How Much Money Did You Make?

Last Update: January 11, 2019

Happy New Year to all of you!

Dear fans and readers,

Haven't you heard this question that people, friends, family ask you: "How much did you earn?" I have a friend, a good friend, one of my best friends, like family to me and visa versa.

And everytime I tell my friend about the progress I make, that I get more followers, higher reach, the compliments people make about what I do and to keep up the good job, that what I want to build for all the people in the world, I get the reply back:

"How Much Money Did You Make?"

Isn't that annoying? Have you had this too? Then off course you explain that building what we build takes time and we need to build trust with our readership and other potential customers interested to follow up our advise of good products and services they may need in their daily life.

Then you get replies back like "gotcha" "aha" "ok", well that would settle it then, right?

Wrong, then the next time you talk about your progress, the same question comes back: "How Much Money Did You Make?". Are our friends brainwashed or so, or are they all live in their little bubble and don't see what is out there, only see what is in their life important, and is that money?

Let me ask good old Dr. F. to build a brainwaves memory modulator to change these repeating replies into: "How Much Money Did You Need?" In the way off yes I wanted to buy that product you advised in your latest blog post.

And my dear fans and readers, what is your take on this and how do you react on such replies? Have you ever experienced this with your friends and family?

Leave your comments and questions below.

ToLiNoLi, Stefan

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Rick32 Premium
I understand your question and comment. If I were making money at this and was asked the question, "how much?", I can only imagine that my response would be "it's irrelevant" without context. As a complete noob (been here 3 days), I can understand why other noobs might sort of knee jerk that kind of question. What I wish there was an answer for was "average hours to get up and running, typical up and running costs (or examples of costs using common tools out there today for things like advertising cost, automailers, etc., average time to realize first sale, number of hours spent per week (for someone who wants to earn revenue). I get that there is no cookie cutter answer, but if people who are successful (regardless of one's own definition of that) shared their journey, it might encourage some (and discourage others I suppose). As a 9 to 5ver who would love to someday transition to an alternate lifestyle , my early exploration is not really (not yet anyway) uncovering what sort of ROI/hr is a reasonable expectation.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as you have said, there is no straight answer to this, as everybody's journey is different.

One person may take several months to go through the training and need to watch the videos over again to fully understand.
Others may "get it" immediately and fly through the training.

Your website is up and running by lesson 4, but that doesn't mean it is going to attract any visitors for several months, as the age of a site plays a part in Google's rankings.

This platform teaches how to get organic visitors, rather than paid for advertising.

The average person is unlikely to earn any income for at least 3 months and more realistically 6 months.

It is suggested that content of a minimum of 1000 words is added 2 to 3 times per week to maintain momentum and attract Google's attention. It may take one person all day to write one article, whereas somebody else could do it in an hour.

As you can see, there are many variables. I have attached a link to the latest success stories.
Rick32 Premium
thank you for the link!
CoraMitchell Premium
LOL! It happens to us all, I suppose. I know that's what my family say to me....."how much money are you making?"

I just try to stay positive and I don't discuss my online business much, I do send them links to my site, but I don't think they take the time to read it.

Oh, well.... I think they will in a few years when the money starts coming in.

Have a blessed day!

Mick18 Premium
That is annoying when people ask how much money do you make. People don't get it.
Paul90 Premium
The lot of us are brain wired for regular 9-5 jobs where you get a pay check every month. Since I started my venture here, I really had to get rid of the addiction of working in paid employment and receiving my salary every month. I managed to overcome that by setting daily and weekly goals for myself. We are just so used to working in paid employment.

Dennis75 Premium
I agree totally! And everyone else around us who is wired the same way finds your behaviour abnormal when you try to break out of it....
Dennis75 Premium
This is an excellent question.

As probably most other people, I got into learning and operating my own business for the main reason of increasing my income. What the business was about and how it related to the rest of the world has always been secondary to the desire or need for money. In other words, in my desperation I always tried to rip off as much cash from wherever I could as often as I could.
Today, I understand that the quickest way to become a millionaire is to solve a million problems. In other words the amount of money I will have is proportional to how I interact with and help others.

I call this my personal development and I have to accept that not everyone will develop or change the same way and at the same rate. Therefore there will always be those who think that the amount of money in your pocket is all there is.

It would also appear that after many years of working your butt off, failing, getting up again and not making enough for you basic expenses before becoming financially self sufficient, these people will say “you just got lucky”.

Today, the only time I discuss my business is either when I am selling/solving a problem for someone (when I’m working) or when I am talking with another entrepreneur or someone of a higher “caliber” than me. And reactions are VERY different.

