to make it work. It sounds like you are doing a great job of that. Thank you for following me, I will appreciate any and all help that I can get. I will be following you also. God Bless.
BillFletcher Premium
Hello Tony,

Great story. We have a few things in common. I have a 9 year old beautiful girl that we took in when she was 6 months. The little girl is one of the best thing that has happened to us.

I also traveled a lot mostly in the United States, Asia and Europe.

We are planning to take my girl on a Summer long trip around the United States this year then next year Europe and the following year South America mainly Costa Rica and Peru.

By the way, thanks for serving in the Army.

Bill Fletcher
Pooky2017 Premium
hello I have three children and recently just got married and am looking for a way to make money at home online how does this work and how do I generate sales
I want my family to not worry for a while . right now I am stressing out about when my bills will be paid and can I servive for two weeks do you know how to help me by chance?
Thanks for following me. Im following you back. Your profile is so inspirational and your goals are so specific, but most of all, admirable how you aspire to help others.
Its very nice to find other christians everywhere.
Hope to be in touch.

Elimar Cedeno
Far away from Panama
Hello, Tony,
Can you get in contact with Kyle and let him know that JosephGon1 got signed in the wrong and this program has got me at the very beginning as a free starter? Somehow I got signed in under Joseph0267an, If you can let him know this, it would be much appreciated, my friend.
TonyHamilton Premium
I have messaged him for you Joseph, since it is the weekend it may take a while for him to receive and respond.

TenishaG Premium
Fabulous profile, and I am sure that God has work to do with you and your son!!! I have been writing online because I felt the need to minister or write since 2006, however have never consudered making a penny, much less a living until now...so we shall she where it will lead!
ckasefang Premium
HI Tony. Thank you for the follow. Sounds like you have a very active life. It's great you have been able to use the Internet to make it all happej. Sounds like you are living what we all dream about. Good luck in your travels and with your campground.
spankdee Premium
Hi Spank here; Thank you for your service, I am a Vietnam veteran -1965-1972- USAF.Say hi to your son. Sorry about your wife and the boys mother. Being in heaven she's probably online, after all I think it's the biggest internet sites of all.Enjoy reading your posts and do wish you luck in your future quest.
I live in Oregon out side Grants Pass,oh did I mention I live by a lake. Have a good day!
SanParu Premium
Thank Tony for following me,
What a kind of you Tomy. You are a real blessing to people like me. I really appreciate your experience and success in Welathy Affiliate.
You seem to be sincere and generous. I'm praising God for you Tony. Continue the good work. You are on the path to more blessings.
I am so priviledge to have you as a friend, Tony. I wish to see our friendship grows in the near future. I am also looking forward to learn from you Tony. I'm sure you have a lot in store for a new comer like me in WA.
Once again I'm thanking you and wish you and your son best of luck in your endevours.
God bless you, Tony.
lstenpenny Premium
Tony your bio hits home for me..I have a 16 yr old and i lost my soulmate, who was his dad in 2013 as well. Doesnt get any easier you just learn to except it..i have had much loss in my life..my dad who was my idol died 3 months b4 my soulmate..My family is very small now, losing 2 sisters and i am on here to better my life so my 2 boys can be ok when i am no longer around..I am doing this for me but i will be giving it to them for their uncertain future, So my sympathy to you and greatest of luck on your travels with your son...Lisa
Muito feliz em ler sobre os Grandes Projetos com seu filho: Viajar livre e no retorno Construir um espaço com o objetivo maior de ajudar ao próximo.
Sua história de vida nos desperta para o quanto o Bem Maior alegra nosso Ser.
Parabéns por uma vida útil a Deus e aos Irmãos. Obrigada!
Hi Tony
It's a wonder to find a fellow truck driver here. You know exactly how that went... I'm glad to start my new journey in this online marketing business. And I do pray success in the youth campground, kids need to unwind & unplug to really take in the natural beauty around them so that they can appreciate all living things and actually talk, not text; as well as make new friends. Good deal go onward with that & blessing shall continue to follow.
Lukeshelby11 Premium
How amazing!!
I just want to say that God is certainly blessing you!
But you already know that.
I love your ambition and how you have everything planned out.
I’m a week new to WA and a week new to Affiliate Marketing all together. Wealthy Affiliate is such a great place to learn, I can already see that, and I already have two websites up and running but from from perfect. I will most definitely be reaching out to you if that’s ok.
CWilhelm2 Premium
How awesome Tony to meet a christian on social media, I met Christ AT AGE 16 and now am 57 and a Grandma.
I was adopted at 2 weeks old and was blessed with loving christian parents. I was a
barber for 27 yrs, and now I take care of our 4 1/2 acre farm and babysit, we have 6 grandchildren.
I have been married to my loving husband Bart for 12 years and life is good.
Blessings on your trip fellow WA member.
DrFaad Premium
Thank you Tony.

