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Last Update: June 02, 2021

What makes you an expert

I began my research for my second (only) content rich post. Due to my being wide awake at midnite, I began my research just after 00:15 and haven't quite decided yet how much more to do.

But something occured to me at around the two hour mark. It just kind of popped into my head. Perhaps it was rolling around in the back room of my brain somewhere unbeknownst to myself, but regardless,, there it was; this idea, this thought. It brought me some encouragement.. How much is hard to say, and perhaps time will tell on that point.

But what is more important to me now, after thinking it over for a while on my morning walk, is that the idea could be of value to others. The new others in particular. I began to have a new way to look at this whole 'being an expert your niche' thing.

So here it is. We all have heard and read Kyle's words on being an expert in our niche. I am not sure where I first heard that or how many times. At least more than three, for certain. And the first time I heard it I just ignored it to be truthful. But then I came across it again. And yet again. I then took notice and began to think about it. I thought "No way can I consider myself anywhere near an expert. I picked a niche based upon like and dislike, not because I actually knew the topic".

And while walking I was thinking about the amount of time I had spent on just this one new post (yet to be started) and how many times I may repeat the research process in the coming months and years. I thought about how much information I would garner on the niche I have chosen. Still walking and still thinking about the amount of research, I considered my goals versus my (awakening) reality of how many posts I would do. I had originally thought, one per day, but having seen the research aspect, that may be difficult, or impossible. I then thought, one per week. But that just doesn't seem like enough to develop a solid business plan. Perhaps three per week? We will see. ( I still fantasize over the one per day idea)

If I do one per week, or say fifty per year, at the 1,000 word target guide, that is 50,000 words per year. And if this day is an indication of research, about 100 hours of research per year.
That is a small book. Two posts per week would be a decent size book, like the one I am currently reading with about 335 pages of print.

What does this mean?

I am pretty sure I am not alone in thinking "I'm no expert!"

But think about the amount of work you will be doing. Think about the volume of research and the amount you will learn. The incredible amount you will learn!

At only one post per week, you will have published 50,000 words. 50,000 !! A small book ! Should you do two posts per week, 100,000 words. A book !!

If 100 to 200 hours of research and a couple of small books doesn't make you an expert, it sure as anything makes you very knowledgable! You will be an authority at the very least.

And should you (or I ) dare to attempt the goal of a post a day.. you WILL be an expert !!

Turn your thoughts around from the seemingly daunting task perceived in your mind about lack of knowledge. Take my recent research. I know more today than I ever thought I would on the traditional cowboy hat: Its varieties, its history, its care and so forth. I feel pretty uplifted by that alone. Did you know for instance, that among the early settlers in America, the cowboy hat, the one we see in movies and paintings, was not the most common hat worn? It was the derby.

To all you newcomers; take note of the date when you put up your first content rich post and mark your calendar for a year down the highway. (You, me, all of is not a road we are on, its a highway, NO, it is an expressway !!)

You will publish 50,000 words....or a possible 365,000 ! And don't let the numbers throw you off if you are thinking that somebody who writes twice as much as you will attain the state of being an expert ahead of you. Some of you will simply grasp thing sooner than others. One who posts once a week may reach the state of expert and level of confidence before the one who posts twice a week. The point is WILL be an expert.

Rest assured. You WILL be an expert one day in your chosen niche.

I hope that this has given you something to think about, something uplifting and it hs for me!!

All the best in your journey.


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Only1Hugh Premium
That's right Robert a nice ripe mango ready for the picking does not happen just so. You have to prepare the land, plant the seed, nurture the initial growth, fight off weed and pests before you begin to see the results. Becoming an expert can be painstaking but the effort is well worth the journey to success.

Blessings TC
TiredCobra Premium
Thank you Hugh !

Funny you should choose the mango as the example. We =, my wife and I have a mango tree that we have nurtured for 3 years.
And it is only about one meter high so far.

Perfect example !!
Only1Hugh Premium
Oh that's really nice. What kind of mango?
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Keep up the good work
DivineGood Premium
Hello Robert,

Thank you for you encouraging post.

I'd like to add if I may and it might shock
you to say the least.

No one is an expert on anything. No one
unless the person does not really understand
what a real expert is.

A real expert for me is stagnant, keeping still
and moving backward person.

Why? Because everything is changing and if
you are not keeping up with the changes you
are left behind and an expert or the so-called
expert thought he or she has it all figured out.

if you said you are an expert, you are finished
as you stopped growing and developing and
moving forward to your expanded good.

You stopped thinking you know already as
an expert and you can no longer accept other
ways to continue to grow. And that is a sad

This is just part of the myth of so-called an
expert. I would not want to cover the whole
page of yours for my little input.

You can agree or disagree and that is so fine.
You have the choice and the decision.

At any rate, your message is very well put and
you can actually write one post a day quickly
and in peace.

How? You have it in you and so I do know that
you can and I do believe in you and believe that
you can do it.

Thank you so much, Robert.

The ball is in your court now. Just go for it.

God bless you!

LiveOnLeyte Premium Plus
You do not have to start out as an expert, you can learn as you go. The is "Do you have more knowledge than your target audience?"