Useful and Relevant Content- The SIMPLE Path to Success Online

Last Update: October 31, 2017

I began my journey with Wealthy Affiliate on October 15th 2015. Since then I’ve learned a lot about affiliate marketing, and I’ve achieved some pretty cool things so far.

But I’ve also wasted a lot of time on stuff that didn’t really matter along the way.

I used the ‘shotgun approach’ for far too long, and wasted countless hours on tasks that ultimately had little to no impact on my business.

It’s only when you have the hard numbers, the facts, over a long enough period of time, that you come to KNOW what’s really worth your time and what isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a journey and we are always learning. That's all part of the fun! But if I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself a LOT of time and achieved results much sooner.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this today...

I want to share what I’ve done in my online business to ‘cut the fat’ and ‘zero in’ on what really matters. What took me from ‘hopeful newbie’ to actually making real money online.

What did I do? Glad you asked...

I applied the ‘80/20 rule’. Which means I started to focus 80% of my time on the 20% of tasks that have the biggest impact on my online business.

Ok, so I certainly don't know that those are the exact percentages lol. But you get my point!

I eliminated ALL distractions, stopped allowing myself to procrastinate, and stopped wasting time on trivial tasks that simply did not get me results. Most of all, I stopped chasing the latest ‘shiny object’ and got lazer focussed on what actually works.

The 80/ 20 rule is simple and easy to apply, but it is extremely powerful.

So, how do you know what ‘20 percent’ of tasks you should be focussing on? Well, let’s reverse engineer the process of making money with a website from scratch...

  • You want to generate passive income, and benefit from the freedom it brings;

  • Which means you need to build a thriving online business;

  • Which means you need a website that brings in targeted traffic;

  • Which means you need to rank content in search engines like Google;

  • Which means you need to create useful and relevant content;

  • Which means... you need to follow the WA training!

The training right here within WA, showed me exactly how to create useful and relevant content, which is exactly how I went from struggling newbie to a full-time income online. Following this exact process has allowed me to escape the drudgery of my old construction business, and live a much more rewarding life. I love what I do now. Which is the greatest gift of all if you ask me.

Anyways, my point being, this stuff works. And it works well.

You don’t need to choose the ‘perfect niche’, promote the ‘perfect products’, or find some ‘secret system’ that no one knows about to do this.

You need to create useful and relevant content because this is precisely how you go from zero to profit.

It Starts With Value

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to think about making money first, second and third. I know I did, and I know many others do when they’re first getting started.

This is perfectly normal, but it's also what is holding you back.

You need to ‘flip the switch’ on this mindset if you want to achieve your goals. I cannot over emphasise this enough.

The concept of ‘giving people value first’ is universal and can be applied to just about any business model or niche. But it’s very relevant to creating a profitable website within WA.

Why is giving value so important?

When you focus on value above all, your MAIN goal changes from ‘making money’ to ‘helping a group of people solve a problem’. Which means, instead of trying to ‘sell people stuff’, you are genuinely trying to help them.

People notice this. It shows in the quality of your content, how you promote products on your website and practically every aspect of your online business.

The more value you GIVE the more rewards will follow, naturally.

And thankfully, anyone can apply this concept to their business. Fast.

All you need to do is focus on giving your audience genuine value in everything you do. Be a person in your niche that people look to for help in solving their problems.

The result of this (over time) will be more traffic, better conversions, and ultimately, you will make more money.

What Is Useful and Relevant Content?

I’ve had the privilege of introducing many great people into WA, and I’ve noticed one thing many have in common at first.

They fear writing content.

They believe it’s ‘hard’ and you need to be an ‘expert writer’ to get real results. Some have even been led to believe they need ‘special skills’ to get content ranking in search engines. But this is simply not true.

Creating good content is something anyone can master.

Creating awesome content that ranks on page one of Google within hours of publishing is something ANYONE can do who is willing to learn and apply. Really.

So, to circle back to the question… “what is useful and relevant content?”

Useful Content: Content that solves the visitor's search query. In some cases, this will be a simple, short article. In other cases, it could mean a much longer, more in depth article. This could be a product review, a ‘how to’ guide, or pretty much anything people are searching for.

Relevant Content: Find low-competition keywords and focus your content around ONE main keyword per article. There are literally billions of keywords within millions of potential niches. Once you get this process dialled in, you will begin to see the incredible opportunities that exist online.

As you progress, you will get better at creating useful and relevant content, and you will learn new skills that build upon this concept. But when you boil it down, creating useful and relevant content is the very foundation of your online business. It's the starting point and it's the most important thing you should focus on to get results.