It's quite a pleasure connecting with you.

I see you've spent more time here than i've done, i'm always open to receive helpful tips that has helped you until now.

And kudos for the work done already.

Following you right away

Wishing you greater success in your WA journey
Taresa Premium
Wow Tony, I am excited to meet you. My husband and I, too, are Christians and one of our sites is Standing Firm Products. I plan to blog there and recommend Books, Bible Studies and Movies that I have read and to promote the same. Any thoughts or ideas you have for me would be appreciated.

We have had thoughts of a Christian retreat site near us in Texas too.

Praying for you and your son and that all those things come through for you. To God be the Glory!
KWahid Premium
I have a friend named TONYYY and all I ever get from him is...“BAGS OF POSITIVE ENERGY!!”
Reading your intro Tony was just “wow.” and I’m truly inspired and excited to learn from the best of a seasoned affiliate. Grateful for your interest in followin my journey and I’d be grateful for guidance on progressing through this programme (with success of course!)

Right now it’s a minefield of info and if you wouldn’t mind Tony, I’d like assistance as and when I will inevitably come unstuck. My first q- how do I access all the messages members have been sending me. I’m getting the email notifications however, when I’m on my profile, I just can’t see it.

Thanks for your time Tony!!
CandP Premium
Thanks for following us Tony. Having travelled to, and worked in, many different countries we are very excited for you and Vance and your world tour next year. We are new to internet marketing but are excited by the opportunities offered by this great WA program. Best, Colette and Philip.
RegularJoe Premium
Hey there Tony, thanks for the follow. Loved your bio. You're a good man. I'm from NZ now living Australia and they're both beautiful amazing countries. So you and Vance are gonna love the first leg of your World Tour in 2019. I'm brand new to the WA community and am looking forward to exciting journey ahead. Take care. Joe.
MikeJ214 Premium
Thanks for the follow Tony AKA The Marketing Veteran! There’s something spiritual about you I can’t place it ;) But God bless you and your son and I hope to one day be able to to do the traveling you both are getting ready to do In a years time. I’m going to have to take you up on that free mentorship though once I get up & going. I really want to make online entrepreneurship my main source of income and have that freedom you have. Here’s to your continued success & stay blessed…
Hi there Tony.

Thanks for following me even though there are much better people that you could help than me. If you do have the time and its no inconvenience to you could you possible help me create a website somewhen today.

I have done the training and its still a little confusing. I know what I want my niche to be I just need some development from an expert.

I am only trying to earn enough money to support my family financially and any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
TonyHamilton Premium

you've only been here less than 2 days my Friend so there is no way that you've already completed the training.

My best advice is for you to restart the training at the beginning and take it step by step & not going on to the next lesson until you have the current lesson learned.

There are places to ask questions at each lesson so ask your questions there George, I or another one of the amazing members here at the WA community will answer your specific question then and there my Friend.

Hey Tony,
Thanks for the follow.
You and I share a lot in common.
I retired from the military and have always wanted to travel some too.
I'm just getting started with WA, and can't wait to become debt free so that we can start to travel. With this biz, I guess we could operate anywhere.
By the way, love your The Marketing Veteran title!
TonyHamilton Premium
Wonderful Cecil,

great to meet you my Veteran Friend.

WA is an amazing place to learn and earn, I've been a member since June 2015 and don't ever plan to leave.

