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Hi Everyone!I wrote a new blog post for Asia Travel Gems - a check on rankings found my content on Page 2, and my website has climbed 6 positions on Page 3. And it has only been 3 weeks since I created this website. :)Here are screenshots of my content on Page 2:A close up on relevant areas of the above screenshot:Here's the screenshot of Page 3 where my site has climbed 6 positions since the last time I vs
Hi everyone,First, I was surprised that when I wanted to create this as training and a popup appeared to tell me I had to be a Premium member for 3 months before I can create any training. Whatever. HahaKindly allow me to qualify that I do know that this can be done with hardcoding; i.e. Programming. But for those who are not IT geeks like me, here is an easier way.First, visit my website to see what I mean - my posts are in a grid display on the homepage - scro
Few days ago, on Christmas Eve, I learned that my website is now ranked on Page 5 of Google Search (see previous blog post). Today, I see that my website is now on Page 3! YAY!!!Here's a close up of the lower part of the page:Great Success To All! :)
Watch the Christmas Greeting Card Video I did (in 1 hour!) for Everyone! - Holidays! :)
Hi Everyone!It's been 3 weeks since I joined WA. I created my website last week, and also submitted it for indexing with Google and Bing. This week, I created my first post -, I checked my website and it was already indexed by Google and Bing (see yesterday's blog post). Today, I did a search on Google and found my website on Page 5 of search results! YAY!!! (on mobile devices it is on Page 3)Here's a screen shot of the search resu
Submitted my sitemaps a week ago. Was not free to check as I was busy conducting Facebook Management & Marketing Training this week. Had a bit of time just now, and took a look, and saw that my site is indexed by Google and Bing! YAY!!! :)Will start to index my site on other search engines in time, too. :)
December 14, 2016
It's been a week since I joined WA. And like many of you, I hope, I am now wondering which niche (that I have narrowed down to) to do? Or should I do all three and work them according to priority? Before that, let me share the story of my journey so far.Brand or Keyword?In Lesson 1, I chose the niche - Travel in Asia. First, I thought it would be a good idea to use keywords for my domain name (totally forgetting my years of experience in digital marketing, and branding). So I bought http://best
December 10, 2016
After only 3 days plus, I am convinced to try the Premium for a month!Will work hard this one month, and see how things go. All goes well, I will definitely sign up for the 1 year membership, and many years after that. (is there 3 years or more package? :D )I've already decided on a niche, bought the domain name, and ready to start my website. Wish me luck everyone!Great Success To All! :)
December 08, 2016
I am very happy, excited and grateful to be here!I have been interested to do Affiliate Marketing for some time now. But never found a program that I can trust. Then I read about Wealthy Affiliate.Naturally, I did my due diligence. Searched for info about WA, dug deep into the Web to discover more, and even wrote to the founders. (they replied! *impressed*)So here I am. Ready to start and do it.I know I am on the Free Starter program. I guess I am like many people who would like to test drive t