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Covid -19 has been hurting almost everyone’s life in NorthEast USAWhile I was working as process control food compliance remotely in food facility, thought it was the one of the best jobs in Covid-19 crisis. I did not have to go to work physically at all.I had to plan every food processing procedure for all and individual department before actual production. From January to end of March, the volume of production doubled. I was very content with the remote job,and well-paid in Covid-19
Amazon Removes Third-Party Vendors From Its Affiliate ProgramI read about this article yesterday! I am a just beginnger and I still have another full time programming ERP software from home. Even though Covid-19 pushed out many jobs, I am in food manufacturing business, we are still very busy.I am learning when I have some time-off. If we go to the point! What does it mean? “the new Amazon removes from third party vendor.”Is it going effect another many affiliate programI am still
I did sushi web site myself before. I learned word press then in 2012. But I chose weebly easier drag & drop in 2014. Now back to word press again. It seems the knowledge in WA is organizing my unorganized &scattered one to be systematic like defragmentating docs & files in computer. Thank you WA for effective, explicit programs.
Myslef and moving forward with my experiencesI have been working in food manufacturing, food retail & distribution plus sushi business industry for over 20 years.I was working as buiness owner for 18 years.Being a small business owner in CT, I had to do manythings, graphic design, networking (office),food safety, quality control. marketing & sales etc..And now I am working in food manufacturing facility as Quality Compliance Officer, & Food Processing Manager. I have learnt a lot i
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I am new to this affiliate web program but I have some experiencesand knowledge of SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM etc. I am currently working at home 40 hours a weekwith ERM software. My hours will be cut in a few weeks and I am looking for the otherincome working at home. I still do not know how to make moneywith affiliate web. I really need to understand/know if I really make money with it.