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Dear fans and readers,There is a new blackmail email scam going around to blackmail you to pay 2000$ in Bitcoins to an address or face a sexual video of you being spread. Do ignore this message as it is another scam to get your money!This is the email, so you know what to look out for.LAST WARNING ........@.........!You have the last chance to save your social life - I am not kidding!!I give you the last 72 hours to make the payment before I sendthe video with your masturbation to all your frie
January 11, 2019
Happy New Year to all of you!Dear fans and readers, Haven't you heard this question that people, friends, family ask you: "How much did you earn?" I have a friend, a good friend, one of my best friends, like family to me and visa versa.And everytime I tell my friend about the progress I make, that I get more followers, higher reach, the compliments people make about what I do and to keep up the good job, that what I want to build for all the people in the world, I get the reply back: "How Much
Ho ho ho, there he is.ToLiNoLiHello Santa Claus, welcome to my studio, I am honoured to have this exclusive interview with you. I appreciate you are taking the time to be here with us. I know you are having a very busy schedule.Santa ClausHello ToLiNoLi, I am honoured as well. Yes many duties await me to visit so many people in the world. I am here to tell you and all people from Wealthy Affiliate my tale of who I am and where I came from ho ho ho..ToLiNoLiGreat, shall we start? I am sure our f
Dear fans, readers and newbies,One of the best WordPress theme builders is available for free now. Normally Themify charged for this, but now, extra for Christmas they put it up for free.This is an amazing builder, easy in use and makes awesome designs. No matter if you are a newbie or more advanced, you are going to love this builder. Perfectly also for building landing pages.It can be installed as a plugin and it is also listed under I can strongly recommend this builder, go tr
December 18, 2018
Dear fans, readers and newbies,All successes start small, no matter how small they are, they show you that you are on your way of doing things the right way. Heck 2$, what are 2$, a coffee with a donut? Well yeah I love coffee and donuts, so I will get myself one to praise myself I made 2$, oh wait I can't, no no no what will that person think of me? Honestly it will be a Ginger tea, more to that later. Anyway that is something you all should do whenever you succeed in something, no matter how
Dear fans, readers and newbies,Have you ever had the thought that you ask yourself that what you do makes all sense or not? You go in with lots of enthusiast and hope you will make the buck in a short amount of time as you believe in what you do will work out like that? Are you positively motivated from all those success posts in WA, but it is not working for you? That can be frustrating and lead many to give up on your once so motivated state to build your own online business.Remember Why You
Dear fans and readers, especially newbies,Be careful with using any kind of content you find in the internet, books, movies, Dias, photos, negatives, laptops/pc's and so forth. If you have access to these and you think they are free to use, think again. Only if you own it, doesn't mean it is yours to replicate it.If you made it yourself, you bought it and you have a written document the ownership is yours to use it in any way you like, or you are having a license that authorizes you to use it,
Dear fans and readers,Another out of the ordinary article from me, your out of the ordinary writer. Yes a special for you, it has been a while to do something more out of the ordinary as usual. So today I am going to try to drive you all nuts with a special out of the ordinary article. Are you all ready? :))How to Use 6000 to Drive You All Nuts!6000 is the number that follows the number 5999, no calculator needed for this one6000 is the number that comes before 6001, no don't touch that calcula
Big Bug Trouble in Big Bug Google+Dear fans and Readers,Google accelerates its shutdown, since a new bug was plaguing Google+ for consumers in November!Another API bug was causing over 52 million users a headache as the bug allowed access to users private data, even if that data was not available to the public, so Google has no other choice as to close all Google+ API's within the next 3 months. This is now the second bug in a short time, October was another bug issue. In spring this year it ev
Please be notified, you cannot get validation requests for now as Google is updating their search console.So I guess we go watch a movie lol :))"Limited functionality: We are making some minor updates in the next few days. During this period you will not be able to issue new validation requests."I am fixing AMP issues so I was like wt.... just after I fixed a big issue, oh well that is life right?How are you doing with AMP? Anyone has issues to talk about?Stefan, ToLiNoLIHeader credit source: "