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Last Update: June 12, 2021

While researching for a new post I came across this page on the Stanford Libraries page about Copyright and Fair Use.

I am not going to do a blog here on it, I just thought it is something you may want to check out. It is not very long and will take a couple of minutes but worth the time. Very concise and clear. Not 'legalese'.

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Only1Hugh Premium
Yes Robert I came across Public Domain when I first started off. I thought it very curious that one could take over the rights of US publications before 1924 due to the expiration of copyright. There is at least one member I know that does this as his major source of business.
TiredCobra Premium
I have seen the works, complete books, copied from deceased authors. 'Amazin' and Brazen' ha ha
Only1Hugh Premium
That is wild
LillianaLSLL Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with all of us. I will keep the link for future reference. :)