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July 19, 2018
Dear fans and readers,After so many positive replies about my last uplifting post for you, which you can find here:You Only Have One Life!I like to help you with this post to overcome the question how you can get started.Todays topic:The Power of The Mind!Did you know that there is much more power to your mind as what you think? Your mind is the key to your success. Mastering your mind is what we are going to talk about today. Your mind is what steers your life, what you are doing on a daily ba
July 18, 2018
Dear fans and readers,As you could have read in my previous blog here: I got struck by a cold/flue I am recovering from it while I write. And that brings me to today's topic:You Only Have One Life!This message is to all of you who are doubting theirselves in what they are doing and why they are here, yes even here in Wealthy Affiliate.Don't as there is no reason to!Do you want to wait till you are giving you last breath away?Do you want to wait till others tell you, you should go on?Do you want
Dear fans and readers,What do you do or what would you do if you all the sudden are not able to take care of your internet business you are building?Has anyone of you ever thought of that? The reason I write this, is that Mr. Flue and Mr. Cold came to my home and gave me a visit. So since yesterday I am really sick and no that means no computer time, it is bed time and I am sleeping a lot. Now I am up and doing a bit better than yesterday, but as we say, I cannot be too long behind the pc and w
Dear fans and readers,Todays topic: Google Like a Pro! How To Search in Google? 12 Tips Training!Whenever you search you can use different methodics to search much faster and presizer. This will save you a lot of time to get your results you are looking for.To learn this it is very easy. I found an awesome training here within Wealthy Affiliate of a former successful member who is back at Wealthy Affiliate. I like you all to have a look at it. I am convinced you all are going to like it.His tea
Dear fans and readers,Due to a massive amount of workload, I was off Wealthy Affiliate the last 2 days, this weekend I will catch up and answer all your replies you left on my blog posts. Thank you so much for all your support you have been giving me!Todays topic: Why You Should Live Stream With Facebook! Many of you might think Youtube is the way to go to get your videos out there. Well they have the biggest audience on the planet, but how about live streaming? If you have already many followe
Dear fans and readers,Be aware, a new Scammer is making their way through social media to get your hard earned money. Let me introduce you to following Scammer, who is trying to get to my money. Now if you people want, we can play the game and together formulate an answer to this Scammer, which I will post and get back to you with the answer.In this way we all can learn how Scammers work and see scams much faster in the future.This is the first step: they are trying to get in contact with you,
Dear fans and readers,One of our reporters sighted a clown in our town, is it the famous clown we are looking for to get the special clown juice from? It is said it has special abilities. You can read more about that in our latest Topic News Edition here: anyone has sighted the "clown" we are looking for, please reply as soon as possible in the comments section below.Google News! Increase Your Traffic!So let's get to todays bonus
July 12, 2018
Dear fans and readers,Todays topic: 86400 Seconds!What does this title tell you? Curious what it means? Then quickly open and read this post if you have not done so yet, or you might miss out seconds of your life to read what it is all about. 86400 Seconds! (no this is not a repeating title, say what? Repeating words? Yes, because they are important!)86400 Seconds!Wow now look at that, my first H1 header in a Wealthy Affiliate blog post. Yes with longer headers H3 is the last resort to get a bi
Dear fans and readers,Do you love to pay taxes? If governments need money, no way is too short to come up with new ideas to tax the people. In todays topic we talk about that.Taxing Social Media! A New Tax Sees Daylight!Say what? Yes you read it right! Uganda has created the first Social Media Tax to tax it's citizens for the use of any social media platform.No matter which platform they visit, per platform per day the citizens have to pay 0.05$!Will other countries follow? Do you think it is j
Dear fans and readers,Do you know Google? Yes, you all will say.Do you know what Google is? Yes you all will say.Did you know that Google has much more to offer as only a search engine? No?The World of Google! 20 Useful Tools!Google has many tools you may not know of and these can come in handy for your business, are you ready? Here we go:1. Google KeepGoogle Keep comes as a part of your Google account and let's you organize your favorite webpages, web quotes, images and video links.2. Google T