Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate under the one roof!

Last Update: December 12, 2017

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate has just gotten easier. The platform that is the number one place to work as an affiliate marketer has just become outstanding.

Jaaxy the go to keyword tool for many marketers is now under the Wealthy Affiliate roof.

You get an idea for a keyword and rather than go off and log in to jaaxy you can search for it right there in the WA dashboard.

A Jaaxy Lite Account now FREE with WA!

Wealthy Affiliate did have a keyword tool built in and it did a decent enough job for those starting out not having the cash to buy another tool. I used it in the past and got my websites up and started.

However now Jaaxy is the built in keyword tool, Even as a starter member at WA you get the starter edition of Jaaxy so you can search for keywords to get you up and running before you need to upgrade the WA account.

Even then you can still keep the free Jaaxy Lite edition as part of the WA platform as a WA premium member. That in itself is a saving on a two account setup as before.

The Jaaxy Pro version currently the most popular is still only $19 when a member here at WA. If not it would cost you $49 that's a huge saving over the year money you can spend on content creation etc.

Keyword research just got easier.

I have had loads of times when I was working through training or getting involved in the discussions or help sections when an idea popped into my tiny brain.

Instead of the usual clicking away to another tab and doing a spot of searching on the Jaaxy platform I can now do it right here.

As you can see from the image the results come right back in the search form. I didn't scroll the whole way down this is just the top 10 results shown. Anything in green GREAT is pretty much OK to pursue further.

OK to do more searching you need to hit the button at the bottom to view the full report but hey at least a quick search can tell you if there is something more to see and dig into further.

As many of you will know keyword research is time-consuming so any little help we can get is time we can use to create content, socially engage etc and time well worth having.

Another reason to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

So there we have it the Wealthy Affiliate platform has just got better. If you are any one of these,

  • A website owner
  • A blogger
  • Looking to make a passive income
  • Retired with time to work at a new hobby
  • In the e-commerce section
  • A bricks and mortar business owner looking to get online
  • A stay at home mum with a few spare hours a week (mums, "free time what's that")
  • Been laid off and need a new direction

then you need to look closer at the benefits of becoming a member here. You will learn everything you need to become successful online and have all the tools to do it.

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baoguozhou Premium
Does video tutorial have Chinese subtitles? My English is not good enough to understand.
seesy62 Premium
Very useful update , I'll save this page
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Hey Sam its one of the best updates we have had since I joined.
eosegueraf Premium
You are right Mark!
With Jaaxy WA grew even better. Thank you to Kyle, Carson and their team!
Greetings from México.
seesy62 Premium
Yes Indeed
tommo1968 Premium Plus
My sentiments exactly. The best just got better.