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September 21, 2017
I'm so done~ I'm so tired, I've not felt good for several days as I apparently had a stomach bug and just trying to get back to what is "normal" for me lately. Tired of fighting the systems, tired of my car being out of commission, tired of not being able to drive, tired of not being able to work again, tired of all the disasters in the world, tired of being an Empath at times--feeling all of this happening and those affected....With the Melaleuca job, people are dropping out of it left and rig
September 19, 2017
Ever have those days, or times, you just want to say duh-huh or just duh? (Yep, I'm redneck!) Well, I had that today, and a big one!If you have read my profile you know my health situation and being out of work, filing for disability, etc. Well since my leave of absence has expired (FMLA) the company terminated my position as they would not make accommodations for me to perform any other job they have, plus the liability in case I would have an "episode" on the job. So, I was told to contact em
September 18, 2017
When I awoke this morning and got my coffee I sat down and looked at WA--WOW! I had made Top 200!! Thinking I was maybe still half asleep I had someone else read it and yes--Rank 170!Photo of Table Rock and Hawksbill in Morganton NC.Thank you all for your help and support to get me here to this point~ Now I just have to maintain.I figured after my little blog yesterday I would not be able to get on WA today, but I'm still here and movin' on up!That's about all I have tonight. Just came in from
On my first trip to Hawaii, the Big Island, visiting my friends who live there, I was able to visit Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. What an amazing experience it was, but odd at the same time. When I was first told about it I thought "how in the world could a beach have BLACK sand"? Once we got there I realized what they were talking about. How awesome is nature and creation! Punalu'u Black Sand Beach located south of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Because of constant volcanic activity, you'll find
September 15, 2017
I've had a fairly busy day, for me. Both my furbabies got baths, but I did not realize how much energy that took to get done. That set me back for a little while. Main thing is they feel better and that makes me a happy camper! Later finally reached a couple of medical places to get my insurance straightened out and re-billed. Got a couple other things accomplished that I needed to do as well. Finally, I have been able to keep up with my WA emails today and responding to everyone, helping a few
September 14, 2017
I've been unable to "work" or drive since August 2016. After all my trips in and out of hospitals, being tossed around like a hot potato to different doctors and specialty groups, and in-home physical therapy to help me with my ADLs and walking again-- God is my best friend, Facebook was my 2nd best friend! It was the only way I had to stay in contact with people in the world. When I did not feel like being on the telephone as I would be too weak to hold it up and talk long, I could always sit
September 13, 2017
Let me start off by saying hello to all the WA Community and to thank you all for helping me in my journey here. It's been slow moving for me lately as I had relapsed with my health and finally getting over another episode of "seizure" doctors say "complex migraine syndrome"...they still don't know.Anywho, my ranking has not been something I've really took much notice in as I am still trying to fix up a couple websites. Since I've been able to focus more lately I've came on daily, attempt
September 12, 2017
I'm So Excited, and I just can't hide it!! Yes, that's words from a song but I'm dancing around to it now since I got my site fixed! After a couple days waiting for a response, Kyle answered my question. I still couldn't get the info to "compute" in my misfired brain. After a surprise chat with a friend, Teddy Bear, he walked me through the process and explained it all to me---and it's fixed!!! Now my Welcome doesn't come up on my blogs and my blogs don't come up on my Welcome! I struggled with
September 11, 2017
Today has been a mix of a little baby's birthday, it being 9-11, Irma blowing in, trying to catch up with all the people responding to my side business with Melaleuca, a little this and a little that.Had a little celebration for my baby--he got special treats today!! Still can't get any of the furbabies to go outside due to the rain and high winds but at least they are feeling better and actually eating today!It's still cold and rainy, the winds are high (gusts around 40+ mph) b
September 10, 2017
Today is a somber day for many, thanks to Irma. So many people do not know what will be found tomorrow after the nuclear hurricane has passed....but for sure there will be so much destruction; as if there was not enough already. Most will have to relocate and rebuild, taking months and years to overcome it all. I am so thankful I have a roof over my head. There are a lot of things going on with my health currently, but it is minute compared to others. With my training in the fire and rescue ser