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Hi Everyone,In case you missed this training I created, and you are facing the 'Submitted URL Marked 'NoIndex' issue, here is the link -
May 19, 2018
SnapChat Is DyingJust read an article on The Verge that SnapChat is dying - . It reported that fewer and fewer people are using the app.Strangely enough, I was just thinking about that yesterday. Was walking to buy lunch, and as usual my thoughts start to wander. I suddenly thought of all the social media to be active on for the online businesses I have.Then I recalled SnapChat. I had tried the app. And honestly, I really did not s
I spent over an hour writing an update on Gogetters Training that I received here.And guess what???!!!After that, I get a message saying that the content that I have created is found similar to others. Duh! Of course it would be similar! It is an update where I would write points of the training and share with others here.Over An Hour!!!I could have used the time to write a blog post for my website!So, no more! I will not waste my time blogging here at WA.No more sharing! That seems to be the m
GoGetters Training Update - Videos 13 and 14I am catching up as fast as I can. And am now at Video 15. This means that I have watched Videos 13 and 14 and here are the summaries of each of them.Video 13 - How To Find Broken LinksRemember that Bo wants us to get our websites in order. And one of the things to get it in order is to Resolve Broken Links.It is easy to do this. Simply get the plugin - Broken Link Checker. Install and Activate it.Then go to Tools > Broken Link. You will see a list
What Have I Been Up To?Why Have There Been No Updates From Me about Super Affiliate or GoGetters?Well, I have been getting my social media work flow in order.One of the things I learned from GoGetters was that we need to get our website in good order. It is so as to get ready for visitors when they drop by.Also, there were tasks to create new blog posts - from Super Affiliate.At some point, a week or so ago, I created a new blog post, and started to share it on social media. It was then I reali
It Happened Again!Last week, my travel website made commissions while I was sleeping. You can read about it here -, I woke up at usual time. Checked my emails on my mobile phone. And saw a Very Nice Email from WA. The email header said - Invitation Accepted!I opened the email, and it said that someone has accepted my invitation, and joined WA!Why Is This Exciting For Me?It is because this time, it is from my other website wher
On Friday night, I had dinner with a friend who was back in town. Then went home, and slept.Early morning, I was awaken. My phone was on silent mode, and there was no alarm. I just suddenly woke up.Curious to see what time it was, I reached for me phone, and saw that it was 4am. And at the top of the screen was a notification.I swiped down and read the notification. My heart pounded quickly when I saw the preview of an email that arrived from my Affiliate. It said that I have generated commisio
Super Affiliate Update - The ReturnFrom the start, let me state it clearly - I am not up to date with the Super Affiliate Program. My lack of blogging updates is one of the tell tale signs. But I have my reasons.A big part of March was Chinese New Year. The amount of time left, I did do my best to catch up with as much of the tasks given as posssible. I told myself I will catch up in April.Then April came, and I had one week gone again. This time because of a full time teaching gig that require
Month 1 has ended. And I am behind in the tasks to be done. Out of the 12 posts, I have only managed 2.I have been doing my best. Every bit of time I have, I dedicate it to doing this - when traveling on the train, during tea breaks at work, in the toilet seat, while at the barber, and of course after work too. Every bit of time I have, I am spending it on this challenge.Really doing my best. I will catch up eventually. I am sure.Meantime, I read on some other Super Affiliate updates that they
February 26, 2018
Wow!!!I am honored!Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!Thank you Everyone!I will do my best to keep being here. :)To everyone: May everything you do succeed & prosper! :)