Why Does Useful and Relevant Content Matter?

Because this is how you are going to drive a steady flow of targeted, free traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

More quality content => more potential rankings => more potential revenue

Google is, and likely always will be, searching for the best and most relevant content to rank in it's search results. It's in their best interests to do so.

And when you make Google happy, you will be happy. You will get targeted traffic. When you have targeted traffic, making money is EASY.

The training here inside WA shows you exactly how to convert your website traffic into sales. So you do not need to 'reinvent the wheel' to see real results.

Ok. Let’s see how you can actually follow this process…

How To Create Useful and Relevant Content

Thanks to WA, creating great content (that makes you money) is SIMPLE. And since you are interested in your niche, it will also be something you’ll enjoy.

The first thing you need to do is get familiar with SiteContent...

SiteContent makes publishing quality content to your website a breeze. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. It not only makes the content creation process easy, but it makes it fun and rewarding.

Of course, you will need to know what to write about and how to write your content if you want to get results. Which is precisely why you need to get cracking with the training provided here within WA!

Wherever you are in the training thus far is OK. Start from lesson 1 if you are new, and take your time to learn around this process. It’s better to understand these fundamentals first anyway, before rushing ahead with anything.

Above all… keep it simple and get it done. Creating content is a VERY worthwhile endeavour and something that can and will pay huge dividends over time. It's an investment in yourself and your business.

You don’t need to be a fancy writer, or write tons of content. Not at all. You simply need to help people within your niche by following a simple process.


While many so called ‘gurus’ will have you believe there’s some ‘magic bullet’ or ‘secret’ to success, it really comes down to following a proven path. In this case, learning how to produce useful and relevant content.

You don’t need any ‘tricks’, ‘secrets’, ‘push button systems’, or any of the other BS. You just need to build an online business, by following this proven process.

I say ‘proven’ because this is exactly what I have done myself to get to where I am, as have many other successful members right here within the WA community.

Remember, you can do this, so I’m genuinely excited for you! Once you get this process dialed in, there truly is no limit to what you can achieve online.

Thanks for reading, now it's time to get into those lessons! :)

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Ciscokidd Premium
This is exactly what I was looking for, a common sense approach to being a successful online entrepreneur. I know the tools here are far superior to any others I seen. Hearing this from someone that has put it all together using those same tools means that I can do it too.
Thanks for being an unguru.
TimMcKinlay Premium
Awesome, glad you found it helpful. You can definitely do it too, once you learn the ropes and take consistent action the results will follow. That's what I love about this business- literally anyone willing to work hard can do this.

Wishing you the best of success going forward!
stay focused Premium
Thanks Tim for the much
helpful advice.
TimMcKinlay Premium
You're very welcome!
rosetteNtozi Premium
thank you for all pieces of advice.
TimMcKinlay Premium
My pleasure, glad you enjoyed the post!
ReginaO1 Premium
Thanks so much Tim for sharing this. I have been feeling discouraged and frustrated for the past 2 days now. It is not that I don't write contents, it's just that it is always a struggle for me and when I look at the quality of contents that you have on your site I just feel, you are not going to be able to do this. It is heartening to know that even you have not always been this great at writing contents...therefore there is hope for me.
Perhaps, one day soon I will send you my website url to vett for me to see if I am on course.
I appreciate all your assistance to me.
All the very best.
TimMcKinlay Premium
Hi Regina,

I can understand you feeling like this, but rest assured I am FAR from an expert at writing. My content was really, really bad when I first started out lol. It was nothing special at all.

It is only through practice that I've managed to improve upon things. As will you with practice. We all started somewhere so you are on the right track just by taking action and writing.

The important thing to understand is that it's about your content being useful for your audience. As long as your visitors find your content helpful, that's a win.
JamesOpa Premium
Hi Tim,

This is truly an honest and empowering advise. Thanks for the 200% + assurance that it is possible if we only follow through with the training day by day towards our goals. I am Success!

Thanks Tim

TimMcKinlay Premium
You're welcome James, glad you found this helpful :) Cheers
Swangirl Premium
Hi Tim,

This is a great explanation for the newbies and everyone else as a good reminder. I started making sales right away on my first site and everyone wondered how I did that. I just did what you said here. I offered solutions to people's problems and based those solutions on personal experience and personally tested products that work.

