I Posted My First Two Instagram Photos! Fuuuuun!

Last Update: March 01, 2019

Dear fans and readers,

After the provided helpful training from Kyle here:


Get Started with Instagram Now!

I decided to lay a hand on and started with my first posting on my Instagram Account today! I will follow up Kyle and Carson in the way they are building and so should you. Why I am saying this? Well because I booked success right after putting up my photo with my funny text.

For days I did not know what to put up as first photo. Then today I got an insight hitting me like a thunder. My cat here is my first photo, yes really, he was looking at me from outside, I thought why is he spying on me or why looking like that at all.?

I asked him, he reacted with: meow meow... and then he left...

Was he telling me he wants to get famous in the world and I should put him up? Will he ever be able to see the effects of his face he will have on people? Well we might find out, I will keep a close look on him and post any strange and funny behaviour in the days to come.

Yes, Instagram should all about you, what you do, but in a funny way if you can, entertain your followership. Well at least that is what I will do. So I added a second one with something I did in my house several months ago, I noticed it was still there so yes off course I had to inform my fans about this fantastic discovery lol.


Will there ever be anything about advertisement? Advertisement you say, why do you love to look at it every day? Well I can tell you only if I have something really special you would miss out big time on if you do not take action. And only once in a while so you will think for a long time what you have missed.

Thank you for reading my thoughts, tell me what is important to you and how do you use Instagram?

ToLiNoLi, Stefan

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LKick Premium
Oh I have so much to learn! Good for you and thanks for opening a new window to look tbru.
CandP Premium
Good for you, Stefan!
Next one could be an alien!:D
C & P
ToLiNoLi Premium Plus
Thanks! :)) I did, I posted an alien photo up, I got many likes on it lol :))
kpercival55 Premium
Nicely done Stefan!
Your cat looks almost like my cat!

ToLiNoLi Premium Plus
Hey it is your cat, just on a visit and reporting back to you lol :))

SondraM Premium
Thanks for sharing your story of how you started on Instagram. I've been trying to figure out what I would share, so this is helpful.

Cute cat! Great ideas. Thanks and best wishes.
ToLiNoLi Premium Plus
I am happy to hear my post helped you out. I have to thank Kyle for it, was it not him starting to post in WA about it, I would still tobbing have followers but no posts at all.

Have fun and seeing you over there. :))
SondraM Premium
ToLiNoLi Premium Plus
Yipee Ya Yee :))
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, nice work Stefan. You are off and running in IG land. Been nice to connect over there! :)
ToLiNoLi Premium Plus
Thanks Kyle, it is a real pleasure to be connected with you. I just came back meeting some friends in town and posted my 3rd photo I made there as it fits my genre and it is fun. Within minutes new likes from new people and new followers too.

This is really fun. :))