Questions by Tobocrs 7

Fixing or deleting a duplicate post? where do I have to go?
Just modified an earlier version of a post that's been out there for awhile,…
3 years ago 8 Replies
What can I do while out of the country?
I'm going to be traveling for much of the next three months. I'll have…
3 years ago 15 Replies
Word count expectation per post?
The Keyword Content template expects 1000 per page -- how important is…
3 years ago 10 Replies
How do I move my privacy policy?
When I go to my site,, my Privacy Policy appears on…
3 years ago 2 Replies
How do I move my privacy policy from a blogpost to a page?
My privacy policy appears on the home page -- it also is the result of…
3 years ago 5 Replies
Why are my newly created menus not showing up on my website?
Working in Lesson 8, I have created the menu as prescribed in the video,…
3 years ago 6 Replies
Where's my website? paid for, but I can't proceed until I pa
and what do I do next? I selected an available domain name and paid for…
4 years ago 3 Replies