I don't make a lot of money yet but that is because I don't put nearly enough time into my sites. I have a full time job etc. etc. I know HOW to make this work though. I just need to do more of what I am already doing! It is very empowering to know the "secret" to success here! I can employ it whenever I need/want to.

I am glad I found you here since I really like your posts!
TimMcKinlay Premium
Hi Jessica,

That's awesome and I agree totally, if you can make even a small amount of money then you can make a full-time income and beyond. It's all the same process so it's just a matter of scaling and doing more of what works. So really good to hear and wishing you the best of success on your journey going forward :) Cheers
Swangirl Premium
Now it's just a matter of finding the time! Thanks!
MarciF Premium
Just read this. Awesome info. Very clearly stated.
Thanks Tim.
VolkerL Premium
Thanks for this great advise...will try to follow it and success will hopefully come :-)
Ongchannel Premium
Thanks for the useful and down to earth tips.
Well regards
NWTDennis Premium
Very useful and relevant content Tim ... thanks.
Krhanes Premium
Very good article. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!
bbudhoo Premium
Thanks for updating me
LorrieP Premium
This is extremely valuable advise. Thank you so much for this post. It's helped me adjust my strategies to produce useful content.
littlemama Premium
I couldn't agree more and what I preach as well when I give advice here. :)

I hope to be following your footsteps in 2018 & write my Vegas post. :)
Kickbacked Premium
Hi liked your post! Was wondering for your introduction and also for the conclusion of your article how many word to use. Is it 25, 50-100?

Just curious, if there is a suggested number!
TimMcKinlay Premium
Hey Tim,

I don't have a set word count for intro or conclusion. I really just write in a way that covers the topic as authoritatively as possible. In some cases, that means 500 words or less. But in most cases, at least in my experience, my content is around 1000-1500 words.

It really depends on the type of content, the keyword and how much competition there is. Your main goal really wants to be just covering the topic as well as you can. Without waffling to fill a word count.

Hope this helps! Cheers
RogerHumbke Premium
Thanks for asking the question Kickbacked!
RogerHumbke Premium
Tim - thanks for answering Kickbacked's question. It is one I have always struggled with and I tend to write less words because most people won't take the time to read my long articles.

Your posts are fairly long, but I find them easy to read and do hope you will do more.
TimMcKinlay Premium
Yeah I know what you mean, but you'll find that people will read lengthy content that is highly relevant to them and their needs, and that is easy to consume. Look at Neil Patel's blog as a good example. It's massive content, but super easy to consume. I don't set a word count but as you say it mostly ends up being lengthy. I just try to cover the topic as best I can without fluffing.
MarciF Premium
Big Neil Patel follower but really relate to Seth Godin. Two different types of bloggers. The latter being about less is more.I'm all about this mostly not all the time. I used to be a journalist and wrote a huge amount of content that even bored me. :)
In my job as a sales executive I was told to shorten the content of my emails because nobody reads this s---t. Nowadays I try to keep my content concise and to the readers attention span of 6 to 8 seconds. I try to say the most important attention getting sentences out the gate.
RogerHumbke Premium
I tried to find Neil Patel's blog on his profile but it appears that he is no longer active on WA and there were no blogs. Does he blog somewhere else?
TimMcKinlay Premium
Hey Marci,

Yeah they do publish some awesome content. Ah ok that's interesting, you are going to breeze through the content creation aspect of WA then. Awesome.

Yeah for sure, but I think as long as your content is relevant, engaging and informative, and people are invested in the topic, they will read it. It's definitely something you improve upon over time. My content is certainly nothing fancy, but it converts. And I'm always improving. So I guess that's all that matters.
TimMcKinlay Premium
Neil Patel isn't a WA member, just a blogger I was using as an example in terms of easy to read content, that is absolutely massive in length. You don't need to write anywhere near that length, but it's just an example to consider is all. Just Google him to find his blog if you want to see what I mean :)
Kickbacked Premium
lscvirenco Premium
Really great and useful, especially for beginners like me. Appreciate so much.

romeo4831 Premium
All newbies should read this post very informative and very well written. Thanks buddy
luke61 Premium
Good stuff Tim, thank you.
mikegsaiz Premium
Great advice for all, especially us newbies. Thanks.

Carol46 Premium
Thanks for the great advice, Tim
I'm still keeping on keeping onwards :)
Acepros Premium
Thanks for the vote of confidence, good followers make good leaders. So I'm following U....
rileyroman Premium
Great....always good stuff from you!! I am still loving WA, thank you for bringing me in, riley
ArnoldH1 Premium
Thanks Tim. Wonderful advice.