Why "Customer Obsession" is KEY to Affiliate Success

Last Update: April 27, 2020

Did you know that “customer obsession” is a key philosophy adopted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time?

It's true and something I didn't know myself until recently. And the more I learned, the more I began to see just how powerful this is and how it can be applied to virtually ANY type of business on the planet.

I also started to realize that this concept has played a role in what I've been able to achieve online thus far, without me even knowing it. And that, in one way or another, most successful affiliates use this concept to grow their businesses too.

Let me explain...

What is the "Customer Obsession" Philosophy?

The "customer obsession" philosophy is basically about obsessing over how you can make your customers as satisfied as possible, to the point they're amazed at the level of value you provide them with. It’s about keeping the customer at the forefront of everything you do. Whether it be innovation, product design, marketing and sales, customer support, pricing… everything.

Everything you do, you do it for the customer, because you understand that this is what results in long term success.


Because, put simply, when you obsess over your customer, you create better products and provide a better service, so your customers come back to buy more, they leave more positive reviews, they tell their friends, who tell their friends and so forth. So you become the leader in your niche, and earn the lions share of profit.

This isn't to be confused with the addage "the customer is always right". Because let's be honest, they're not always right. This concept that I am sharing with you today is about putting the customer first, not agreeing with everything they say.

Anyway, I first learned about this from reading about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, because this is a concept he adopts. It’s what inspired him to start Amazon in the first place - to create an online store with the lowest possible prices, the biggest variety and the fastest shipping. Because that’s what the customer wanted.

Now I know that, given recent developments with respect to Amazon's affiliate program, not many people care about Jeff Bezos and his philosophies LOL! And I really do get that, especially since it impacted me too. But regardless, I still think we can learn a lot from this concept (in and of itself) and apply it in our businesses to increase our long term revenue.


Read on.

How This Can Make You a Better Affiliate

As an affiliate, you don’t have customers, you have an audience.

Whether it be on your site, your Youtube channel, Facebook page, email list… whatever. The people you communicate with are not your customers, they are your audience.

So if that’s the case, you might be wondering how the “customer obsession” philosophy could help you?

Well, there are probably many ways this can help make you a better affiliate, but probably the most important one is that it puts you in a frame of mind where you actively seek out ways to give your audience more value. In other words, by adopting this philosophy you put your audience first in all that you do by default.

Let's compare the "me first" versus the "customer obsession" approach to outline how this can have a significant impact on your business. Specifically, let's look at some of the most common questions you might ask yourself as you set up and build out your affiliate business.

The "me first" approach:

  • What are the highest converting/highest commission products I could promote?
  • What tactics can I use to convince more people to buy?
  • What method could I use to quickly boost my Google rankings?

At a glance, these seem totally fine. And they are to an extent, I mean it's not like there's anything wrong with any of these. But asking yourself these types of "me first" questions can easily lead you down the path of using manipulations and short term “tricks” to get results. Which can work, but at best will probably only lead to short term gains.

Why? Because first of all, people aren’t stupid. They know when you’re trying to actually help them and when all you care about is selling them something. And second, Google isn’t stupid either, its algorithm is consantly being updated to weed out sites that aren’t giving enough value. It’s not a perfect algorithm by any means, but this is something built into it’s very DNA.

Now let's contrast this with a much better approach to running your business...

The "customer obsession" approach:

  • What products can I promote that will benefit my audience the most?
  • How can I show more people how amazing this offer is?
  • How can I create the most helpful, relevant content possible?

These are subtle differences, but I can assure you they are WORLDS apart.

Because first, when you put your audience first, you end up with more traffic, because your content is more relevant and helpful, which Google can see and is constantly rewarding sites with this sort of content. Second, your conversions increase because you’ve built more trust and credibility with your audience. And third, people buy other stuff you recommend as an affiliate because the last product/service you recommended actually lived up to hype.

See what a huge difference this can make?

This really is the bread and butter of every successful site. Whether it be a huge online mega store, an affiliate site, or even the site you’re on right now, Wealthy Affiliate. Which is actually a good example because in everything Kyle and Carson do with WA, they think about how they can help us build better businesses. From the training, to the tools, to the support... it's all designed in a way that gives the customer (you and I) the best possible chance of success.

So my point is, regardless of what type of business you run, what niche you’re in, or what your goals are, you WILL get better results by applying this philosophy. By putting your audience first as an affiliate - with better content, promoting better products and marketing in a more authentic manner - you will be rewarded with a much more successful (and longer term) business.

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Jenny28 Premium
This is great advice Tim, thanks for sharing.
Joes946 Premium
Spot on Tim. Great advice.
JHatch2 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Impressive post thank you. In the UK, before I moved to Spain I owned and operated 5 retail businesses, employing a total of 40 people. Success in many customer contact situations comes down to providing customer service. This is sadly lacking in so many areas worldwide. I think this is the same situation you are explaining, at least I hope it is.
Customer satisfaction is king.

best wishes, stay safe

Linda103 Premium
Makes sense Tim. After all without customers we don't have a business.
GazBower Premium
Thank you Tim. Some great points.
It is so easy to get caught up in the what is the best products for me to sell, instead of what products do the customers want...
I have been guilty of this many times.
Let's provide a better customer focused service and see where it takes us.

Best wishes