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Last Update: October 27, 2013

Hello all my friends and followers I have been really busy the last 3 days researching and createing 3 new post for my Wealthy Affiliate Promotional website. I think they have came out pretty good I was just wondering if everyone can take a look at them and tell me what they think, I would love your critiques, please leave a comment if you want on the site also share if you want and I will do the same for you.

We are all here to help each other out and I very much enjoy helping out each and everyone of you so please do not hesitate to ask me about anything you might be stuck on I am here to help. It might take me a few to get get back to you Mon - Thursday due to work but when I stop my truck I do check and answer questions.




This is not a solicitation so ignore any and all adds on my sites. Also for the newbies go ahead and check out how I format my and outline my promotional pages and feel free to use the same outline for your self but please no copying. This has worked for me for quite awhile now.

Have a wonderful day and God Bless all


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donhood Premium
Good reviews, all. I was a coffee shop millionaire once. Well not the millionaire part but I did go to a coffee shop. Thanks for your fight against the dark side of IM!
DavidCortez Premium
Thanks for sharing.
tommydillard Premium
Your welcome
DavidCortez Premium
kws123 Premium
Hey Tommy, left comments on all three, good reviews.
tommydillard Premium
Thank you very much and I responded to all three and left some on your site also.
BIS Premium
Hi Tommy. You've been hard at work. Well done.

A couple of points

1. Spacing. I find the spacing on all three pages just too wide between points - to the point of being off putting and quite difficult to keep reading.

2. Fast Business Cash Overview- The opening paragraph is quite confusing. It sounds like a sales pitch from you - not just the sales pitch that they give and I found that strange. (That's not the case on your other two pages so I would relook at it.

3. Paragraphs - some of these would benefit from splitting and making them easier to read. You have good stuff but it can occasionally just feel heavy going just because some of them in my view are too long.

Feel free to ignore everything I've said. Just a personal view.

tommydillard Premium
Thank you very much I take critiques very well and I will take a look at what you pointed out again thank you