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Hi everyone

I'm from the UK but have been living in Taiwan for the past few years. I used to work in training and HR but found myself constantly looking out of my office window wondering what the world outside looked liked and if I'd ever find the confidence to get myself out into it. After around 12 months of looking out the window, then back to my wall full of post-its full of things 'to do' I finally packed it all in and went traveling, working my way from country to country for around 2 years until I found myself where I am now, teaching English as a foreign language.

It's definitely time for a change though!

I first came across this site around 4 months ago and thought "It looks great..., but I don't think I'll be able to do it!" Well I came back anyway determined to give it a try. The thing that sold it for me was one of the comments in Kyle and Carson's' emails "The only thing standing in the way of success is negative emotion and lack of action" This is so true. It's now written down and pinned up on a big sign right in front of my computer.
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