Highlights from the Vegas 2020 Conference

Last Update: Mar 5, 2020

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Vegas 2020 has come and gone, so I thought I would share how it went down and some of the insights I was able to gain this year. This was the third time I was fortunate enough to be invited, and as usual it was lots of fun and I was able to take a lot of value from this event.

How It Went Down

I arrived in Vegas after a long flight from Australia (yep, I'm an Aussie) and it was nice to check into such a nice hotel like the MGM:

Later that night we met at the Skylofts for drinks/food etc. which was cool. It was nice to catch up with everyone and see some new faces too!

The next few days were a mix of conference during the day, events at night. My favourite was the ice hockey game. Ice hockey is not a huge thing over here so I've never been to a live ice hockey game before - I loved it. The atmosphere was amazing:

Not only that but I had the chance to chat with Carson about WA, entrepreneurship and some of the people we love to learn from/are inspired by like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk for example. For me, this conversation, along with the conference itself, really brought home just how amazing Wealthy Affiliate really is and what goes into making it such a great platform for us as members.

I think it's easy to take what we have here for granted. But when you spend time with Kyle and Carson you see how much effort they are putting in and how they are constantly innovating, always putting the members first, leading the industry in every way. And they really are "under selling and over delivering" here.

Which is in stark contrast to most fake gurus out there that do the exact opposite. As in, smooth talking marketers who put 95% of their effort into hypey marketing campaigns and deliver overpriced/re-hashed programs to make themselves rich (at your expense). After years of trying many, many different programs, this is the reality of what is out there. And even the good alternative programs to WA simply aren't operating at this level. Not even close. Wealthy Affiliate is quite simply the best affiliate marketing platform on the planet.

These guys are REAL entrepreneurs doing stuff that simply has not been done and they are leading the way. They are doing this "make money online thing" the right way, and it shows. Like real entrepreneurs, they put the customer first and focus on giving more and more value.

I guess I already knew this but for some reason this point really hit home this year. And for me, it was very powerful. It really inspired me to want to put more effort in and share how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is with the world, especially given some of the incredible new things that are slated for 2020 and beyond. I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet but let's just say you are going to be very excited about what is coming in the weeks and months ahead!

Anyways, this year was full of great conversations. In particular chats I had with Nathaniell, Chris, Vitaliy, Kyle, Carson and Jay about affiliate marketing/online business. Some really great insights were gained and things I am now going to be working on as we move forward into 2020. I also had some great conversations/laughs with many of the other super affiliates and those who came with them, it was a lot of fun all round. It's just such a great atmosphere and (even though I'm halfway across the planet) I always feel very much at home with everyone.

The last night we had a DJ and food from different countries (Chinese, Canadian, Italian etc) on different tables as well as some really nice cocktails/ craft beers. It was very cool.

It was sad to leave but all good things must come to an end, or so I'm told. :)

I had a nine hour layover in LA on the last day so I ventured to Santa Monica which was nice. I went to Santa Monica Pier and got a bagel with cream cheese for the first time thanks to a nice local girl I met who talked me into it. From there I basically just wandered around exploring and seeing the sites, such a great place, I absolutely loved it. It was surprising how fast the time went too - before I knew it it was time to go back to the airport and fly home.

My Focus in 2020

Vegas was amazing as always and I'm looking forward to 2021. But more importantly, after this conference, I am more focussed, determined and motivated than ever before. I am committed to taking my business to new heights this year and helping as many of you reach your goals as possible.

This also means I am going to be a lot more active in the community. So I thought rather than me tell you all the things I am going to be working on, I will update you and create training/blog posts that share exactly what I'm doing to scale my business, so you can use this in your business. I feel this will be of great benefit to those who are on the same journey as I am, so I'm excited and am looking forward to sharing this stuff with you guys in the year ahead.

Getting to Vegas is actually very easy guys. You might be thinking that's easy for me to say, but I am just a regular bloke who was in construction before this. So if I can do this then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving your goals. My best peice of advice is to just take massive, consistent action. It sounds simple but that is all there is to it.



If Vegas/promoting WA isn't your thing that's cool too. Hopefully this inspires you in some way to push harder with your business in the year ahead and reach your goals!

That's it from me, here's to an exciting 2020 ahead! :)


P.S I didn't take any selfies but here's some pics I took of the trip and WA swag...

WA swag:

MGM spa entrance:

Santa Monica:

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Great motivating post, Tim. I live in Vegas for almost 20 years and have never felt excited until I read your post. Actually, it's not the "Vegas", its's the people you will be meeting in Vegas that makes the difference. I'm sure the WA peeps will boost up your energy to the limit too. Love it!

It was an absolute joy to hangout with you again Tim! :) I can't wait to do it all over again. You're so right about Kyle & Carson, they are incredible entrepreneurs that I strive to be. We are truly lucky to be in their presence.

I love Santa Monica Pier, would love to live there one day. :) Glad you didn't miss your flight!

To a great 2020!

I actually almost did miss it lol, I got caught up chatting to a couple when I got back to LAX and completely lost track of time! Yeah was great to catch up with you again, have a great year ahead and look forward to seeing you in 2021. :)

Thanks for sharing your experience Tim! I'm very excited to read each Vegas post because making it there is a huge aspiration for me.

I love the WA customer-first ethos, and how each of you seem to have walked away on fire. It's so cool how Kyle and Carson fly Super Affiliates from all over, and how harmonious it seems to always go.

I was 41 short for the 2020 Vegas trip. I'm currently at 263 more sales to go, so I know I need to amp things up, but I'm hoping to make it for 2021.

You will make it to Vegas!

You keep saying that Paul! I really hope 2021 is the year. I'll put my best effort forth.

You deserve it and keep us with your updates on your progress. Wishing you great success!

Thanks Paul!

Awsome Tiffany, keep pushing forward, would be great to see you there! :)

Thanks Tim!

I really enjoyed getting to see your pictures. That bathroom looked amazing. The pathway to the spa looked really nice also.

Thanks for sharing your insights and excitement with us. Everyone's posts about the conference have been leaving me feeling more determined than ever to get the 300 referrals this year.

Yeah the MGM is pretty amazing. So much to see and do just within the resort itself, let alone if you venture outside of the hotel.

Awesome, you can do it and remember that it's only 100 sales between September to December (well it normally is anyways) so this is VERY achievable with consistent effort. And even if you don't make it this year you could well and truly get there the next, so keep up the good work and we'll see you there!

What a fantastic Vegas report Tim. Glad you had such a productive time. You set the scene so well I felt I was there with you guys. One day I will be there.

Got to tell you I was disappointed about one thing. If I had known you had a 9 hour lay over in LA I would have met you at the airport and drove you to Santa Monica myself. I'm only 40 minutes away by car. Maybe next year. Right?

Thanks for all the help you have given me. I'm working on your last tip and will be sending that for your review soon.

Great pictures by the way!

I wish you continued success in your affiliate marketing business.


You definitely will be, you are well and truly on the right track based on what I've seen! Definitely, will let you know Edwin and thanks for the comment. :)

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