When people ridicule or belittle what they perceive as lack of your success has nothing to do with reality whatsoever. It’s like judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree...
trymetoday Premium
Hi I like your take on this but as my experience to press has only been to pay out for various programs that don't seem to return anything, everyone just thinks I am some sort of sucker but they are kind enough to nod and smile, I am almost 3 months into WA and now I feel I have found a real home.
Dennis75 Premium
Your paying out for programs that didn’t work is part of the journey. Those are some of the fails. When people who don’t know any better comment negatively on this, it is because that’s all they see...the fails. They completely miss the fact that you get up and do it again. And again and then some more. They don’t see the commitment, resilience and you looking for the strength, often from deep within yourself, to give it another go... for some reason this escaped most people.
trymetoday Premium
Hi Dennis, you have just given me the biggest lift, your reply is one of the most uplifting comments I have ever read on my Internet journey. You obviously have been though the same scenario. I hope thinks are getting better for you now. Now following you. Best wishes
mistswitch Premium
I talk about my niche blog (about small dog stuff) as a hobby. I joke that it's Bella's blog and social media. My friends and family find my talk about it a little amusing but they think it's fun so they're encouraging. No one asks about the money aspect because they don't expect there to be money. Which is a fair assumption because right now, it's a hobby that isn't earning significantly yet. I just got my first amazon affiliate sale last week.

I talk about WA in terms of classes and projects and support. You pay for classes. I haven't talked about earning from WA because I'm not doing that yet, so again, no one expects me to be earning and they don't ask. I'm always taking classes in something so why not internet marketing?

When I talk about earning online, I talk about freelance writing and remote bookkeeping and they ALWAYS ask how much I make doing it. I try to remember that it isn't malicious. I think most people have dreams of working from home and they have a number in their head of how much is enough to quit their job. I explain that I've been making a gradual shift to doing more of this; that's why I can work at an in-person job as little as I do. I tell them about the successes and frustrations.
ShihTzuSteve Premium
I do exactly the same. For some reason I have to explain why I don’t “do” games on the phone. I say I don’t have the time. Then I have to say why. “Because writing my shih tzu blog takes up all of my spare time.” I don’t mention anything about money.

Best wishes,

DonnieNorton Premium
Hi, good post and good question. Personally I have not experienced this with Wealthy Affiliate. The only family I have left is my aunt in Florida who does not have a computer. The wife and I are very much loners and do not have any friends. I wish you all the best in your journey here at Wealthy Affiliate.
Babou3 Premium
Some people ask me that too. I think it's because
they are not comfortable with the idea of making
money on the internet. Maybe the day they will hear that
I make so much money I don't
need to go work if I want, they may be reassured.
But even if we were already making a good living with
internet, they would have also trouble understanding it.
I think we are not all done for this kind of activity.

ToLiNoLi Premium
Yeah that makes sense, will be fun to see their faces then. :)) And yes we will lead them to follow our footsteps, if they want and are ready for that, because with a short mind believing you make money after your first blog, they will quickly give up not seeing this result....
TommyVTE Premium
It's always about money, it would be strange if the would not ask.
Having that said, I say mostly that I have paid hobbies and that WA is another hobby that gonna bring in money.

Have a great day
ToLiNoLi Premium
Paid hobbies are great! Love it! :))

Enjoy your day.
JMankanda Premium
Take heart, money is a universal motivator. Whoever asks you how much money you are making from anything probably wants to assess the feasibility of trying it out....the woes of a marketer's life hey : ) Use the curiosity to your can be a conversation how much money are they making themselves...are they looking for legit ways to earn money on the side...are they looking to escape the 9 to 5...
ToLiNoLi Premium
Money is just a tool that can make things move for you. :))

What would you do without it? If money would disappear tomorrow, what will you do?

Curiosity is one thing, and if that is the case they ask you about it, but it is a straight reply like if it doesn't make money on the spot it is no good....

Didn't you notice that many newsbies coming to WA think the same? As if it is a magic formula that brings you money the next day?
JMankanda Premium
So true....interesting question you've asked there...what would we all do if money disappeared tomorrow?

I bet you the real question at the back of the questioner's mind is what's in it for me?

I'm learning more and more to be curious for learning...curious for experience and banishing ignorance.

Newbies, myself included, perhaps stumble into WA not really knowing what it's about....not appreciating the potentially life changing knowledge to be gained....and as an added side; the money if you do get to work it properly. With time. Not a flash in the pan or get rich without doing anything.

There's room for passion, a whole lot of learning (repeating myself : )) but it's worth it.