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Last Update: June 03, 2021

I have only posted a couple of blogs. (Or is it 'blogged a couple of posts'?)

And of course did the research for those.

So I have not spent a great deal of time on the research in reality.

But in the limited amount of research I have done I have been taken by surprise at the amount of 'original' unique content that I have obsserved across sites and other blogs. I have seen, in the short time a surprising amount of duplicate documentation that people are passing off as their own.

There is much to be said on the topic. I only want to say one thing though.

There is something that we as researchers need to keep in mind. It is this: There are those who will be happy to plagiarize, and those who are willing to plagiarize are most assuredly not going to do any research to verify that what they are stealing is accurate. So what does that mean for us? It means that when we are looking into a topic and find a "really great and inclusive " article we must not stop there. Make enough comparisons to make sure that the info is solid and true.

We are not copyright police. We just want to supply the best most useful and accurate information for our readers.

Have a great weekend !!

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Newme202 Premium
Great insights
Never plagiarise. It is best to do s lot of research and always use your own words to do the final writing
Only1Hugh Premium
Well said, Robert. We really should do multiple cross-references from reputable verifiable sources thereby better assuring that the information we refer to is authentic.
CountessCtry Premium
Not recommended.
I use a tool to help me with that
There are many other tools
Wishing you a terrific day.
TiredCobra Premium
What is not recommended? Researching or cross referencing?
Can you share what tools you are referring to please?