WA Vegas 2019 Was a LOT of Fun :)

Last Update: February 04, 2019

I'm back from the 2019 Vegas 'Super Affiliate' conference, I'm well rested and I woke up this morning feeling inspired to share with you guys how it all went down.

First of all, Vegas was so much fun!

This is the second year I've made it to Vegas and like last year, this year it was an absolute blast. Full of fun, good times and a lot of laughter. In fact, pretty sure I've never laughed so hard in all my life LOL.

The first night we did the 'meet and greet' where we all met up at the SkyLoft suite at the MGM Grand. There were many familiar faces so it was good to catch up with everyone, and it was also good to meet some of the new faces.

The second night we went to this fancy restaurant called 'Craft Steak' which was basically a smorgasbord of incredibly beautiful food. Starters, mains and deserts- the whole nine yards.

The third night we ended up chilling at the SkyLoft for dinner, where we had more amazing food, drinks, entertainment and good times. We even had a magician/ mentalist entertain us which was very cool. All in all this was lots of fun and it's where I really got to know some of the guys in a more relaxed setting. A group of us ended up standing around the kitchen table until around 4am in the morning, and then we headed down to the tables for some Black Jack and Craps before calling it a night (I mean morning lol).

The final night we ended up at the Wynn in a suite that can only be described as amazing. A full buffet of incredible foods, a live in-house musician, pool table and even a lift inside the suite. This too was a night full of good conversations, lots of laughs and just good times.

For me, this experience was truly unforgettable and just what I needed.

After a year of hard work and some ups and downs along the way, this was such an uplifting experience for me. Getting to know Kyle, Carson and the other super affiliates more personally was very cool. I feel like I really made some good freinds which to me made the trip worthiwle in and of itself. I think all of this really reinforced what a great thing we have here at WA. It's not just an amazing platform, but the people who are apart of it are too.

This year's conference reminded me of the sheer value within Wealthy Affiliate

After being a member of WA for over 3 years now, I think it becomes easy to forget or take for granted, just what goes into this platform. This point really hit home for me this year, about just how much VALUE Kyle and Carson put into WA, and how this sets WA apart from ANY other platform in the industry.

See... most platforms focus first, second and third on ONE thing- profit. How can we cut costs, charge more money and boost our profit.

WA is obviously a profit driven business, but these guys really do things differently. They focus on the VALUE they can provide to members above all else, and I think this is why they have led the industry for over 13 years now.

From the training, tools and support, what we are getting here is extremely valuable for 49 bucks per month. In fact, it's a freaking steal! Not to mention the constant innovation, which is a big part of what we discuss during the conference, which shows how much WA continues to evolve and add even more value to members.

Anyways, the main point I am making here is that my passion for recommending WA has been well and truly 'revamped'. Because I could see with total clarity how much value continues to be poured into WA, which is based on a value first approach that Carson and Kyle really embrace and instill within the community.

Vegas conference 'take homes' = exciting 2019 ahead!

One of the main benefits of the conference is how we discuss what we can do as affiliates to improve our business in the year ahead.

I can safely say that thanks to this years conference, I'm ecstatic about the year ahead, and there's 3 main reasons why:

  1. The amazing updates coming to WA itself
  2. Key insights into how I can improve my existing business
  3. What I learned by 'chatting' with everyone

The first 'take home' I want to share with you is how WA is delivering some amazing updates in the year ahead, that have the ability to massively grow your revenue. I can't get into the specifics of these now, but some of these updates have serious potential to help scale your existing business and add a LOT more opportunities to increase revenue. So I'm super excited about these because this is industry leading stuff that has never been done before.

The second take home I got for my business is some of the key ways I can double, triple or even quadruple my business in the year to come. Namely through increasing traffic and conversions. I think after a while it's easy to get into your comfort zone and relax your efforts, but going through this stuff in detail within the conference really reminded me of the sheer potential of what we have here. It made me super excited about what is truly possible because the path to doubling my business was laid out in a very practical manner.

