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September 20, 2013
As you guys probably already know I do not blog that much on here. But I finally got a chance to check my WA promoting websites rankings today and to my surprise I have very good news. Out of 23 post of Internet Marketing Reviews I have 17 of them on first page, 5 are on the 2nd page, and 1 is on the 3rd page of Google search engine. WOOT! I am not bragging I just want to let everyone now that it does take time to get there so keep up the hard work and keep creating great content and we can all
September 10, 2013
Promote WA, If everyone here at WA right now started promoting WA by going to Bootcamp and learn all that Kyle and Carson are trying to teach us we could get rid of all the assholes out here that are ripping off people and getting rich off of all the newbies out here trying to make ends meet. You guys should have noticed lately that Google has helped us out a lot by getting rid of the assholes that used the backlinks to promote there products to the first page. But now it is all about writing a
September 02, 2013
I would just like to let all my followers know, but I am sure a lot of them already know this.But I like to get to the point very quick. Thats where the saying comes from short and to the point with me. I hear from a lot of newbies that have joined here at WA that they are having a few problems about getting there articles published. I know there is a 30 in 30 reward going on that is great it teaches you how to write without copying and pasteing someone elses work that Google will pick up when
August 29, 2013
To all my newly signed up referrals and anyone else that is new here Or new to Internet marketing should take a look at this new training that just came out.
August 23, 2013
Thanks to Carson and Kyle for coming up with this awesome training program called. Bootcamp it has advanced my knowledge of Internet marketing light years ahead of all the shinny objects that is being offered by these so called Guru's that offers you the world in less then 30 days. There is no way anyone can learn this business in less then 30 days no matter which way you choose to go. I started out with bootcamp when it was first rolled out by WA, as on today I have 204 referral sign ups with
August 23, 2013
Here is a email I just received from Google that everyone would like to read about online retail sales. Enjoy Tommy
June 30, 2013
This is the second time in my life I have reached the BIG 50 the first time was about 7 and a half years ago when I became 50 years young. But as of today i have reached another mile stone which is my 50th sign-up for WA. I am looking forward to many more to come. Thank you Carson and Kyle for creating such a wonderful place for people to be able to learn and become all they can in this internet world that is so saturated with such scum that enjoys sucking out the very life we all live forward t
May 16, 2013
I have been real busy lately. Did I miss something there is no live chat on my side bar menu anymore.
May 14, 2013
If anyone is interested here is a mug shot and names on a lot of the internet spammers or scammers
May 13, 2013
Can anybody let me know how I can Change the site background color on pageline - platform theme?