Labor Day weekend!

Last Update: September 02, 2017

Just wanted to take a moment to wish each one a very safe, happy Labor Day weekend!

Remember to keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers. Also the families of the Navy Seal Team who lost their loved ones today, 30 souls perished, when they were shot down over Afghanistan.

Now we await the outcome of our fighter jets flying over North Korea.

So many things going on in the world currently. Now we are being told here on the East coast that Hurricane Irma is going to hit us just as bad, if not worse, than Hurricane Harvey. Government loves playing with their toys and see just how much destruction they can muster up; sad!

As for the gas shortage.....NOT! Just the news going nuts with reporting and hiking up prices everywhere....they have to justify the price gouging somehow.

Please be careful if you are traveling. Hopefully to church tomorrow then stop at a grocery store and back home. That's my big plans!

Take care. Much Love and Blessings.


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TammiP Premium
Happy Labor Day!! Don't forget to enjoy!!

See you at church?!?!?!?