My First Month at WA - My Action Plan

Last Update: June 01, 2016

On May 1, 2016, I started my Free Trial at Wealthy Affiliate. I completed my first course in the training within 48 hours. I became a Premium member on day 5.

Before I started at Wealthy Affiliate, I was really hating my part time job. I only worked 2 days a week but put in 10-12 hours on those days, while my husband stayed home to watch our son. The other 5 days of the week, I was home and my husband worked. This has been our schedule since our son was born in September 2015. I hate not having time together as a family. Not even one day. I had ideas of writing a blog but was so scared to get started and felt super intimated by the online lingo and stats, that I never got the guts to try it.

In just one short month of being at WA, I have completed almost 4/5 courses in the training, started with a free site and then transferred it to my domain, have learned how to use keywords in my content and how SEs rank websites, have 13 blog posts already published, am affiliated with 5 programs, have social media accounts set up with Instagram, Pinterest, FB and Google+, have offered and received 26 comments on SiteComments, have 158 followers on WA, have a rank of 837, have had 1 referral to WA and have spread the word about my blog to friends and family who are thoroughly impressed at the professionalism of my blog!

Not bad for my first month!

Now, I haven't made a sale yet. Actually, I take that back. My WA referral landed me a whole $1. So there's that. But as far as earning revenue from affiliate programs and ads, I have yet to see that happen. But I am not worried or disappointed because that wasn't part of my plan. When I became a Premium member, I created an action plan that would set the pace for my journey. Today I would like to share that action plan with you and encourage you to create one for your business. Here it is :

Month 1

  • Investment $33 (Discounted Premium Fee + Domain Purchase)
  • Begin working through Online Entrepreneurship Certificate Courses
  • Become heavily involved as a member of WA

Month 2

  • Investment $80 (Month 1 Investment + Premium Fee)
  • Finish Online Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Become an Ambassador at WA

Month 3

  • Investment $127 (Month 2 Investment + Premium Fee)
  • Make minimum $50
  • Have minimum of 250 followers on at least one Social Media Account

Month 4

  • Investment $124 (Month 3 Investment + Premium Fee - Month 3 Income)
  • Make minimum $100
  • Have minimum of 500 followers on at least one Social Media Account

Month 5

  • Investment $71 (Month 4 Investment + Premium Fee - Month 4 Income)
  • Make minimum of $200
  • Have minimum of 500 followers on 2 Social Media Accounts

Month 6

  • Investment = $82 PROFIT! (Month 5 Investment + Premium Fee - Month 5 Income)
  • Make minimum $400
  • Have a minimum of 1000 followers on at least one Social Media Account

That's it! I am giving myself 6 months to earn a profit and pay off my initial investment. This may sound like nothing, but this is based on a minimum goal. My success will only be measured by my efforts and if I am practicing daily routines, continuing to learn and educate myself and using all my resources, I can double or triple these numbers!

An action plan is meant to be realistic. My ultimate goal is to replace my income from my part time job and be able to stay at home full time! If I can commit to this action plan and see results, I am well on my way to living the life I truly want.

What is your action plan? What is your reason for starting your online business? Share your goals with me in the comments below and together let's encourage and motivate each other to reach those goals!

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JonStevens Premium
Great job, you're making excellent progress!
abcdmomma16 Premium
This is awesome! You seem like you're a natural! You will do great, keep it up!
Chris Lee Premium
Look at how much you've achieved in 1 month! That is amazing! I can only imagine where you will be in 6 months if you keep on going with this momentum.

Proud to have you here at WA and I look forward to seeing you become a successful member.

You're great.

Chris Lee
JudeP Premium
Great focus and goals :)
GlenPalo Premium
Tiffany, that is so awesome! Have a plan, work the plan.