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May 09, 2013
I am just curious is 7 days enough time for someone that is new to our wonderful community to get to be familiar with everything on there profile page! To be honest when I started it took me 7 days just to get thru the starter course 1 before I even started exploring the rest of my page, but then I do have a full time job I work 12 hours shifts 4 days a week. But then know there is another course starters can do after this one it is the bootcamp course 1. I feel if they do not get familiar with
April 14, 2013
Why am I getting this every time I click on my google+ button to share my post+1 button errorsIf the +1 button is unavailable or has stopped working, you'll see this image:
April 02, 2013
I got my first WA premium sign-up from one of my invites today. Nice I am jazzed, but just one thing how can I tell which one of them signed up. To see if they meet my bonus sign-up criteria
March 10, 2013
Just wanted to share that my post I completed late last night is ranked #2 on the first page of Google search. Working Home Online.
March 06, 2013
I just noticed. That I have the best ranking anyone could ask for 69.....
February 12, 2013
I am just curious what do I need to do to get a Author Rank in Street Articles mine is still at "0" and it makes me sad. Cause I have successfully posted 16 articles without any rejections until yesterday but got that one I fixed it and re posted and it posted today.
February 05, 2013
I am so excited I have gotten a website on the first page for my very first time also just posted a new article pertaining to it on Street Articles would love it if everyone stopped to read both and share with there friends. Spread the love for this wonderful holiday. Cause I will be enjoying this holiday with my very own love of my life.thanks to all the training I got here on WA this is a wonderful place to
January 25, 2013
WA training certification is awesome every step I go through is one step closer to what I have my expectations set on. I have spent a lot of money on a lot of Marketing Gurus and they are no comparison to what Carson and Kyle has set up here for free to start with and a minimal cost to set up as many websites you have your heart set on each and every month. If anyone is procrastinating weather they should go premium or not, do not hesitate do it now. Thanks guys you are awesome.
January 11, 2013
Hello everyone this is my first blog since I have joined WA. I would like to thank everyone that I have invited to follow me by excepting my invite. I have been busy setting up my new website which has been real fun and exciting. I would also like to thank Carson and Kyle for putting up such a fantastic program it is teaching me more then I could have gotten from any them so called internet guru's. All of my followers that have joined recently please follow the courses to the letter and y