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Hi Everyone!It's been a busy month for me because of a major festival here - Chinese New Year. Festivities lasts for 15 days, and will end on this Friday, March 2nd. While busy with the festivities, and work, I am doing my best to catch up on the training, and here is the update.Previously ...Previously, we were to complete a few tasks:1. Get a brandable domain2. Complete Bootcamp Phase 13. Write Essential Pages - About, Privacy Policy + Affiliate DisclosureI did Bootcamp Phase 1 some time ago,
February 22, 2018
It's the 7th Day of Chinese New Year! And according to traditions and beliefs, it is Everyone's Birthday! Happy Birthday Everyone!In Singapore, to celebrate this special day, family and relatives get together to enjoy a special dish called Yu Sheng. It's a salad made of 7 types of vegetables, served with raw fish. The word - Yu - means fish and sounds like the Chinese word for Abundance. Sheng sounds like the word - Increase. So whoever eats this dish will have Increase in Abundance. Sauces and
Hi Everyone!I am a little behind in the courses (both Super Affiliates and GoGetters) because of Chinese New Year Celebrations. The festival is still ongoing. It lasts 15 days! But I have made efforts to continue the training the best I can. So, here is Week 1, Day 4 training that is all about Call to Action.Even with all the festivities, I have taken action, and improved the Call to Action on my websites. If you are interested to visit my websites to see the improved Call to Actions, do PM me
Wishing All Good Health, Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony, Success & Wealth! :D
Hi Everyone! Here is Week 1 Day 3 Training Update of GoGetters!Learning OutcomeDoing what you need to do to maximize the chances that people who click on your links join and become Premium members.Link to Training - 2 - Custom HomepageIn this lesson, you will learn how to Create a Custom Homepage Link. You will use this link on your website. When people click on it, they will come to Wealthy Affiliate homepage But it will be a customized homepage that wil
Hi Everyone!I have also completed Day 2 of Week 1 Training for GoGetters. So, here's an update on what it is all about.Learning Outcome for Day 2Learning how to make sure your websites and post are ready to receive traffic. Also to make sure they are ready to earn you money from the visits.Where to get Week 1 Day 2 Training? Have I learned from Day 2?We get to communicate with Bo vi Private Message! In Lesson 1, he gives a list of information you need to pro
Hi Everyone!I know this is late. But I have a good reason - Chinese New Year is coming (16 - 18 Feb), and I have been busy preparing for this big Chinese Festival. Even then, I have taken time to do the training (as well as Super Affiliate Training), and now finally update everyone about GoGetters' 1st week and 1st Day training. Hope everyone is excited and looking forward to this?What is GoGetters Training?It's created by Bo Tipton who is generously giving back to the community. The purpose of
For the 1st week, we are to complete the following tasks:1. Get our own brandable domain. If we already have one, it's ok to use that.2. Get through Bootcamp phase 1.3. Then to write the page/posts for - About Me, Privacy Policy, Review. If already have these pages/posts, we are to write TWO keyword rich posts (could be on any topic).I had already a website, and gone through Bootcamp Phase 1. So I took the challenge to write TWO new keyword rich posts. It was a busy week. Plus, my laptop sudden
Did my usual morning routine of checking and answering emails. Then saw an email that said I have a private message from Kyle. Hopeful and nervous at the same time, I opened the email and clicked on the link that led me to my WA mailbox.I couldn't believe my eyes! I read and re-read the message from Kyle many times. It said I have been accepted to the group! I was so very happy! I was shouting 'Yes!' and 'Yay!' so many times as I felt my heart feel so happy and joyful! (eyes got a little wet to
Are you wondering whether to create subdomains or subdirectories for your website?And also you wonder how Google will see them?Here's a video from Matt Cutts (when he was still with Google) to answer that concern - this helps anyone who may be wondering about this.Great Success to All! :)