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Hello everyone,What works more appealing for our readers, photos or graphics, from small to medium?With graphics I mean everything that is not a real photo, often to be found in icons, vectors and so on.These can look very good. But I ask myself, what is better to use in our business?When should we use photos and when should we use graphics?What ar you using? Leave your comments below.Stefan, ToLiNoLi
Dear fans and readers,As you probably know, I love WA and I also include it to promote it in my niche, so I fall under point 2 below, so I am curious now.Who of you promotes WA? And are you a Bootcamper or are you making it a part of your business?1) WA only2) Mixed, WA includedIf you do not promote WA, please let us know why.Stefan, ToLiNoLi
Dear fans and readers,Free Icons for Everyone!Do you want some awesome free flat one colour icons?YeeeesDo you want some awesome free full colour icons?YeeeesDo you want 149.904 total free icons?YeeeesWell then check this link to get your free icons:https://www.iconsdb.comI thought I share this one with you as the icons are really cool and free of use for private and commercial use, please check their terms and conditions.Enjoy, your friend and fan,Stefan, ToLiNoLi :))
Dear fans and readers,Latest update from the WordPress front about Gutenberg. It is announced to come out on the 27th of November this year.What is your opinion on Gutenberg? I think it is sluggish and slower in use, since when is it useful to do extra mouse clicks on actions to perform? That means loss in time for us the designers and developers, bloggers out there.Gutenberg is based on mobile use, but how many out there of you use a mobile for website design and blogging? I for that part am u
Dear fans and readers,Ever heard of the term Cross-Domain Tracking? This is a very useful way of telling Google you have 2 or more websites that are related to eachother and will increase your ranking of those websites as Google will see that they belong together.Now on what do you need to think if we talk about Cross-Domain? If your website consists of more sub-domains or domains that are somehow a part of your main website:Shopping / CatalogueForumPinterest clone websiteOther ways of connecte
Dear fans and readers,Life is Life!You know that sentense right? Life can bring you many pleasures, but it can also cause you bumps and re-directions to follow your path to destiny. That last happened to me and I got off course and had to find my way back. That is not always easy and these things happen all for a reason. Especially when you grow and you know by heart what you do is right and it is your destiny. The Universe gives you lessons to learn and while you grow, you need to go through t
November 01, 2018
Dear fans and friends,Please be informed there is a FaceBook Hoax going around, where someone of your friends might send you a message through messenger. You can ignore it as it is a hoax.A hoax is similar to fake news, so the story is not true and only there to make fun of you and spam your friends and followers with this content, probably to frighten you.Here is an extract of that text:"Please tell all the contacts in your messenger list not to accept anything from Fabrizio Brambilla. He has
Dear fans and readers,I am not much here as I am having tons of things to do, but I have some important news I like to share with you and also as a warning as many of you may not know about the things I found out after testing WebTalk.So please be very cautious about this so called new social platform, as they are not that new as they say they are!I signed up and started digging and found out that they are here for quite a while now. They are in beta for over 8 yeas now and received over 7 Mill
Dear fans and readers,Did you notice recently the new implementations of Google into the search results? I did and it sucks big time. I hate Google for this. In the past Google was what it should be, a search engine to find useful content, but now it is an advertisement plaform for search results and that is not useful at all, well not for me.So I did some comparisons with other search engines and the one I like most is Bing. I did this by searching for the same words and Bing came up with no a
Dear fans and readers,Ever wondered what can happen if you tweet the wrong words in a tweet? If you use words that describe someone else in a defamed and or criminal way? Well you better watch your words carefully as the wrong wordings can cost you dearly.And don't think it won't happen to you. These things happen on a daily base, but you might got lucky to get away with it as many people do not care about it or just do not know that libel is a crime and you can be prosecuted for it. And it is