Talk with you soon Cecil,

Hi Tony, thanks for welcoming me and I love all the things you want to do. I’m modest on what I tell people what my goals are, but you make me feel like it’s ok to dream big, so I will too. I look forward in you mentoring and leading me in the right direction. Thank you again, Stay blessed.
jellybean50 Premium
Hi Toni and son Tanks so much for the follwing!!
Wow, your story if your life up to today was mavelously interesting to say the least very admiralable of you and your wife to adopt a child in need then only to scarifice her lost for which i send my deepest prayers to you and your son for I know you guys truly miss her. Your idea of opening a godly camp ground seems to be a path god will eventually put you there when the time is right. one only have one life to live in this life time and god did so go out and be propurious on land for which he gave us, so yes, enjoy the world while you get adventures have alot to offer you as well as ou have to offer it. God be with ou in your journey. yes, i would love to have amentor which spiitual believe to guode me int my final career adventure in my life, at 58 and having ran to companys and supervised in Homedepot for 8 yrs as well as help raisd 7 chidren to keep them togehter and nearly meet my maker but i am still living and kicking but a single women know looking to mske a diference in this world, money doesnt buy us happiness it only help us to survive and enjoy life better but that enjoyment shold be shared with world and that what i have been trying ti do since 2005. finally i found a trusting and honest company to help me meet my passionate goals in this life. your mentoing will be gratly appreciated.
thanks for the bottom of my heart for our story was breath taking.
TonyHamilton Premium
You are welcome Dorothy-Marie and thank you so much my Friend.

Your story is so inspiring as well and very interesting indeed, talk with you soon Dorothy-Marie.

JIllW Premium
Tony, can you please advise me on how to start a group on facebook and twitter as I am unsure or can you tell me where to get the guidance to move on this. I hope you and your son are doing well and Happy Easter. God Bless Jill Whiting
TonyHamilton Premium
Hi Jill,

Look to the right and near the bottom my Friend.

There you will find a facebook group that has about 5,000 Members.

Happy Easter and God Bless You as well Jill,

Frannykins Premium
Hi Tony , I am new here and already have started a blog which I plan to add products to sell from Amazon. But at the moment would like to have more information on what affiliate programs we can get good commissions from my goal is to make $2000 a week . I am retired so I can put as much time in as I need to to make my goal and a few dreams come to pass.
jellybean50 Premium
Hello Franny
go to amazon scrol down to the bottom and click on there afflitiate program you wont regret it.
Animist Premium
You’re an inspiring guy, Tony! Thanks for sharing your story and for remaining so positive and benevolent in the face of such loss and for supporting myself and so many others in actualising our own dreams. All the best along your journey, I look forward to learning from and sharing with you in the future. Wishing you a beautiful, sunny day (:
Anna34 Premium
Omg! I love your story! Children are our legacy. Who doesn't love babies, right? Life can be sometimes very ungair and cruel, but after low tide always comes hige tide. I am just wondering if I can be as patient like you with startup and helping kids who need help.

Take care,
jscotty Premium
Hi Tony. Thank you for the follow and welcoming me to the WA community. This is a great site with so much to offer. I'm sure to learn a great deal from you and many others here. I hope to reciprocate as I become more skilled in internet marketing.

All the best!
050AJE Premium
Tony, continued success is my prayer for you as well. Thank you for your daily prayers for all of us. God is an awesome provider. I look forward to learning and sharing in your success. I am open to receive any directives you can offer. Again, thanks for your prayers. Happy Thursday! Alene
gilliank Premium
Wow Tony! Thank you for the message. I see your list of accomplishments and am in awe. Your post is encouraging and I am feeling excited about the WA community. I too have a child, she is 15 years old. She is truly one of the great lights in my life!

I am going to follow you on here and look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your service. To the Country, your family, and to God.
IngoHoffmann Premium
Hi, Tony

I just would like to share my first success here with you and the 'Wealthy Affiliate' Community, if you don't mind?

If you have seen it already, I'm sorry to have bothered you again. ;-)

I just simply love that place here and I am sure, I can learn A LOT more, as I did already to succeed my new online marketing business.

Thank you guys, for all the help I got so far, to improve my new Website and that's the result so far ;-)

I hope, I will find soon some time, to check out more about your Profile and business success.

I am very open to any comments, advice or critics, please leave a comment here and on my Website.

