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I have had a number of encounters with fellow members here at WA today, and also gained some valuable knowledge from reading the Blog Posts.That's when it hit me that there is so much value provided here in WA simply coming from the fellowship and support of the Community.For that I felt much gratitude that I am able to belong to such an Online Community, with so many diversities, nationalities and differences but all bound by this Amazing Community!Sincerely,Tim
There is an old adage that states, "Faith Can Move Mountains", but I have always added that it helps also if you bring a shovel.See, it is possible to have all the Faith in the world, Faith in your Marketing Systems, Faith in your ability to succeed, Faith in numerous other avenues, However, without any work, that faith is Dead!Now, please understand that I am not bagging Faith itself, as having Faith is an amazing ability. I am saying however, that by itself, it is worthless. However, combine
My First 2 Days!!So 2 days ago I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn more about this thing called Affiliate Marketing. I have always felt that if you are going to learn about something then you have to go in boots and all.My first surprise came when I learned that Wealthy Affiliate discounts your first month of their Premium Membership to $19 for the first month. That was the only push I required to go all in here at Wealthy Affiliate.The Magnitude...Naturally, I was compelled to explor