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Can anyone welcome some new WA members as they begin their journey online.thanks,todd
So I see a lot of people doing this and I'm not sure how effective it is. But if anyone wants to give a warm WA welcome to some new members that joined this week, that would be really cool.
A great post came by my way and I just wanted to share it with all my followers who are not followers of JurassicPark.Thanks JurassicPark
If you´re not following Robert, you should. So for those in my network who didnt get to check out Roberts recent post. Check out his sage advice. Cheers, Todd
Just wanted to share this with my friends at WA.Salud and thanks to CCunningham for his blog.
Hi WA friends, I turned a low competition keyword phrase into a post called (Does Amazon Sell Fake Products) using Jaaxy. It has 120 monthly searches, 21 hit's to your website if you'r on page one with the keyword phrase, and 22 competing websites for this exact phrase. I've been ranked on the number one page with this phrase for about a year now and many times in the number one position. Do you know how much traffic I get from this Low Comp Phrase? 22 people, hardly. I get between 1,200 to 1,5
Hi WA friends, I wanted to get everyone's, especially new comers to Wealthy Affiliate, on what their take is on WA as an internet marketing course. So I wrote this post, but I just was hoping to get some feedback via comments on the post. Any help is much appreciated and if you post your link that you need comments, i will be more than happy to return the favor. I know what I think is the best internet marketing course, do you?
Hi WA friends, I have just been asked on my WA review how many hours does it take to make regular income here at WA. I'm in a very competitive niche of "make money online/affiliate marketing" and so my view point is going to be different from someone who has a unique niche that went through the Entrepreneurial Program. So if anyone who has some good insight (and I'm really referring to people not in bootcamp) to this question, please advise. My thoughts are that it obviously depends on how comp
I just wrote up this post on How To Make Money Blogging for Beginners and would love any feedback from fellow bloggers/WAer's. Cheers, Todd
February 04, 2015
Anyone who would like a comment and social share on a 1-1 basis, please PM me. Thanks and have a great day, Todd