You are also, very welcome to add me on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteadicamProduction

Enjoy my two new Blogs:

All the best,
Ingo Hoffmann (Venerable Nanda)

JDwyer1 Premium
Hi Tony,
Thanks for taking notice and following. My wife works in foster care and with families that are trying to adopt and I have seen first hand what a selfless and caring action this is. You truly must have a huge heart. I will be following you to see how all the travels go, especially the fishing parts. New Zealand is up on the top of my list as well. We have a dream of creating a non-profit that provides an opportunity for at risk youth to travel to different places in the world and give them some perspective of this world outside of the tough lives they have experienced. I wish you the best.
Thanks again,
Hey Tony..I have an issue with a firewall or Virus Protection...its called BullGuard and it wont let me access my own website because is listed as a hosting websight..so do I have to delete it to get onto my sight?? I hope you can help since your the Marketing Veteran!..lol I just purchased this not a week ago and would hate to lose the 33 bucks for nothing..please if you can answer my question I would so appreciate it!!
SerenitySwan Premium
Hello, thanks for following me. I followed you back. I would love to live in new Zealand. Me and a few friends are talking about how we would love to move there and live together in a community. It is a beautiful country. I would also love to travel the world too. Best of luck with the Christian campground project. Sounds amazing. I would love to make money online so that I could be in a position to be of more help or service to people...in the sense of a community I mean and altruistic projects.
edlink Premium
Hi Tony
A quick hello to you. I'm new with WA and had been reading other people's post to get to know this community. I read some of your posts and wanted to let you know that I'm very inspired to chase my dream. I thank God for putting this new opportunity in my life and are very excited to some day be able to find financial freedom to have more quality time for my family. Learning , sharing and helping other people bring us more blessings into our life.
camigarc1 Premium
Helllo Tony,

I hope the day is going well for you! I just published my first blog post. I would really appreciate it if you dropped a comment on my blog or gave me some feedback on how I could improve. Here is the blog post:


Thank you & to more success,

Camille Garcia
CarmenAlfaro Premium
Hi Tony,

I really hope you are able to buy a beautiful piece of land for your Family Christian Campground. That is an awesome goal to have! It's also my wish to one day buy a big piece of land. I want to create a place of peace and harmony where people can come to relax and meditate. Today is my first day here, I'm having a great time meeting so many nice people. Take care :-)
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Susanlily Premium
wow! what a profile, i look forward to the christian camp ground in the united states, and i pray all your desires comes through in Jesus Name, i could really use your wealth of experience to build my online business, ive never made money online and i have been trying for sometime now,i really need financial breakthrough right now,
its a pleasure meeting you Tony
Susanlily Premium
wow! what a profile, i look forward to the christian camp ground in the united states, and i pray all your desires comes through in Jesus Name, i could really use your wealth of experience to build my online business, ive never made money online and i have been trying for sometime now,i really need financial breakthrough right now,
its a pleasure meeting you Tony
ChrisYesYes Premium
Wooowww Tony! Your bio is such an encouragement! My wife and I also have dreams of travelling and doing ministry all around the world and I know, thanks to seeing your success, that we will see it become a reality. This is awesome :D. God bless you and your son
OraCharoite Premium
Hi Tony, any tips on how someone organizes their time (especially when you have a teenager...something I don't have lol), I've never been great at being consistent, I only use Facebook and hardly keep up with that, but how does someone keep up with all social media platforms, interact here on WA, blog, and work on your own websites, marketing and responding to customers...do most people have assistants, virtual or physical? How do you prioritize what you are going to spend your time on each day etc...thanks in advance :)
Tony, I really like your profile. I did something similar with my son a few years back when he graduated high school. We went to a buccaneer game in tampa. I hope you and your son the best trip possible. It will be a memory to talk about for a long time. I look forward to viewing your posts.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Tony, It was great to get to know you through your profile. I am sure you will be greatly blessed in all your plans for the future. Enjoy your travels, don't forget Africa.They sound great and will benefit so many. I am very new in Affiliate Marketing as have recently become VA to my wonderful (very patient) daughter Lauren Kinghorn. I am so looking forward to learning all I can on this journey. Thank you for being a blessing to others. Kind regards, Jill