Last Update: March 28, 2019

Hi, there everyone,

My little rant here today is about, and will mainly be in the interests of recent new members to WA.

If you have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, and are setting up your websites as per the training; Then this will interest you.

Premium members not only have access to purchase .com websites but, also can use

With, they are free to members to use. Furthermore, the only difference between them, .com you have full ownership while with the you have control but not full ownership.

Now, this is where it can become a little tricky; When you have written content and intend using as your URL, here are some simple rules that will assist with the authorising your site with Google Console and Bing Webmaster. First, register with Google Analytics, as that helps with auto verification on the other two.

Registering with Google Console, within the registration page you are asked to enter your URL. Moreover, this is what you need to do: and that will automatically register your site. Repeat the same procedure with Bing Webmaster and the same will apply.

I understand that quite a lot of long term members will already have known this, but, it is something newer members won't be aware, as to what they need to do, because more likely than not they'll try registering as .com, and it will not get recognised.

Additionally, you can convert your to a .com site at any time that suits, but, of course, that will attract the regular registration fee.

I hope this has been helpful to those who were unaware of the requirement.


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Jocelyn30 Premium
Wow great input to newbie like me thank Tom
kmer6 Premium
Great of you Tom to help new members here on the complexities of getting connected to Google. Sometimes verification can be an ordeal to complete. I, for one, use my siterubix site as a testing ground for different themes, plugins, etc. I would rather find out on my test site whether a plugin will work on my site without breaking it. Thank you for sharing.
Babou3 Premium
Thanks for this useful post!

Have a nice day!
RAFStuart Premium
Most useful.

phil1944 Premium
They also need to be aware that while myspiffydomain may be available as a SiteRubix sub-domain (because no one else in WA is using it) it may not be available as, because then they are competing with the rest of the world.

That might come as a nasty surprise when they want to move from a free to a paid domain.