Parenting And Biological Relationship

Last Update: May 07, 2016

Parenting Refers to the Aspects of Raising a Child Aside from the Biological Relationship

Parenting or Child rearing what is the process of promoting and supporting the physical - emotional - social - financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

The most common caretaker in parenting are the biological parent/parents of the child. However in certain circumstances there may well be others, such as, older siblings, immediate family, grandparents or a legal guardian, including Governments and or societies who may also have a role in the child rearing.

There are such instances of orphaned or abandoned children who require parental care and are non-parent blood relations. Other children may be adopted, raised in foster care or placed in an orphanage.

Usually parenting skills will vary, however a parent with good parenting skills in most cases will be referred as a good parent.

A well known English Pediatrician and psychoanalyst, described the concept of "Good Enough" parenting in which a minimum of prerequisites for a healthy child development are met.

The "Good-Enough" mother usually starts off with an almost complete adaption to her infant's needs. As time goes by she adapts a less and less approach, gradually and according to the infant's growing ability helps her deal with her failure.

Characteristics that make a good or a "Good Enough" parent vary from individual to individual, and additionally, research has supported that parental history in both terms of attachment of varying qualities as well as parental psychopathology, particularly in the wake of adverse experiences, which can adversely influence parental sensitivity and child outcomes

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bryanshipley Premium
I suspect the lack of comments here is because you haven't really tied it into WA as such. It is a difficult subject. This looks like it would be better as a blog post on your site, for comment, rather than here.
For what its worth I think it would make a good starting point for discussion on a blog site.
Its true that parenting is not always best done by parents. I have many times heard people say to me over the years that an aunty or grand parent brought them up more than their own parents, for whatever reason, and they are not the worse for it.
Bottom line is if a child feels loved and appreciated by someone, that is what matters more than anything to the child.
As for the degree to which any of us are good or bad parents, I am sure books have already been written on that subject.
TomHayes1 Premium Plus
Hi there Bryan,
Thank you for your constructive comments which I have noted. You are absolutely 100% correct it makes for a good blog. The only point being I listed it into my blog post before listing within WA. The thought behind me putting on to WA was in some sort of way, members curiousity would be aroused and some would take a look. The theory behind that was so that I can receive some comments on that one topic, but also receive comments on my other post. I'm sure you can now understand why I listed on WA.
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