What are the numbers on the upper right of the wa interface?

What are the numbers on the upper right of the wa interface?

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On the upper right, there are numbers next to a bell and my gravitar - I seem to be unable to get delete these numbers - what do they mean?

Mine has changed from four to three in the last day, originally they would have shown the number of profile comments that are new, maybe it nows keeps a running total over a period of time. As many suggest, its probably something that will become apparent as the system settles after the overhaul.

yes not sure why is there.

Hi David, there still a few issues with the WA update. I have clicked on it and it has served me no purpose.


Great question! The numbers near rhe notification bell, represent the number of people who have posted, you'll usually receive a coordinating email.

The numbers next to the profile image contibue to be a mystery.

I would assume that it is there to let you know that someone has commented on your personal profile, perhaps they are now following you.

Yet, the number does not reflect that at all,in my case. Nor does the profile # disappear.

Besides, I receive an email alert when someone chooses to follow me, so the number seems redundant.

Its a matter of waiting for the dust to settle. As long as you have access, the numbers are not important at this time...


Good answer below.

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What is good screen capture software?

What is good screen capture software?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am looking for suggestions for image clipping software tool for writing tutorials for WA - any experience with Snagit?

Snagit is very good software but if you are using the Windows operating system, there is a tool called snipping tool (soon to be replaced by snip and sketch) which I find to be perfect for my screen capture needs. I am sure that something similar is on Apple devices as well.
Might be worth a try if you haven't already

I just noticed this very good blog post from mstewadit regarding the snipping tool if you are interested. Jamie

Marion has it

Marion on the spot as usual.

I use Snagit and it's great. But you could try its little brother Jing

Jing! I love using Jing. Easy to capture single shot or create a 5 minute video. The image saves as a png file that is easy to save and send as an attachment or an upload. I created a Jing folder in my documents for easy retrieval.

Snip and sketch is used with Google Chrome. Not a fan.
Right-click a Firefox screen, and in the dropdown menu, select screen capture. (Or similar term).

What is it that you're looking for? I haven't used snagit.

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How do you produce a video training course?

How do you produce a video training course?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I am thinking about making a video training course on Wordpress; what software should I use (Camtasia?) and what format to upload.

Thanks for the help. Dave.

Worthy question that Kyle will soon answer for you thelungdoc. Great question. I will be following Doc. Patience, don't dismay.

I use SCREEN CAST-O-MATIC for vids. I haven't gone through the entire platform yet, but it has many explanations pertaining to its platform. There is a small annual cost. Good luck.

Easy Talk With Clarence

Thanks so much!


My regards Doc

Your are asking a beginner here... I’m sorry but can’t be of help.

Hi Dave, I have used Camtasia for many years but it started to get expensive so tried many free ones. Bandicam is free and does the job. I am also putting together a video Forex trading course. You'll need a landing page. just make sure you have a site to back up your course with lots of content.
aka Sensei1

Thanks ... will look into Bandicam.


Camtasia and Screencast-o-matic are a couple widely used products. Both create MP4 formatted video you can upload to YouTube or other sites. Screencast-o-matic is more economical and also has a video editor.

Hope that helps,


Thanks so much ... will look at screencast!


Have you tried out teachable? I use screencast o matic as well

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How do I request comments on a post that is published?

How do I request comments on a post that is published?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have published multiple posts and would like more comments on them - how do I request comments on posts that are already published?

. Just ask, and be sure to include a link to the articles you want comments on.

Since this topic is back on the table. I am still having a problem with Site Comment. I have learned to come back from website comment to site comment to make my comment and still couldn’t post. Anyone else experiencing this? Cheers AJ

You are not the only one this has happened to - if it
happens again reach out to Site Support just make
sure you are hitting the Submit Comment Button
at the bottom of where you typed in the comment :)

Hi - at the top of the white box where you type your comments, does it show your Gravatar photo and your email address?

Thank you. I note something about gravatar in next reply. I know nothing about gravatar. Cheers AJ

Hi Diane, GRAVATAR? I know nothing! Wonder what it is and what it does? Your help would be appreciated. Cheers AJ


Now we are getting somewhere! A Gravatar is just a photo linked to your email address. It's kind of like a profile that is recognised on the internet.

It will show up when you add comments to a website.

You need to create a Gravatar account and link it here at WA. It's easier than it sounds!

I can't send you a link to some training, but if you use the search bar at the top of the page, and put in something like "how to get a Gravatar" there are plenty of walkthroughs.

Hope this helps, Diane

Thanks Susan, I couldn't post a link to this, much appreciated.

Thank you lovely lady. Maybe this has been my problem. Cheers AJ

It seems that WA fellow team members below have got you covered!
I have used both of these options and have received many great comments to my site. In the options you can also ask for advice on
your topic or on your pages, etc to help you fine tune your content or layout. These comments will come to you in WA and will not be posted on your site!
Happy Blogging,

Go to Websites >> Site Comments.

If you don't have any credits, go to Offer Comments and comment on other's posts to earn some.

Then go to Request Comments and select the website and published post that you want to get comments on.

Then there are a couple of other options but they are self-evident.

You can also come to this thread and request for comments.
Don't forget to help others out as well! That way everyone is happy :)

Thanks for your help! Many times I find there are no comments open for review and have purchased comments to use.

No problem! Glad I could help.
I had that same problem with feedback. It took me a couple of days to finally get a blog requesting one.

Go to the comment feature within WA, select request comments. It will then open a prompt that asks for which website, which page/post, and what kind of comment you would like. You need to have at least 2 comment/feedback credits to request though. Hope that helps!

He can also buy credits and use them to request comments.


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How to transfer a domain?

How to transfer a domain?

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Website Development & Programming

I am trying to transfer a domain but have no idea what a "transfer verification code" is - any answers on what that code is and how to get?

The EPP code is provided by your current registrar. On my other host I can access the code on the same page I manage my domain. Here you can have WA email it to you. Where is the domain currently hosted?

Thank you for your help. So I went to 1and1 and was able to find the transfer code! I am not quite ready yet to transfer because I need to get out the content I want. Thanks!

Any time

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