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As Members of the WA community, we have so much information at our fingertips. Some 12 years of members creating helpful blog post and training tutorials to help make Wealthy Affiliate the number one training resource for online business and buddiing entrepreneurial minded folks like us. I usually have been keeping to myself doing the training to improve my online presence along the way I have helped a few fellow members to resolve issues or to just give guidence into subjects I feel I know eno
March 19, 2016
Hello, everyone, It has been so long since I have written a blog post on WA. I guess I have been busy creating and living life. Not much of an excuse. I do spend most of my days on WA going through refresher's to get back up to speed from not being around much for a couple of years.I have been really busy for the last few months updating all my social accounts and adding new one's, working on an old website I rebuilt last year - Most recently I have been working on
February 01, 2015
Today is one of the biggest days for advertising and watching tv, The Superbowl is watched by over 100 millions people and I am sure as many folks are surfing the web looking for Superbowl related topics I have created a new post on my site I would like to share with you here at WA most importantly I would love your feedback. I will appreciate any help I can get. Thank you Thomas
April 03, 2011
My very first Blog Ever,Here we go. I am going to use it as a way to keep myself in check and letting anyone who happens to read it know that I am here and I want to learn to be very good at the marketing so I can help newbies like myself someday. I am not looking to make millions dollars (though it will be nice). I just want to make a very good living and learn as much as possible, most importantly meet many like mind friendly people. By the way I have been on WA for about 2 days now and I ha