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September 10, 2017
I struggled with what I was going to write for a blog post tonight, whether to talk about our situation with Hurricanes Irma and Jose attacking full force or just something off the wall - just random thoughts in my head. Every time there is some sort of disaster it is being covered up in the news by something totally opposite as a distraction method.My friend on Facebook, William White, posted a listing of events going on "world-wide" and the news is not telling us this. I want to share the lon
September 08, 2017
I'm in NC and already feeling the barometric pressure changes from Hurricane Irma; my head is splitting! There is so much destruction going on in the world today....all the wildfires on the West coast, Hurricane Harvey in the South, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, and another one behind him (L); Mexico had the horrifying 8.1 earthquake with tsunamis on lower south and Hurricane Katia coming in on the same region from their NE.What Hurricane Irma did not take out, Hurricane Jose is going to fini
September 06, 2017
Not sure what happened overnight but when I finally got some sleep I woke up to see something amazing and took me by surprise!My sponsor was telling me about her ranking change and I was congratulating her on awesome work! I had been checking my messages not paying any attention to mine as it had never changed since I first joined WA....eye ranking went from 16155 to 4075, just like that! WOW! I'll take it!!Hope you all have a blessed day. Cold and rainy here but loving it!tj
September 06, 2017
So, here I am with another sleepless night. With all my health issues still up in the air with so many different doctors and specialty groups I'm pretty much at wits end. It's to the point I am about ready to write to Dr. Oz and see if he can help me figure out what is "really" wrong with me, emotional or physical.My acupuncturist was the only person who truly helped me, other than my faith in God, and placed me on CBD oil. This helped for a few months but doesn't seem to be phasing me any at a
September 05, 2017
Well, after a scary fall and unresponsiveness followed by a trip to the ER via EMS, I'm back online. Starting to feel somewhat better. At least I can sit up and look at the computer screen now. Thank you TammiP for taking such good care of me during this time. I don't know what would have happened if I was totally alone; who would have found me, would I have pulled through it and if so how long would it have taken.Hope you all have a blessed day and rest of the week!tj
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September 02, 2017
Just wanted to take a moment to wish each one a very safe, happy Labor Day weekend!Remember to keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers. Also the families of the Navy Seal Team who lost their loved ones today, 30 souls perished, when they were shot down over Afghanistan. Now we await the outcome of our fighter jets flying over North Korea.So many things going on in the world currently. Now we are being told here on the East coast that Hurricane Irma is going to hit us j
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September 02, 2017
A huge THANK YOU to TammiP, my friend and sponsor. She just helped me Upgrade to Premium Membership!!! Hoping for more bigger and better things to come!
August 19, 2017
(Wado) Thank you all for allowing me to become a part of the WA family/community. I look foward to following/sharing information with you. Please just bear with me to get started up!
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