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Dear fans and readers,Although I love to help people and with that I mean you my fans and readers, I must stand down for a while as I have too much ongoing to take care off. I have a lot to do in the next months to come to improve and build my business, so there is no time left to spend a tremendous amount of time to help here out.That doesn't mean I won't be here anymore, it just means I cannot spend time on everything, I tried to grow myself a second head and 2 more arms, but the product I to
Dear fans and readers,Wow look at that, I got over 5000! That is a lot isn't it? Is 5000 a magic number? What is it standing for? How did I get over 5000? Is it good or is it bad? Did I manage well? And what to do if you go over 5000? Well many things, many funny things and many less funny things. Sometimes it can shock you to know you went over 5000. Is it a number that shows it is quite a lot.Everyone normally loves a high number, money is probably the first thing everyone is thinking off, ye
Dear fans and readers,here a short update of another well planned attack to crash your i-Phone.. If you are the proud owner of an i-Phone and you are using it for your business, you better go in hiding mode as a new CSS attack is getting to you near soon.Researcher Found CSS CodeA reasearcher found a simple CSS code to execute the attack and it will crash your i-Phone and reboot it. This CSS code can be planned on a website and if you enter it, let's say through a link, your i-Phone will react
Dear fans and friends,Yay, today is a special day, this as I received a special badge for helping taking down a photo thief on Pinterest! This is great news, as it shows we can fight back against those who think it is funny to steal our photos!I wonder what is going on in the minds of those people, who believe everything you see on Pinterest is free for the taking. Haha wrong thinking, my story how I have taken down that thief for good!I am a Copyright Ninja!For my efforts helping out, I receiv
Dear fans and readers,Did you notice the sudden drop in followers too? How many followers did you lose today? Wait you were affected eventually and you were taken down too? Google has started another purge to take down accounts who do not follow up their guidelines!For any business owner, this is serious and you do not want to fall for the purge, which Google is initiating once in a while to take everyone down, who is not following their guidelines.Are You a Rule Breaker?So before you sign up,
Dear fans and friends,With this blogpost I like to start up a series of discussions and help each other to find culprits on our website causing it to be too slow.I have signed up with some workgroups in Facebook and will share my experience here with you.A slow website is an issue many of us are coping with and we surely like to know why and what we can do about it.Slowness can have many causes, bad programmed plugins and themes can cause slowness, but how do you find them?Query Monitor! Checks
August 29, 2018
Dear fans and readers,Have you ever been on a gold hunt? Looking to find gold? You can find gold in many different places and it can be fun, when you find it. You can go for gold shopping, buying your favorite jewelry made out of gold, but you can also go on a mining trip and filter out gold through the water. Has anyone done that of you?Today I was searching for virtual gold. While I am still waiting for the answer from our Site Support resolving a technical server issue that causes crawler er
Dear fans and readers,It is done, yes, I did it, I extended with another year premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate. After my recent launch of my new website, now the real journey begins. The platform offers all we need to build our dream in reality.It is a no brainer to me to continue membership as there is so much offered here that you will always find useful ideas and teachings to implement and to build your website out to a successful income generating place.So now year 2 starts. I am o
Dear fans and readers,Does speed matter? Some say yes, some say no! What do you say? Should our website be as fast as possible. Do you check your speed once in a while, or only if you notice it is slow all the sudden? Like me, who noticed that last night and also this morning, my website is extremely slow. Where does that come from all the sudden?I didn't change anything, so what do you do? Well I remembered some posts from the past from some community members to use GTMetrix, as apparently it
Dear fans and readers,After one week being online with my website, I have the first Google Analytics Results with the visitor and sessions information. I like to analyze this and discuss it with you.I have to add, that the website still needs improvements, content mistakes, more content needs to be posted to categories being empty, some links that are not setup correctly and from what I discovered, the sitemap is not uploaded to Google yet and the Robot.tx contains invalid entries. Furthermore