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Growing up, I always heard the quote, "Birds of a feather flock together". I can recall hearing that a lot from my grandmother. I thought why does she keep telling me this? What does it mean?It Was A WarningSo as a teenager, I completely associated this term in the negative sense.Birds = Negative people Flocking together = Negative people doing negative things togetherGrandma would also say, "Don't hang out with the bad crowd because once you do, you will become like them". I will have to say,
Today is the day! I took the 21-day CHALLENGE to write a post every day. I am challenging myself to overcome procrastination and just Write! Jumping Over HuddlesI have been at WA since November and have been attempting to learn as much as I can. There is so much great information, awesome training and a tremendous community here. So when I signed up I was so excited and ready to go, However, life begin to get in the way as major distractions' came and days begin to turn into weeks with NO writ