An Update to my Progress

Last Update: April 08, 2019

Hi guys!

This is my first personal blog and I thought it would be fun to start with progress of my own personal journey.

I first heard of affiliate marketing January 2018 during my first ever visit to Chiang Mai Thailand, Nomad capitol of the world! (And yes! I am from Wisconsin! The cheese state - Yum!)

And I remember thinking, “You do what for income out here .. ?“

Since then, I have come across things randomly and naturally always directing me towards the thoughts for this direction.

When I first joined this community, I will admit – I was skeptical, but also very intrigued. I knew that writing and creating is something that I have been wanting to do and have done so on my personal business website, but I just knew there was something… More out there.

So, with my personal business and knowledge I decided to take the leap of faith in my niche of holistic health – specifically Chakra health.

Chakra health is a huge part of my energy work and I need to know the feels while working with clients and since I am constantly talking, detecting and seeing the blocks in certain areas of the body and explaining probable causes of the blockage I thought.. THIS is something I know I personally haven’t come across in ways that had it all pieced together. It was always scattered around, and it took me years to learn it all.

And when I say energy work- I am a Reiki and Access Consciousness Master Practitioner –

So, for example, when doing a pre session or body talk with a client – we talk about physical and emotional symptoms of their well-being.

Let’s say the client tells me:

“I have been experiencing ear aches and popping in my ears lately”

My first thought and concern goes to their throat chakra. When that passage is underactive or has a blockage, most often, people will experience an ear problem of some sort. And when the Throat is underactive that indicates someone not speaking their truth / being honest / fully committing / expressing / etc.

What I am proud of the most, is that even though it took me a long time (what I feel a long time) to get to the end of boot camp level 2, the fact that I DID it – feels so.. Good. A true fulfillment that was at a pace that was reasonable and realistic with all other life events going on.

Let’s face it, life happens and working a full time draining 9-5er and owning a biz with real clients and doing vending shows can get hectic, PLUS a life outside of all this . . What is that even? Lol! I’ll be the first to admit I have expensive taste when it comes to food, so my ‘hang outs’ with friends and family is always at a restaurant. Haha

Aside, from my success of feeling accomplished, I also have intentions of visions of how to create my own affiliated products to my site like… Journals. Reiki manuals. And even Oracle guidance decks.

Not only will this help my site but also my clients that I have in person! Who doesn’t like a good oracle deck within their home? I personally feel everyone should have one. And how cool would it be to say that I created my own with my own photography and content? Wow.. That just puts me in awe because I feel that this is achievable! Just need to be realistic with my time.

My short term goal is to remain grounded and centered and really put focus to my top 3 priorities. Sometimes, my list seems so large and I can get off track by putting focus on too many things.

Long term goal is to get all these products I wish to create out to the community.

But first things first, just soaking all the information and insight needed to get me in the right direction and I truly feel that I am on to something good.

Thanks for giving my story a read! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or advice!



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