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April 29, 2019
Earlier today I went to my online posts and found that my spelling use of the English language needed a once over! I had corrections to make on all four! Several of them were much to verbose as well.I had a friend once who used to say in 50 words what everyone else could say in 25! In other words, he was a real talker. It usually took him way to long to get to the point. That isn’t a good trait to have when writing for you intended audience, Delivering your message clearly and conc
April 28, 2019
I was thinking about what I should do on WA this weekend...So I Welcomed A Few New PeopleIt occurred to me that one critical element in the network we’re building here is how important it is to welcome new people that come to Wealthy Affiliate. How does the saying go, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression “. So a new person’s first impressions of WA will certainly include the welcome we give them upon joining. Whether they join for free or si
April 26, 2019
Seems with every passing day, my learning doubles! Today was exceptional. Jay’s training video on YouTube presentations was usualLearned about using the Star ⭐️ feature to bookmark a topic, and add a tag to it for easy recall laterTwo WA members gave me some fantastic tips on how to promote a product or service by driving traffic from PinterestI’m starting to get the gist of what keywords are....and to not stuff all of your posts with themAlso learned
Ok, now that I have your attention using my four year old German Shepard, I wanted to mention a few things I've learned about Blogging here at Wealthy Affiliate.When I first clicked on the Pencil icon on top right of your Dashboard, I was reminded that there is are few rules I need to follow. I found this guidance in several places. The writing space on this page has a link at the very bottom about blogging at WA. When I clicked and read the content, I saw another opportunity on the next pag
April 25, 2019
The WhatI just learned a very valuable lesson. Something I missed when starting out on Wealthy Affiliates a week ago. The WhoTwo wonderful people here at WA who read my first blog pointed out to me that if I posted it on my website as well, Google would consider that as duplicate content since it appears in two places. The result would be that I'd get no credit by Google for the work I did trying to get them to rank my site. Now I get it! Somewhere along the way I missed that and I am etern