How To Get 300 Referrals Easily

Last Update: March 11, 2020

I wanted to take some time and share my referral goal formula with you guys. I wrote it out like this to help me work on my writing, and also for others that are getting started like me that really want to see a breakdown of how easily this could be accomplished. For those of you with more experience, I'd like to know what you think.

So the goal is to welcome 10 people a week to WA, or 2 people a day (possibly 5 raw referrals / 5 by social media). This is more than realistic and completely possible to do. Whatever way you decide just push for 10 people weekly. If you actually commit to that for a year, that dedication results in 480 new referrals!

10 referrals/wk = 40 referrals/mth = 480 referrals/yr (Excited about Las Vegas yet?)

OK, now check this out...

The reality about referring people is that every single person may not actually want to join this journey so you have to account for those non-referrals and cut that from your year-end total.

So even if you only manage to get 7 out of 10 people to join the family, you still gain 336 referrals! Hello Las Vegas!

If it makes it easier to see this simplified: 300 referrals ÷ 12 months = 25 referrals/monthly 25 referrals ÷ 4 weeks = 6.25 referrals/weekly (i.e., 7 referrals weekly)

I really hope this helps and motivates you all! See you guys in Las Vegas!

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newlive Premium
sounds good to me
enstinemuki Premium
Hi veteran,
I think it's a great plan.
There is another aspect of converting those referrals to premium members. General stats are 1:8. But if you push a little further, you may see better results.

So how do you plan to make sure your referrals finally upgrade?
TheRubyVegas Premium
Hey what's up? Thanks for putting me on the spot, haha! Actually I'm glad you asked because I hadn't even gotten that far in thought. Gotta stay on my P's and Q's right? I can tell you this... prayer, research and a lot of creativity is my plan.

I believe in being transparent and leading by example. So no "hey try this" and cross my fingers crap. No one has been like that here with me and I'm not gonna do that to anyone. I've been learning to mentor transitioning veterans and the main thing I'm learning is you have/need to follow up constantly. If you're committed to seeing others succeed that's just a given. So I plan to help guide them if needed to the right resources on this site and to motivate them to ask questions. As I continue to work through the program I'm hoping my progress and charisma will push them to continue. Also during the initial training, I believe they will see incentive in the value this platform has to offer.

So I know for sure that most of my grind work will be starting with people I know this opportunity is sure to be of interest. After reading over "Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate", that gave me a lot of perspective on where to start.

But stick around and we'll see what happens. I appreciate you checking in... keep in touch and help me help you to help me! :)

Best wishes!
enstinemuki Premium
Haha you said a couple of things that are crucial:
1 - Prayers - Yes I believe in that
2 - Transparency and leading by example
3 - Guiding your referrals on the platform
4 - Target Audience.

I think the last point is the most crucial because working hard, praying and targeting the wrong people will be like throwing your feet in the dark.

One of my posts here on how to market WA focuses on what I call "Home meetings" This isn't far from your strategy I guess.

Good luck to you on this.

Let's keep giving
TheRubyVegas Premium
Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will definitely look over your posts more, you have a lot of valuable info. Talk to you soon...
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Ruby, This sounds like a great plan. Wishing you well with it.
Vickic3 Premium
This is so perfect- I am on a mission now. Make a plan and go for it
Thank you