The third take home is what I was able to learn from some of the other super affiliates just by chatting. For example chatting with Eric and Chris about YouTube marketing. These guys crush in that space and it showed me how much my business can grow by implementing some video marketing within my business. Or there's how I chatted with Jay about my existing funnel, and how I literally thought I was dropping the ball in a particular area, when in fact I was doing quite well and needed to 'reactivate' my campaign.

There are more examples of this happening throughout the conference, but these just show you how a simple 5 minute chat can make a SIGNIFICANT difference to your business. Why? Because these guys are experts, so you know you are getting raw insight from people who are actually crushing it within their respective businesses. It's not hype, it's not a pitch, it's straight up value, so these discussions are incredibly worthwhile.

What All of This Means For YOU :)

Up to this point I've spend a fair chunk of time discussing my business and what I learned... but what does all of this mean for you?

Well, I want to encourage you that YOU can be part of this too!

I started out as a complete newbie in late 2015. I knew pretty quickly I had my hands on something great, but like most people it was still a mental struggle to push through to reaching my goals. We doubts ourselves, we doubt the process, we get distracted, whatever.. so it can be challenging at first to push past this- I get it.

But I'm living proof you CAN change your life, and WA is the vehicle that can help you get there. I was literally once on my hands and knees laying tiles (for 13 years). So if I can apply this stuff and get results- YOU can too!

Seriously.. yes you, the person reading this right now :)

So I really want you to think about what it could mean for you and your business, if you made it to Vegas in 2020.

What insights would you gain?

Who would you be excited to meet?

What impact could this have on you and your business?

In my humble opinion, making Vegas is VERY achievable. At first it can seem daunting to make 300 sales, but believe me when I say it is something ANYONE can do.

All you need to do is follow the training and take massive action.

It will not always be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is, but the rewards are here and they are ever increasing for those who really put the work in.

Affiliate marketing presents an amazing opportunity for anyone to change their life, and you are a member of the most amazing platform to make your affiliate business successful. So commit to yourself in the year ahead and let's meet at the Vegas 2020 event!

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DaleMaz Premium
Its so nice to meet you Tim. I cant wait to get to know you better. A big congrats goes to you . I know one day I will meet all of you in Vegas.

TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Sounds good Dale, and great to connect :)
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Glad you had a good time Tim!!
I'm really excited about what you guys learned, and see where things go with WA this year!
🥂 Shaunna
TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Yeah it's super exciting stuff on the horizon, these guys just keep innovating year over year and it's very cool they include us in that process. Thanks for commenting Shaunna :)
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Oh Man... now I have to wait.... LOL
neilrc Premium

This Vegas trip definitely sounds like the experience of a lifetime - not just from a fun and frienship standpoint, but from a life changing one too.

If I was there, I don't think I'd be able to fill up a notepad quick enough lol.

I'm surprised you weren't in bed all day after that night/morning of fun too lol.

Thanks for the insights/inspiration and I'm definitely aiming to meet you guys in 2020 :)
TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Hey Neil,

Yeah I slept till about 1pm in the afternoon then had my meeting and pretty much did it all over again lol. Probably why I slept like a baby on the flight home ;)

Look forward to meeting you in 2020 Neil. Cheers
neilrc Premium
Well, I guess you're in the city that never sleeps after all lol.

Yeah, likewise Tim!
mystyle Premium
Hellow Tim, this is very awesome, i am inspired..I am now going through the boot camp, I just want to qualify for Vegas and it would be interesting to meet all with the Wealthy Affiliates there. Again I am really inspired i wish you could be my guide who i can PM any time if you dont mind Tim, I really am working hard to archive this.
TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Glad you found the post inspiring man and thanks for the comment.
Quinn2 Premium
I really appreciate this great post that you've shared us making me jealous that I haven't being successful because I have been dragging my feet. I'm about to start running after you guys and there's not going to be any one of you ahead of me once I finish this race to get to Vegas in 2020.
Thank you again for this wonderful post and I will see you in Vegas next year.
TimMcKinlay Premium Plus
Sounds good Quinn, see you there!