Wealthy Affiliate to End - Kyle and Carson are off their rockers!

Last Update: March 09, 2018

Is it the end of Wealthy Affiliate?

How can a platform offer so many options in training and support and not cost a fortune? I have seen other internet marketing platforms offer business making training and web development for monthly costs like $249 or $199 etc.

Wealthy Affiliate does it for $49 per month and if you go yearly you only pay $359 and if you sign up on Black Friday its only $299 for a year. Where else would you get this package for $25 per month?

What do you get for your $49- $25?

  • Hosting : 25 websites plus 25 siterubix all hosted on top of the range servers fully optimized to work with wordpress, secured and backed up.

  • Domain Purchasing : Buy through the platform and keep everything secure makes the process simpler

  • Training : 5 regular training courses to get your first website up and running from the first steps right through to making money and beyond. Then 7 bootcamp courses to build a website promoting wealthy affiliate and make money as an affiliate. Weekly Live Webinars from Jay on all aspects on internet marketing, live questions and answers sections so you can ask the guru those troubling questions.

  • Support : Classrooms for each course where you can ask on problems as you work through the training, live chat where members hang out and answer questions all day long, support tickets to ask the backroom staff with technical questions on your website and of course your own blog posts within WA where you can talk about anything related to the platform.

  • Community : Many ways to make new friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Follow members who are here a while or just joined and make new friends. See who's active in live chat and offers good advice then follow. As you grow other members will follow you and so builds your network.

  • Jaaxy : One of the Best Keyword tools around to make searching for keywords simple, the free version with your membership offers unlimited searches for keywords...how cool is that? There are loads more under the hood of this tool to make it worth the monthly fee alone.

  • Site Content : An editor built into the platform to write wonderful content that you can publish direct to your website. Set up templates to use again and again, insert optimized images and spell and grammar check your content. Again all right here in WA.

  • Site Comments : A place to give and receive comments' on your blog, great for SEO. You can offer comments' to gain credits to use for comments' on your own website or buy credits to use on your website. You have the ability to accept or reject the comments' given.

  • Site Feedback : A place to get feedback on your website structure, style and content. Important for beginners who are not sure of navigation structures of layout of their website. Nice to see things improve over time.

  • Members blog roll : Your own blog roll where you can post your own thoughts and questions about things concerning your progress. Now its got a face lift and includes the same tools as the Site Content tool. You have access to the image library and formatting options to produce nicer blog posts.

  • Kyle & Carson : If your not satisfied that WA has all the bells and whistles already then having access to the founders has to do it. You can ask questions from the 2 guys who dreamed up this platform and their years of experience in marketing on the web. You see them regularly in live chat, usually a training post goes out weekly and a few blog posts and they keep us up to date and anything new within WA.

Conclusion - OK my title is a bit misleading WA is far from ending the platform gets better and better with each passing week. With more than a million signed up members it is only getting stronger. The tools available to members is amazing and unprecedented, there are no other places that offer the same package for this amount of money.

Kyle and Carson may well be off their rockers but only in that their attention to detail, their passion to pass on what they have learned and their need to see other members succeed and grow is beyond that of normal folks. Well done guys!

I for one am happy I found this place and I encourage you too to sign up if not already done and use the platform to build an online business you can be proud of.

Regards Mark

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GomMagtibay Premium
It's the end of the competitors! lol
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Hey Gomer, I agree there is nothing like it anywhere else.
zander7429 Premium
I would have to agree, WA is a game change.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Hey Brooke, keep following the training and I'm sure you can make life changes for you and your little boy.

Having two myself I know how important it is to provide for them.

Have a good day!
skendrick4 Premium
If Kyle and Carson are nuts, then we cannot let on because we are profiting from their disability.
Personally, I think they are crazy like foxes. They are very clever and very decent.
Thank you for reminding us of the value we have found.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Love it Sheila, "Crazy like Foxes"

You have a good day!
RoopeshG Premium
I agree with you Mark, with all the stuff we get here, you would think that K and C are gone nuts!

It's true value for money that we are getting here at WA.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Value for money on steroids Roopesh, you as a pharmacist will know what that means.
StPaul Premium
WA is Awesome...
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Sure is Paul.