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KenShaddock Premium
Hi Trake, Ken here again, your sponsor in WA. You are moving ahead some, I see.
This is the most exciting time in WA as founders Kyle and Carson of a "Black Friday" offer to reach the Premium level for a whole year at 40% or so off with several bonuses added to.
Read the link here from Kyle. The sale offer is for 4 days from Friday 29 November to Monday Dec 2.
Here's Kyle's post just announced. Consider it well Trake. All the questions are answered that one might ask.
KenShaddock Premium
Hi Trake, Ken here. I thought I would share a post I read tonite here at WA.
It, with its links was the most encouraging I've ever read in WA I think.
I know by reading the replies to this young member's post I am nit alone in my thoughts.
Here's the link. Read what you can. Thanks,
KenShaddock Premium
Hi again Trake, I see Kyle has offered the discount Premium membership month last opportunity recently. It will change your life I know. The friendships, the guidance, and every tool and training to set up your online incomes as you work with what you learn. In the month of benefits you will know for sure weather WA is worth moving forward with.
I know I did. Just putting the encouragement at your feet.
Not everyone goes foward in WA. Either fear, lack of confidence or money. All legitimate and understandable.
See how you go. Let me know what you want to do.
May I say, the record for working on knowledge and growth here at the free starter level is about 3 years.
So stay and learn from that which you are entitled to, set up your account with the pic and profile. And you will be ackowledged and helped by many. No payment needed.
Thanks Trake. Go well.
KenShaddock Premium
Hi Trake, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, My name is Ken, and you just came from my website promotion for WA.
I joined Wealthy Affiliate early in 2018 and it's where I learned how to build a website, drive traffic to my site, and make money with my site.
We are all learning at different levels of our life's journey.

The first thing you should do is use the link below to learn how to fill out your profile:
Completing Your Account Set-up at WA - Adding a Description & Image
Once you have completed your profile you're ready to get started learning!

Go ahead and visit the link below. This is the level 1 certification course and will be your starting point. This course will teach you everything you need to know about choosing a niche and building your website. You can study these steps at your own pace but as you become regular with it, your mindset will expand to the possibilities.


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1) For the Next Seven Days, from your start date, you will be offered the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for only $19 a month that's a 59% discount

2) Along with this tremendous discount, you can also receive a guide to the 10 biggest tips for new Wealthy Affiliate Members just for completing your profile! (I'll send this over in a few days)

3) If you take advantage of the premium membership, you will have full access to me! I am here to help you with your making money online journey.

Get started by completing the tasks I've laid out in this message, and I will be contacting you soon with the bonus I have promised!

Just to get you excited, check out some of these awesome Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories:
First $400+ Day!!! (3 month at WA)
To all the doubters out there
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, Trake and look forward to hearing from you soon,

If you have any questions or would like to introduce yourself, feel free to reply to this comment.
KenShaddock Premium
Welcome Trake to Wealthy Affiliate. Your formal welcome from me will be to you shortly, then your official welcome from Kyle and Carson, founders of WA 17 years back. Thing is you have found now a wonderful, safe community of 1.5 million like-minded people all expanding their knowledge and experience in the online sphere and onto incomes.
Talk again shortly. By the way I may catch or miss your time zone live, so let's know where you live.