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So I'm trying something new, I usually have a set of commenting buddies. But wanted to try a simple blog and see who responds. If you need a comment on a post, please leave a comment on my post and I'll do likewise. Also, please socially share the content. I know that commenting can take away from some of our valuable time, it's your call. My recent post is... Hope all are well and Keep Trucking :) Todd
September 26, 2014
Hey Gang, Could you all do me a little favor and send a short welcome message to our lovely WA community. Here are the new folks... Thanks so much, Todd
Hello fellow WA buddies, A couple of days ago, I found some time to watch Jay's video of "The Anatomy of an Awesome Blog Post". If you haven't watched it, it's full of great information to help structure you posts or pages to provide your readers captivating content. It also made me think about how important our Headlines are to capture a new reader and get them to look at your content. So in the past two posts th
Hi fellow WA community. I stumbled upon this advertisement about an affiliate video gaming system. It's a bit sketchy to put it on my niche WA site since it's impossible to review it at this time. But as an affiliate marketer it's tempting to see if there is an potential in it if you know kids or college students, or even adults that are into playing video games. Check out the ad and let me know what you think. It could be a good way to make some extra money. Not sure yet since it starts on Jul